IAAF Makes High Jumper Re-Paint Rainbow Nails

Red Nails

Swedish high jumper Emma Green-Tregaro recently caused quite a stir when she chose to sport rainbow-colored nails at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. The gesture was later copied by fellow Swedish athlete Moa Hjelmer and condemned by Russian pole vault gold medallist Yelena Isinbayeva. Now, after an "informal" warning from the IAAF, Green-Tregaro no longer sports the same festive-looking nail polish. They've since been repainted completely red. 

Anders Albertsson, general secretary of the Swedish Athletics Federation, confirmed to France 24 that:

"We have been informally approached by the IAAF saying that this is by definition, a breach of the regulations. We have informed our athletes about this. The code of conduct clearly states the rules do not allow any commercial or political statements during the competition."

Rainbow nailsAlbertsson claims that he did not pressure Green-Tregaro to repaint her nails, and that she chose to repaint them through her own volition. "If she knows she might be breaking the rules, that's a decision she takes, we don't have any objections on how they paint their fingernails," he said. 

Green-Tregaro also previously posted her rainbow nails on Instagram, in addition to posting a video explaining her gesture of LGBT rights advocacy. As of now, she has not done the same thing for her new nail polish. Nonetheless, she still joins the growing list of athletes who have made displays of LGBT advocacy both on and off of Russian soil. As that list continues to expand, eyes will be glued to Russia as the countdown continues toward the 2014 Winter Olympic Games taking place in SOchi this upcoming February. 


  1. nn says

    In an interview yesterday, she said that she chose the color red, standing for love.

    Also she was strongly recommended to remove the rainbow color on her fingernails of the Swedish association. She did not want the Swedish association to get lots of trouble for her stand point, she is happy she did it because it is completely natural for her to stand for equality. She does not regret it

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Does the “F” in IAAF stand for “Fascists”? Demanding conformity in nail color?

  3. jjose712 says

    There’s only a way to describe this and it’s pathetic.
    So she doesn’t even have the right to decide the colour of her nail becuase it makes some Russian bigots upset.
    She was near to win the bronze medal, but the russian television never broadcast her.
    IAAF are a bunch of pathetic losers

  4. Brian says

    Why does the IAAF allow the female athletes to wear tiny bikini-like suits but the men are required to wear longish shorts that don’t show any thigh? It’s an anti-male double standard and probably a homophobic one too.

    The IAAF stinks.

  5. jamal49 says

    So, uh, if you don’t know what the multi-coloured nails stand for, why then is it a “political statement”? That’s an assumption by the IAAF. So, where does that leave us? The IAAF and/or the IOC are going to ban any athlete from participating in international competition if said athlete wears colours that either organization deems as “political”? Well, so much for protesting homophobia and LGBT oppression. I guess everyone is going to punk out on this one.

  6. Kev C says

    I wrote to the IAAF to complain about this. I recieved an F-bomb in return (“faggots should be banned from the games”).

    The IAAF should fix the problem of hiring bigots and hopefully stop hiring them.

  7. Jack Couch says

    If this the attitude of the Olympic committee, SCREW THE OLYMPICS!!! Screw Russia as well and I shall boycott both by not buying any of their products, nor watching the Olympics, demand that organizations I support diverse themselves of any holding which benefit either ignoranus (Ignorant and assholes simultaneously) peoples until they massively apologize and make amends to my people for their irrational bigotry and evil treatment.