Illinois RNC Chair Ousted for Gay Marriage Support Hired by ACLU to Lobby GOP on Marriage Equality Bill

Former Illinois Republican Party Chair Pat Brady, who resigned in May after being targeted by his own party following months of controversy over his support for same-sex marriage, has been hired by the ACLU of Illinois to lobby state lawmakers to back the bill, the Chicago Tribune reports:

BradyBrady said his job will to be lobby "Republicans and other like-minded folks, but primarily Republicans" in the House where a Senate-passed same-sex marriage bill remains stalled. "It's narrowly focused on the 10 or 11 (Republican lawmakers) who were open to the possibility of voting 'yes' on this," he said.

The pairing of the ACLU and a former state Republican chair might seem "unique," Brady said. But he noted the national ACLU in June hired Steve Schmidt, a veteran Republican adviser to presidents and presidential candidates, to spearhead a $10 million national effort to support same-sex marriage laws.

Brady acknowledged that some Republicans could feel at risk for casting a vote for the measure when lawmakers return to Springfield in the fall with the March primary looming.

Said Brady in January:

"Giving gay and lesbian couples the freedom to get married honors the best conservative principles. It strengthens families and reinforces a key Republican value – that the law should treat all citizens equally."


  1. Francis #1 says

    Good for him. Considering his own party essentially ran him out of town for supporting marriage equality, I question how effective he can be in influencing Republicans, but anything is better than nothing and it’s good to see that there are some Republicans with a conscious.

  2. LincolnLounger says

    First of all, he wasn’t ousted. This is a terrible hire because Republicans — even those on our side — can’t stand him. He was a terrible chair who wouldn’t work with the State Central Committee and was high-handed and dictatorial. He has driven away Republicans on the right side of this issue. He brings nothing to the table, and it speaks volumes how pathetic the ACLU and lefty groups are when even attempting to appear to reach out to GOP leaders.

  3. AdamTh says

    Marriage equality will pass the next time. The last time they voted, Prop 8 was still in limbo before SCOTUS. Now that Prop 8 has been settled, that puts even more pressure on IL. IL is considered to be one of the “high-tech, big business, big corporate” states. They can not be perceived to be at a disadvantage when compared to states like California, Washington & all the states in the NE.

    There should be very little debate next time.

  4. simon says

    He was ousted by the party as a whole. He doesn’t need a majority of Repugs. As he said, only 10 or 11 yes votes will be sufficient to carry the bill through the state house.

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