1. Ryan says

    I’m not a huge Timberlake fan music wise (love him acting!), but I have to admit… this was damn impressive. Even just the choreography.

    Wish there could have been another N*sync song or two mixed in. Was never a huge N*sync fan back in the day, but it would have been tons of fun to see them together for another song or two nonetheless. They had a few more good songs, too. (At the very least, they certainly knocked the socks off One Direction.)

  2. AriesMatt says

    Very impressive performance by JT. Dude has some seriously smooth dance moves and can get a crowd going. Never seen him live but love his music. Can see why he is so popular after that infectious performance!

  3. cappie says

    @Adamn: Being heterosexual and gay-friendly are not mutually exclusive conditions. Regardless, you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

    When directly asked by his one of his band-mates, Lance Bass said he wasn’t gay. So, as far as everyone in NSync was concerned, they were not hiding anything.

    And, before you criticize Lance, remember that he was a junior in high school when he joined NSync. Expecting a 16-year old who was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist family to come out to the world is ridiculous. Try to learn what empathy is.

    It takes some of us longer to come to terms with who we are. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  4. Adamn says


    You don’t understand how the music biz works. All male singers are required to publicly say they are heterosexual and to deny any notion that they might be sexually interested in men. It is put into their contract. I know – I worked at a label until recently. Even the gay men who worked at the label – including some execs – were in on the charade.

    Think Wentworth Miller. Wentworth vehemently denied being gay at one stage in his career. Then, when his career faded, he came out.

    The industry of music is full of fakes. De-gaying of male performers isn’t just a convention, it’s a contractual obligation.

  5. Jude says

    Everybody has gone crazy over this but I think it only shows one thing: the state of music (performance) is terrible. There’s no artistry behind anything. Everything is the same and it’s boring.

    It’s all about surface, hiding your nothingness and insignificance behind slick dance moves and distracting the audience with your good looks and cool demeanour. Look at my dance moves, concentrate on my sex appeal but don’t listen to my trifling lyrics.

  6. Adamn says

    Lyrics? What lyrics? If some producer put out an Anita Bryant song but with a slick dance beat replacing the original sound,, gays would make it a hit.

    Gay men are not interested in lyrics. They are the most shallow group of people around. Shallow as in a mile wide and an inch deep.

  7. says

    Never was a big fan of Elvis, however, having recently watched on PBS the “Aloha From Hawaii” Elvis concert, I’ve decided it should be a requirement for all singers to watch how a performance is done. All live vocals, and he OWNED the audience! After watching it, for the first time, I can now see why he was such a presence. He sold me!

  8. Eric says

    I can’t help feeling that the final shot of JT walking away from the rest of them and going down into the audience was a giant “suck it” to the other members though. I get the feeling he really didn’t want to do this.

  9. Zeta says

    I didn’t watch last night. Sounds like a rehash of the fake ‘Destiny’s Child’ reunion at this year’s Super Bowl, where Kelandria and Tenitra were relegated to their true place in the Knowles’ world: back-up singers.

  10. anon says

    Half the VMA budget wasted on this one performance from a band that hasn’t performed publicly in ten years? I’d say they’ve “lost their demographic”.

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