Kazakhstan May Be Following In Russia’s Footsteps

Members of the Kazakhstan parliament want to become the next country to adopt an anti-gay propaganda law, similar to the controversial one adopted in Russia earlier this year. Worse yet, Aldan Smaiyl, the Majilis (the Lower Chamber of the Parliament) member behind this new proposal, wishes to also ban gay clubs in addition to gay pride celebrations and any other public displays of pro-LGBT advocacy. Smalyl previously introduced the proposal this past spring, and plans to bring it up again when the parliament returns from its summer recess in September. 

He told Tengri News that:

"I asked to ban gay-clubs, demonstrations and any and all of these disgusting relations. I received a reply that Kazakhstan had no such law."

Kazakhstan-cityPrime Minister Murat Akhmadiyev opposes adoption of the measure, but only because he feels that discussion of the issue is unnecessary. "Ideally there should not even be any discussions about it, as homosexuality is a clearly unacceptable behavior," he said. "We have always said that our country is different, not like Europe." Should the measure pass in the parliament, Akhmadiyev has stated that he will sign it into law. However, he has also expressed reservation, since "the MP believes that gays should not be infringed on their rights." Tengri elaborated:

"He confirmed that there are many representatives of sexual minorities in Kazakhstan and said banning the same-sex relationships altogether would be inappropriate. But, in his opinion the further 'spread of homosexually' in Kazakhstan should be harnessed and suppressed."

Officials in Armenia also made an attempt to adopt a similar bill earlier this year, but had to abondon it last week due to the widespread outrage that surrounds anti-gay laws in Russia. One can only hope that officials in Kazakhstan experience a similar change of heart. 





  1. northalabama says

    “homosexuality is a clearly unacceptable behavior”

    > says who? i’m kinda fond of it myself.

    “in his opinion the further ‘spread of homosexually’ in Kazakhstan should be harnessed”

    > i can go for harnesses, woof!

    does anyone else find themselves reading these quotes silently, imagining the strong russian accent with broken english, like was used in old movies?

    i know this is serious, please don’t take offense by my (poor) attempts at humor. i was not meaning to make light of this very serious issue, which has already resulted in horrific consequences. kazakhstan failed before, and as long as pressure and the spotlight continues to be focused on russia, they will fail on their next attempt, too.

  2. Felix says

    Wow. These countries apparently are in a desperate need of scapegoats. What’s going on? corrupt governments? bad economy? high unemployment rates?

    WHAT do you need to keep your people distracted from?

  3. Matteo says

    I have been there as I love to travel. Some of the men are hot and like anywhere, action can be found…
    Yes to the comment re bad economy and only 2 decades out of Communism and this is actually quite common in many former Eastern Bloc Countries or former Republics of the USSR.
    Mentality as far as I have seen is no different in Russia than in Slovakia, Romania, Hungary etc. It is a shame as some of the men are really hot and sweet. I am always careful when I travel and enjoy the scenery but aware of my surroundings.
    Beautiful countries but I want to live in a country where my sexuality is my business and if I wish to marry or make love with a man, that is my choice.

  4. Daniel says

    Some politicians are trying to get you to hate the country, when it is those politicians themselves who are personally accountable for any human rights violations they commit and who should be punished personally for any violations. Hating the country is what they want you to do to shift responsibility off their shoulders, but don’t buy into it. They alone should be held to account for harm to GLBTA people. There are billions of GLBTA people on the planet who can hold the few politicians on Earth who are violate human rights responsible for their actions.

  5. Koskalaka Maricón says

    With homophobic prejudice and violence finding itself increasingly sanctified by law in the former Soviet Union and, now, sought by some of the former Soviet bloc countries and enclaves, perhaps Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia should, first, butch-up their militarys. The first edition of biathlon tanks in shared, military exercises held Saturday, August 17, have to be (I sh*t you, not) the gayest REAL military choreography I’ve ever seen. See YouTube video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwi_tm27rmU

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