LISTEN: Fight For LGBT Rights In Russia With Techno Music



  1. Randy says

    “All proceeds…”

    What does this mean? 10% of what I pay? 90%?

    I generally do not buy products or services that attach themselves to causes, because usually next to none of what I pay actually goes to the cause (and sometimes it’s actually negative). If I want to give to something, I just give to it directly.

  2. Kurtis Edwards says

    We should be boycotting Techno music because they listen to it a lot in Russia. It’s the same as boycotting a company sponsoring the Olympics…. that just happen to be in Russia and most likely was planned years before the law passed.

  3. ryan says

    Randy – why don’t you just google and research a bit before putting this down. This is not only just a CD but also a series of events, which in turn has a greater outreach to the community directly related and in this case, beyond. Bandcamp actually has a solid payment structure. Generally, you’d get a small amount from the likes of Beatport, Amazon, ITunes etc but Bandcamp only takes 10% of the fee and you can donate whatever you like. Why not give some people incentive to donate beyond the cause? All these artists have likely donated tracks to raise awareness about these issues and obviously they’re doing a great job as it’s getting press in the dance music community and now beyond. Give the people some credit for doing something instead of posting about the issue on facebook etc?

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