1. Caliban says

    You mean the Reverend Fatass isn’t an ally?! I’m shocked!

    What’s scary about Huckabee is his ability to seem personable and warm even when he’s spreading hate. It’s a valuable talent in a huckster Huckabee.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    @Domanique: no, they aren’t. They may have to highest number of transphobia, but condemning a population based on the actions of a subset of that population is bigotry, and it doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

  3. tom says

    We are really tired of the one-sided trans propaganda constantly being shoveled at this formerly interesting site. Just because we are not interested in changing our sex, does not mean we are bigots. Go ahead, Andy, keep it up, you are already losing readership. As for this law, it is extremely radical and open-ended with zero accountability. When it blows up in the Dems’ faces, it won’t be pretty.

  4. says

    Huckabee is as anti-gay as he is anti-trans, yet some TR readers are so transphobiic themselves that suddenly they see eye-to-eye with idiots like Huckabee.

    The law is not at all radical, except to people like Huckabee, who is as equally clueless about gender issues as he is about sexuality issues.

  5. Bryan says

    Judging from this site, being gay consists primarily of the accumulation of abs, bad music, and slights, not necessarily in that order.

    Oooh! Which imbecile said something bad about me today? It’s time to apply my Andrew Christian crushed velvet nipple clamps and revel in how misunderstood, ill used, and unappreciated I am.


    Give me a break Tom, quit acting like you are one of us! Your lack of compassion, stupid logic and the Dems comment outed you as a right winger. Get a life.

  7. Jack M says

    This type of conversation is childish in and of itself. Who in the world has ever woken up in the morning and decided they were another gender? People with low IQs are really starting to get on my nerves.

  8. dean says

    See, now that the right-wing REthugnicans can no longer win the battle against LGBT, they have to move their hate toward a group ‘not protected’.

    Transgender. It’s like their last Hurrah for genocide.

    I told my spouse this the day that the Supreme Court ruled Prop. 8 and DOMA sec. Unconstitutional. I said…watch…now they will go after the T’s.

    And right on time, Douchebaggers like Mike ‘be my’ Huckleberry showed up to start the Reich-Wing Hate Machine against transgendered folk.

    Mikey; One day your ‘god’ will ask you why you Bore False Witness against millions of people? And your ONLY answer will be…For ratings.

    That is if you actually BELIEVE in a god.

    By your actions it is clear you do not.

  9. says

    Typically sick, and typically full of nothing but lies.

    Transgendered youth are at risk, daily, and Right-Wing Victimhood rears it’s inbred head.

    No. teens and children are not going to pretend to be transgendered, and put a target on their backs for every ignorant bigot to hate them, so they can sneak into a freakin’ bathroom.

    this is a non-issue non-argument, as asinine as “if gays can marry then the human race will go extinct”

    Huckabee’s got a straight male son who tortured and killed a stray dog. hi, that’s sociopathic. focus on your own damn family.

    there is nothing remotely radical about this law. it’s wonderful.

    thing is, a great many transpeople “can pass”, if you catch my drift. so, what do the Huckabee’s of the world want? to enter a bathroom where, due to their own forced proposed legislations, they’ll be shocked because they “think” it’s a woman in their with them?

    *eye roll*

    it’s a total non-issue; no wonder they’re trying to turn it into one.

    anything to not have to reveal that they haven’t a single decent fiscal/jobs policy to promote. at ALL.

    and as for “abuses” – if you’re stupid enough to think that rapists and abusers are somehow bound by some current bathroom-code, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  10. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Another day, another Fox News nincompoop spewing ignorance and idiocy. Mike Huckabee, your 15 minutes’ worth of fame and notoriety are long past expired. Alternatively, perhaps you could run for Prez, again (against a likely Hillary Clinton), cinch the GOP nomination, spend down the RNC’s money, and lose, BIG TIME! SWEET!

  11. Eduardo D'Orananga says

    Ha, ha, all you Huckabee haters are the true pervs. Your mis-statements, vile character assassination and death wishes sure do speak well of you in the face of the Christian peace and love doctrine.

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