1. MaryM says

    The poor guy.

    Hopefully he will wake up one day and realise that there is no ‘god’ and that pretending that there is is an utterly pointless exercise.

    Enjoy life on earth folks – because this is all there is.

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    Seriously, isn’t this like trying to be a Black member of the KKK? It takes a special kind of mental problem to try and get a leadership position in an organization that has been wanting you dead for centuries.

  3. Josh M. says

    Dan’s actually an immensely friendly and generous person, a distant acquaintance of mine back when he lived in Newport Beach, CA. But the Presbyterians, of all the old mainline denominations, are really dragging their heels–different congregations are night and day in their grasp of the social equality of LGBT folks. I wish him well in his career.

  4. Meah says

    This is how change happens; not by polarisation and the ugly dictating how how someone chooses to live their life and express their faith.

    I don’t see the same old tire haters of everything religion and everyone religious, as being anything BUT HATERS. It’s what YOU ARE. HATERS.

    Daniel is doing something you’ll NEVER do. He’s creating progress, he’s changing hearts, he’s creating allies. What he’s doing, and who he IS, matters.

    What the HATERS posting here are, and what they DO ?

    You don’t matter. You’re NOTHING. You’re unfit to lick the cat poop off the bottom of his shoe.

    You have NOTHING, no bravery, no integrity, NOTHING but your own HATE.

    STFU and learn something by this brave young man walking right into the lion’s den and taking a seat at the table, commanding respect, and making the difference that you’ll never make !

  5. Dave in PA says

    I agree with Meah (I wouldn’t have worded it THAT strongly) but agree nonetheless. I grew up in the Presbyterian church and told two pastors there that I was gay. They were nothing but encouraging and supportive and assured me the “charlatans” impersonating Christians of my day (Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell) were hardly Christians. Yes, the Presbyterian Church has moved slowly but there are several congregations that openly welcome gay people; these are known as “More Light” congregations. A lot of work within the church has occurred to get things to this point and work still needs to be done. The best way to do this is through the church.

  6. Daniel says

    Hey peeps – I’m the one who was just ordained yesterday. My name is Daniel Vigilante and it was probably the most affirming moment of my life.

    I can assure you, Hagatha, I’m not an idiot. I hold two Masters degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary.

    And while I respect your view, Marym, when you say there is “no god,” I politely disagree. You are certainly free to hold your own opinion, which you clearly do; but please don’t be inconsiderate to me and my beliefs.

    Gregory, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any “mental problems”, but thanks for your concern.

    Maybe the three of you might get to know me before you pass such judgments? It makes me sad when such condemnation comes from my fellow gays… You guys are the ones who should be supporting me MOST! I’m actually kind of a good guy, haha.

    And thanks, Josh, Meah, and Dave for your kind words… I’ve been really, really blessed over these last few days and feel completely, overwhelmingly loved. I think Meah’s right… change can’t happen if we run away from those with whom we disagree. We have to engage, change minds and hearts, and do our best to recognize the best in all people.


  7. Francis #1 says

    Rock on, Daniel. Don’t worry about the judgment from others. Congratulations to you.

    Presbyterians are…..inconsistent in regards to their views on homosexuality. There is no official stance on whether homosexuality is a sin or not, but same-sex marriage is not blessed and as far as everything I’ve read, most Presbyterians do believe homosexuality to be a sin. Not much different than many churches today, being gay is OK but *being* gay is a different story. But thankfully there are accepting Presbyterian churches such as the one Daniel is now minister of.

    We can talk about homosexuality and religion all we want but at the end of the day, there are religious LGBT people and there always will be. Men like Daniel can change things from the inside with his presence. That’s the only way we’ll continue seeing more progress on the religious front.

  8. Merv says

    Christianity has been the mortal enemy of gay people for 1700 years. As soon as they took power, they started executing gay people, and didn’t let up until the 1800s. The legacy of their persecution of gay people is the sole reason gay people are discriminated against today. In parts of the Third World, even today, it goes far beyond mere discrimination. We must never lose sight of that fact. We will only be safe when Christianity is dead and forgotten, otherwise we continually run the risk of the resurgence of deadly homophobia, as is happening in Russia today.

  9. Suzanne Darweesh says

    I was remembering today, Dan, how you led worship for our presbytery, the amazing activities you organized for presbytery youth, all this in a presbytery that would not ordain you. You did it without bitterness or resentment, cheerfully and graciously and with kindness towards everyone. Your preaching talents, both for children and adults, are exceptional. You are gifted for the ministry and we are all blessed that you did not give up on us and jump ship to another denomination that would have ordained you years ago!