Republican Senator Tells Gays To Stop Being Whores, Be Like Alexander The Great

Bill Sharer

New Mexico state Senator Bill Sharer, like most Republican lawmakers, feels that marriage is a sacred institution reserved for a man and a woman. He even wrote a lengthy blog post citing great historical figures to support his opposition to gay marriage, though what he inadvertently wound up doing was displaying the paucity of his own historical education.

AlexanderHe holds up Alexander the Great as a model for gay men to aspire to as he had ordered his men to stop "whoring" and marry, and that he himself married a woman despite having committed "homosexual acts" in his past. Of course, Alexander continued an intimate relationship with his friend, commander, and bodyguard Hephastion until Hephastion's death and, as Raw Story points out, was a pederast.

Then he falsely claims that "Nowhere in Native American tradition has marriage been anything but the joining of men and women." This ignores the prevalance of "two-spirit people" who were effectively the LGBT members of Native American tribes and are documented in over 150 of those tribes. They were free to pursue relationships with either gender and were regarded as holy, and as such were afforded respect and acceptance from the tribe.

Instead of wasting taxpayer money to fight the losing battle against gay marriage, perhaps Senator Sharer should redirect those funds into the education system. History teachers in particular.