Russian Sports Minister Compares Homosexuality To Substance Abuse

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, who earlier this month told reporters to "calm down" about the upcoming Olympic games and that country's ant-gay propaganda law, alluded to reporters at press conference today that gays and lesbians are similar to people who abuse drugs and alcohol.

6a00d8341c730253ef019104a6ab36970c-800wiAccording to AFP, said Mutki about the law:

"It is to protect them against drinking, drugs and non-traditional sexual relationships. This law is all about protecting the rights of children and not to deprive anyone of anything."

Mutko also vaguely insisted that gays and lesbians who take part in the Sochi games will be "protected."

"I repeat again this law does not deprive anyone of their rights. I
haven't heard of one incident here. This is an invented problem. We
don't have a ban on non-traditional relationships. This law is about
protection of the young generation whose psyche has not yet been
formulated and formed and before they have reached maturity."

He also claimed that the media has fabricated the recent controversy surrounding Russia's anti-gay law:

"I think the Western mass media focus on this law much more than we do in Russia," he said at the end of championships press conference. "The athletes who compete in the Winter Olympics will be granted all rights as they were here in Moscow."

As for those athletes, you may recall Mutko said, just several weeks ago, that "if (an athlete) goes out onto the street and starts to make propaganda, then of course he will be brought to responsibility."


  1. Joe says

    This from the lips of a man who represents a culture that glorifies getting falling down drunk and spousal abuse! Thanks for the info, Vitaly, now shove it A-hole!

  2. jamal49 says

    And considering that Vitaly Mutko, who is a notorious alcoholic and moral degenerate, is opining on “protecting the children” shows clearly the hypocrisy of his defense of the anti-gay propaganda laws. Those laws DO oppress LGBT people. If you look different from what the Russian state deems as “normal” and the Russian state determines that your “abnormality” promotes “homosexuality” then your ass can be arrested, prosecuted and thrown into jail.

    This is no “made-up” controversy. This is a real, actual fact of life in Russia.

    What is more disgusting is that Russia is a society in decline, a society completely fallen into decadence and official state-sanctioned criminality. Russia is one of the most alcoholic countries in the world. It reeks of alcoholism. It has one of the highest rates of fetal defect syndromes in the world directly related to alcoholism. It has one of the highest spousal abuse and rape statistics in the world, most of it related to alcohol. It has one of the highest child abuse statistics in the world and one of the highest statistics of child deaths from abuse, whether physical or sexual, most of it related to alcohol abuse.

    This cretin, Vitaly Mutko, needs to take his entire pathetic country, grab it by its collective neck and force it to look at itself in the mirror before he makes idiotic statements such as those above.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    What do you expect from a country that’s run by vodka-inebriated thugs and crooks with no regard for the rule of law – laws that are fair to all members of Russian society? And, as for the Russian Orthodox Church, it’s a far right Christianist organization that kowtows to the thugs and crooks running the Kremlin. This is a worthless country of criminals.

  4. peterparker says

    It’s interesting that he compares homosexuality to alcohol and drug abuse. When I visited Moscow a few years ago, I couldn’t even get a cab on the street because *all* the drivers reeked of vodka. Russia is a seriously effed up place.

  5. emjayay says

    Once again I’m frustrated that this otherwise awesome blog has a lousy comment system that for one thing does not allow any kind of thumbs up. Most of the comments here are just what I and every other person on earth who knows the least thing about Russia would discuss.

    Namely, the stunning hypocrisy of any Russian equating the evils of gayness with excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking is the norm and ideal there of course. And as someone pointed out, the general moral bankrupcy of the entire society in just about every possible way is something that just might also be a bit less than ideal.

  6. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Irony, thy namesake is Vitaly Mutko. SMH in disbelief. “I think the Western mass media focus on this law much more than we do in Russia”: Dear Vitaly, western mass media is not harassing, torturing, beating, humiliating, kidnapping, fining, detaining or killing you and your ilk for your stupid, hateful laws that DO NOT protect children. I hate to imagine, regardless of Sochi, what increase there will be in teen suicide, attempted suicide, and self-abuse, all because gay or gender-questioning Russian kids have no place and no one to turn to. And, let’s not forget those Russian children who will be torn from the homes of their gay parent(s) (should they be discovered and reported) because of your outlandishly stupid laws.

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