September Announced As “Ex-Gay Awareness Month” After “Ex-Gay Pride Month” Proves To Be A Failure

Some of you out there may have just finished celebrating "Ex-Gay Pride Month" this past July. Chances are that, if you did, you were among a very small minority, at least according to Right Wing Watch. Regardless, whether due to disappointing numbers or "anti-ex-gay extremism", a Lobbying Day and Evening Reception that was previously scheduled to take place on July 31st was tentatively postponed until September. 

Now, the group "Voice for the Voiceless" has formally announced the new dates, along with the addition of a new "Ex-Gay Awareness Month". The group has declared that the new lobbying day and evening reception will take place on September the 30th, and that there will be more events announced to take place throughout that entire month. 

DL_FosterIn the group's release, however, they warned that this new "Ex-Gay Awareness Month" may not yet come to fruition, but not for reasons that you might think. Voice for the Voiceless co-founder DL Foster warned, in his statement, that if damage set in motion by the repeal of DADT was not addressed soon, the consequences could prove disasterous for the United States:

"The assassination of DADT created an even larger, more critical issue for the military who right now is a general with no clothes on. One is that its given this unchecked, almost covert power, to a group of people who demonstrated numerous times that they want revenge for the perceived and real injustices done to them by their heterosexual neighbors. Sure, its been conveniently called “equality,” but we needn’t look any further than the growing rash of anti-church, anti-ex-gay laws and policies being rushed to the front lines as evidence that revenge is a motive.

"Just look at the venomous language used by gay-hatchet group “Truth Wins Out” (ironic I know) and its commentators, and the case is closed.

"Secondly, giving “sexual orientation” unofficial power offset the very balancing nature of the UCMJ. The UCMJ was an equalized to all sexual lifestyles that carried a threat to the good discipline and order within the ranks. It kept in check adultery, fraternization, and homosexuality, at least to the degree that we all felt equal under military law.

"But now, homosexuality has the “get out of jail” free card while the other proclivities are still in stripes. That’s patently unfair. It’s an unspoken belief that soon because the filed will need to be leveraged, other sexual activities will go the way of homosexuality and be sanctified. Then something Al Qaeda can’t do will be accomplished by our own hands."

The above statement was deleted from Voice for the Voiceless' website. Luckily, Right Wing Watch was able to capture the above excerpt before it disappeared. Meanwhile, we will be following developments surrounding "Ex-Gay Awareness Month", and will provide updates should they prove significant or especially entertaining. 


  1. Adam says

    Why have their big ex-gay awareness month activities at the end of September? Why didn’t they combine it with Labor Day weekend? …..

    What’s that? Oh, they were already booked for Labor Day weekend …. in NOLA, celebrating Southern Decadence. No surprise.

  2. Graphicjack says

    “The ASSASSINATION of DADT” – oh dear, a bill was assassinated? That’s some pretty exaggerated language (and illogical, since how can you assassinate a non-living thing), no? What a drama queen.

  3. mike/ says

    so far the work for marriage equality has done everything in its power to eliminate a requirement for religious to abide by the law based on their ‘dogma’.

    maybe it’s time to pull that puppy & say – marriage equality is the law and EVERYBODY has to follow it. enough with their b*llsh*t!

  4. Audi-owner says

    KKKristians are failures at life,no surprise there. Hey,let them embarrass themselves. Intelligent adults know that one cannot change their *SEXUAL ORIENTATION*. I emphasize that for the idiots here who still don’t seem to get that homosexuality is *NOT* a preference. Preference is something that exists by choice. Homosexuality is NOT a choice as has been proven by many scientists and psychologists alike. I would love to punch every gay man who uses the term “preference” in the face. It makes them sound like a brainwashed idiot!

  5. frank says

    Ex-Gay Pride is the month where all the Ex-Gays try not to suck a d*ick for a whole month. That failed last month, so they’re trying again in September. You go, girls. We are rooting for you.

  6. BobN says

    Under DADT, if you publicly stated that you had had homosexual contact in the past, you would have been expelled from the military.

    Ex-gay, but still stupid…

  7. JJ says

    If they’d had Ex-gay Awareness month sooner they could have realized that “Ex-gay” and “Pride” are mutually exclusive and avoided the stupid exercise of trying to make a month out of them.

  8. steven says

    Kinda like having to sign in for federal jury duty for a month, but if know how to contact them you can get it down to a week of that month, then down to one day. Sounds like they went for the month, couldn’t find enough things and people to fill it out, went for a week, couldn’t find enough for that, then went for a day hoping somebody will bother to show up.
    Better yet, wasn’t this whole thing a bible story, if Lot could find 10 good men god wouldn’t destroy Sodom (hmmm), then 5, then 1….. oops it was still destroyed. Actually that says a whole bunch about the bitchy, vindictive, nasty god that these people celebrate and they want to be just like.

  9. laevern says

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