Two More New Mexico Counties (Now Up to 5) Begin Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples


New Mexico's marriage equality rush is on, big time.

This morning we reported that Albuquerque's Bernalillo County has joined Santa Fe and Doña Ana Counties in issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, thanks to a judge's order.

And now TWO MORE counties have followed suit, Prop 8 Trial Tracker reports:

San Miguel County in New Mexico joins Valencia County as the latest in the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. San Miguel County Clerk Melanie Rivera has confirmed that she will issue new gender neutral marriage licenses later this week, though couples who don’t want to wait can receive a license today:

Rivera also stated that couples who did not wish to wait could apply and receive a license today. Until the new licenses arrive Rivera will make the changes to the old forms by hand.

Valencia County Clerk Peggy Carabajal has also discussed the change:

Valencia County Clerk Peggy Carabajal said she should have gender-neutral licenses ready by Wednesday. She also said she is willing to alter licenses if people want to get married Tuesday.

The AP adds that more than 100 people were lined up for licenses in Albuquerque on Tuesday morning.

The ACLU of New Mexico is celebrating.

Said ACLU-NM Executive Director Peter Simonson: “This is a great day to be a resident of New Mexico.  Our state is now on the brink of joining the growing list of states who live and honor the values of family, liberty and love.  Every family in this state is made richer by this step toward justice for all.”

Top photo from the 'Inhabitants of Burque' Fascebook page: "Partners stand together for the first legal same sex marriage ceremony in Albuquerque, New Mexico."



  1. dctopman says

    There are 33 counties in the State of New Mexico, according to Wikipedia. How long is it going to take for the other 28 to offer marriage equality as well?

  2. Aldebaran says

    Not so many counties yet, though it’s worth noting that 3 of the most populous cities in New Mexico — Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces — are all in marriage equality counties. It looks like the population of those three counties together is almost half of the entire state’s population. With Valencia and San Miguel county that total should be just a little more than half.

  3. Robert Martin says

    According to wikipedia 3 of these counties cover the top 4 cities in population in New Mexico @Aldebran.

    With a combined population of near 1.1 million residents (1,076,558 as of the 2010 census) this accounts for around 52% of the residents of New Mexico (I based that calculation on a total population from the 2010 census of 2,059,179). So, yeah, with just these 5 counties alone there is a majority of citizens of New Mexico who are NOW experiencing marriage equality.

  4. says

    Yes, more excellent news from New Mexico. When the dominoes start falling, as they are now, it becomes more and more difficult for the anti-gay to turn back the clock. Keep going, NM!

  5. Francis #1 says

    And what’s important is, that in two of these counties, marriage equality was essentially ordered by district court judges. So marriage equality is officially legal in New Mexico and with the fact now over half of the state has equality, it’s going to be hard for the Republicans to reverse. There’s rumors they may instead try to pass a constitutional amendment. We’ll see what happens but right now, equality and love is winning in New Mexico!

    Congrats to all couples who have married in the state and married today in Bernalillo :)

  6. says

    You’re right, Zeta, it does mean something: that this is long overdue and the fact that it’s happening today instead of tomorrow is the right thing to do. No more waiting.

  7. Mary says

    Although I’ve expressed doubts that the Courts are the way to go with equality, I have to say that its beautiful to see these couples finally be able to marry. And yes, its significant that a lot of these couples are old. Just as its significant that straight Americans over the age of 50 are starting to take a more liberal attitude toward gay rights in general. Even those not on board with marriage equality may eventually come around at the rate their views are shifting. The gay community and its allies can take pride in this achievement.

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