1. Brian says

    Yet another Russian woman – Yelena Isinbayeva – speaks out against male homosexuality. Remember, it is male homosexuality which they fear, not female homosexuality.

    Didn’t I tell you this is all about power? Women fear the power that the male homosexual act represents. Homophobia is the ultimate gender war, and it’s a war on men by women.

  2. Jeff says

    Poor Yelena.

    No one is advocating for gay sex on Ut. Tverskaya. NO ONE! But of course, she DOES realize that, and she is therefore part of the problem.
    Go home Yelena, you’re drunk.

  3. MateoM says

    Yet another alias – Brian – is being used by Rick/Jason to post the same exact “woman are homophobic and want to usurp power from men” misogynistic, anti-woman rant he posts under several different aliases.

    Didn’t I warn you about this tactic? Brian, aka Rick/Jason, for whatever reason, hates women and anything relating to or involving femininity. It’s why he also chastises effeminate gay men and transgender people. Rick/Jason/Brian is troll waging war on towleroad. Self-loathing is a war against decency and brain function, which rants like the one “Brian” posted above are indicative of.


    The only good thing about this heinous law being approved is that the western world has no more excuses to ignore what kind of country Russia is today. They didn’t become hateful and ignorant people overnight; gays are only the easiest target. If you think that apart from this law they have other freedoms granted you are delusional, the country is an ocean of corruption and a has a clear czar atop. In short, being straight in such a phony democracy won’t guaranty you any human right either, only that they will stump on you more discreetly.

  5. Paul B. says

    I believe this poor woman has a good heart…buried beneath so much indoctrination…it’s invisible to the naked eye. When she chooses enlightenment someday…she’ll be a good ally. Better yet, when she chooses to comes out!!

  6. Brian says

    Women paint their nails all the time. At best it’s a trivial gesture of support.

    As for the homophobic woman Yelena, she’s typical of women who fear the power of men and their sexuality. She’s paranoid about men, including gay men.

  7. Kev C says

    What she doesn’t understand is that there won’t be any future Olympics, and many other international sport events, and international sponsorship, in Russia’s future because they no longer meet the requirements as defined under Olympic and other sporting event bylaws. There’s never been an Olympics in Saudi Arabia for instance – because they don’t meet the required standards, and neither does Russia anymore because of their new laws.

  8. Jay says

    Symmonds and Green-Tregaro are awesome and inspiring. The Russian runner is an embarrassment. Yes, we do not respect uncivilized people, whether they are from Uganda or Russia or some other hellhole.

  9. Mike Ryan says

    I keep hearing from people (athletes predominately) who don’t want a boycott despite it is the right thing to do. Fine. If you go to the games then make sure you bring your rainbow flag and flag pin, that you hold hands with a teammate and when warranted, kiss that guy smack dab on the mouth. Make sure you do it in front of the television cameras. Then when you are arrested and screaming your head off because you’ve been thrown out of the games and can’t get home you’ll wish to GOD you had insisted the IOC move the games to another country. What you are seeing now is just a tip of the iceberg you are about to hit.

  10. Will says

    I agree with MIKE RYAN.

    It reminds me of the hurricane that hit New Orleans. We all saw it coming on Television days before and Bush never sent anybody in to get those people out. I was yelling at the TV, get them out of there 2 days before. Bush and Brownie (remember him?) kept saying they were “monitoring the situation”, and look what happened.

    The IOC and the rest of the participating countries have time to move the event to a safer environment.

    Seriously, if this is what they are freaking out about, just wait!!

  11. Tranquilo says

    @gomez I was making a point that one member is using sock puppets to make it seem like a lot of people are misogynists. But thanks for the enlightened name-calling.

  12. GregV says

    “We are not trying to set our rules over there. We are just trying to be respectful.”

    So let me get this straight, Yelena:

    When you compete in a country like Sweden where you and others like you are safe and free, you don’t protest against that…

    But when we come to your country knowing that local kids are being abducted and tortured and that if we so much as mention our families in public, your government threatens to arrest us. And we are horrified.

    And you find the two situations to be parallel?

    Let me explain it to you this way: The informed opinions on this or ANY issue tend to be found in countries where the government does not make it illegal for you to learn full information. Your lack of understanding is not surprising. Your opinion is not an informed one because it is ILLEGAL in your country for the truth about the issue to flow freely.

    Итак, позвольте мне получить это прямо, Елена:

    Когда вы конкурировать в такой стране, как Швеция, где вы и другие, как вы безопасно и бесплатно, вы не протестуют против этого …

    Но когда мы приехать в вашу страну, зная, что местные дети похищают и пытают и что если мы даже упоминать наши семьи в общественной, ваше правительство грозится арестовать нас. И мы в ужасе.

  13. olter says

    Back in 2011, she rejected a proposition from Putin’s party (United Russia) to campaign for them. But I guess in 2012 came the offer she couldn’t refuse, and so she became part of Putin’s campaign for presidency in 2012. So, whatever her actual personal beliefs are is besides the point. She is clearly in step with the regime’s ideologues.

  14. Bill says

    @ JG: her nails had a yellow and green, but the lighting was just right to pretty much wash out the green and make it look kind of yellow. Flesh tones are a bit off too. Blame it on a combination of the lighting and the camera.

  15. Thomas Cardellino says

    Ralph Lauren has the contract until 2020 to design the USA’s Olympic uniforms. Even though Ralph has a very long history of flagrant self-promotion and self-denial as gay, why don’t we LGBTI folks and our straight allies flood his website, , to demand that Ralph uses a RAINBOW of colors in designing the USA’s uniforms for Putin’s 2014 Hitlerian Winter Olympics?

  16. D R Whitecrow says

    I don’t understand why the US and other civilized countries don’t pull the games from Russia. Putin and his crowd are nothing but ignorant thugs and should be dealt with accordingly. Either the athletes should demonstrate while in Russia—and let the Ruskies dare touch them—or, better, take the games elsewhere, where people are more civilized.

  17. MaryM says

    I want athletes who support equality to wear more visible rainbow stickers, Symmonds and Tregaro means well their ‘protests’ are inadequate.

    If they get sent to jail it will be major international news.

    It is their duty as human beings to protest these disgusting laws.

  18. Rexford says

    @D.R. Whitecrow – Did civilized nations care very much when the Olympics were held in Beijing when everyone knows about China’s horrible human rights violations? As I recall, Tibetan monks were protesting, but there was no boycott. And heck, some might protest having the Olympics here in the US because the federal government and many states still have the death penalty.

  19. Nelson says

    My guess is also that now that Putin is basically taking them back to being the Soviet Union (don’t forget, dissent in passage of this bill was NOT tolerated, and it passed without a single no vote), she is also scared to death to speak her mind for fear of being jailed and tortured. We are seeing a return to the old KGB of old, but nobody seems to want to admit it or deal with it.

  20. Steve says

    Check out pictures of Yelena Isinbayeva. Anyone who looks like her – pumped up on steroids – should not talk about what’s “normal” and “standard”.

  21. Gigi says

    Isinbayeva is a good little Russian. She’s spouting Official Talking Points issued from Moscow. She will be rewarded for her loyalty to the cause.

    I have a good friend who lives in Russia. Mid-30s, divorced, friendly, gay-friendly guy. Or so I thought. Even he believes the propaganda, that the anti-gay law was put in place to “protect children from homosexual propaganda.” I tried to discuss it with him but now he’s like another person, telling me how “deeply conservative” Russians are. The divorcee is telling me that. They have one of the highest rates of divorce and abortion in the world, as well as a thriving sex trade, but it’s The Gays who are the scapegoats.

  22. jjose712 says

    MaryM: That’s fantastic, but it’s not you who will end on jail so it’s very easy to speak when it’s not you the one who is in danger, and frankly not everybody wants to be a martyr

  23. Jennifer says

    Those asserting that homosexuality is some kind of war on women are about as germane to any given conversation on the subject as the anti-choicers and their attempts to court Black Americans on abortion. Please just sit down, shut up and focus your efforts on the enabling, big-haired hags of the Right. They’ll buy your bill of bull. Not the rest of us.

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