1. Mike says

    Actually Marco, although I knew that Africa was rather large I didn’t know all those countries could fit in inside it’s land mass. Guess I’m kinda stupid.

  2. BG says

    The “Putin Worshippers” was a much more relevant and intriguing story. Science channel interesting but other more thought provoking.

  3. I wont grow up says

    This guy may be smart, but he has absolutely no concept of the word (or is it words) DE=CAF. Sheesh dude, take a breath.

  4. Zlick says

    It didn’t strike me as too fast; merely as someone trying to fit a lot of information into a short span of available time. Yeah, talking fast. D’uh. (plus, I like maps.)

  5. Mike in the tundra says

    You guys find him annoying? I know a guy just like that, and he usually corners me three or four times a year.

  6. Xanadu says

    Part of the fun in looking at maps is, you know, spending time to look at the details of them instead of in three second clips; major fail in direction, not everything has to be YouTube quick…

  7. John says

    The guy in the video failed to throw in the word “combined.” Or if he had displayed the full map or showed it for more than a split second, it might have been easier to catch his omission. You can see that map here:

    This was an incredibly poorly done video. I might have been “shocked” if i could get a good look at any of the maps, but they all flashed by so quickly. The guy was obnoxious. That sort of fast talking schtick did not work for this video. Maps are something that are so vastly informative that you can’t just speed through showing the map and talking about each one if you want to be effective. But I guess he was so married to his schtick that he didn’t care that it rendered the video itself ineffective.

  8. RJ says

    Great video. Very informative. The Vlogbrothers (Hank & John Green) are amazing.

    John & Xanadu: Use the pause button to get more time to look at the individual maps.

  9. Bill says

    I clapped after it, thought it was great, really informative and took a lot of work. Sorry if he was annoying or spoke to fast for some of you. Maybe you should do your own and put it up here for comments by the asses…oops – masses.

  10. StevyD says

    Since so many US citizens can’t name the neighboring country to our north, I can understand why people may have issues with this video.

  11. EJ says

    The format of the vlogs in that YT channel is they can only do 4-minute videos or else get a “punishment”, hence why Hank was speaking so fast. They have other YT channels that are also informative wherein Hank was speaking slowly, but he does tend to talk rather fast-paced.

  12. C says

    Hahaha! The vids are supposed to be that fast. It’s sort of their shtick. I love the vlogbrothers! John (the one this guy is talking to) is nerdhot!!

  13. John says

    Actually, a lot of people have no idea “that Africa is big”. Hell, there are lots of people (Americans, mostly) who think that Africa is a country. Geographic illiteracy is rampant in the U.S.