1. Bob says

    Brave? You’ve truly lost the plot, Towleroad.

    You shouldn’t muck around with gender at such a young age. At this age, kids are still forming their views and should not be rail-roaded into decisions they might regret later.

  2. Bryce Ageno says

    @Bob, the decision is coming from him. Hormonal treatments don’t get administered until they are teenagers and he will decide if it is right/wrong for him.

    We don’t want transphobia in our group. It is LGBT. Get over it or get lost!

  3. PJ says

    i’m so happy some kids get to have wonderful, amazing, supportive parents!

    and bob: it is my experience that most transgendered people realize their real gender at a very young age. and i am yet to meet a trans person that regretted making the transition.

  4. Bob says

    Trans people tend to be anti-gay. Don’t want them associated with homosexual rights.

    As for the kid, he will never have a uterus, so what exactly is he transitioning to? Listen, kid, just be what nature gave you. Don’t try to become that which you aren’t.

  5. Michael says

    I don’t agree with Bob, but I agree that there is no way a child this age knows if they are transgender. It really sounded like his mom was pushing for it. I was the exact same way. I wore makeup wanted to only wear dresses, etc. I was convinced I was in the wrong body until I was into puberty. Thankfully this was before this crazy overzealous PC crap because today I am just a gay guy. Young kids often don’t understand their feelings and think because they are more feminine or more masculine that they must be transgender. I would really hate my parents right now if that had done this to me.

  6. Homo Genius says

    Have to agree with Bob. I don’t children can really be making these decisions. Hopefully no one is starting them on hormones and what not.

  7. Thedrdonna says

    Children have an inborn sense of gender starting around the age of 3. Also, until they reach the age of majority, most doctors won’t prescribe hormones or surgery or any other non-reversible treatment. If they are experiencing dysphoria when puberty begins, most doctors will put them on puberty blockers, which postpone puberty. This is fully reversible, and it lets them mature to the age of majority when they can make their own decision regarding which gender they feel best represents them, at which point they either start taking hormones, or they stop taking the blockers and let their body go through puberty.

  8. Macguffin54 says

    I would like to suggest that perhaps this child is too young to make this determination. Lots of people have notions, opinions and ways of looking at things and themselves as kids that do not last for days, weeks or years. I think it is wonderful that his parents are accepting of their children however they might turn out. But I think putting labels on anyone, especially a child is harmful. There is just such a psychological component to transgender issues and feeling one is trapped in the body of the wrong gender. To make this determination at age 11 is a bit troubling. I just hope this child continues to receive this level of support throughout “his” life decisions, whatever they might be, or whether they change.

  9. Stu says

    I agree with the radical feminist theorists who argue that it’s homophobic and sexist to identify interests and one’s sense of self with a particular gender. There’s nothing female about dresses and nothing male about short hair and sports. Every gender non conforming young gay man or woman is at risk of being forced into a trans label in order to fit a ridiculous gender binary. I think it’s sad and ridiculous that everybody has to pretend this young woman is a boy. It’s great how all dissent is called trolling.

  10. Thedrdonna says

    It’s not about clothes or pastimes, it’s about a sense of “rightness” in ones own body. It’s about knowing that you should have a penis or a vagina, that your body should fit the pattern that your mind has for it. I know trans women who have been badly injured when they became so distressed by their genitalia that they tried to cut them off themselves. That has nothing to do with clothes or sports or hair.

  11. johnny says

    Chances are this kid has felt this way long before the age of 11. Think about it, no average girl is going to WANT to be a boy at that age, so the feeling must be very strong. And if Wren decides he wants to be a girl again later, so what? The great thing is that this person gets control over who they are and that no matter what, they get support. Does it really matter what gender this kid is as long as he’s happier being whatever he wants to be? What difference does it make if he’s male or female? Does society get to decide our life or do we get to decide? That’s the overriding question and Wren answers it beautifully for himself at this time. He might answer it differently later, and that’s OK, too, it’s his life.

  12. BobN says

    I’m baffled at the argument that the parents are “mucking around” with the kid’s life. Wouldn’t forcing the child into dresses constitute “mucking around”?

  13. Darrell says

    Wren made the news here in his home city of Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada and he is supported by his friends, classmates, school, family, city and country. Just shows how brave and inspiring a 11 year old can be when one realizes who they REALLY are!

  14. Marc says

    This is one of the most refreshing and inspiring stories I have seen in a long time in regards to transgender issues. As a society we would do better to talk less and listen more. This child has a story he wants to express to us, the least we can do is listen. Who knows what his story will be ten years from now, but that will come when it comes. Let’s support him in expressing himself in a way that brings him the most happiness and sense of self. We owe all children that.

  15. Dean says

    Trans people are very anti-gay. Read any trans blog. They are cesspools of antigay hate. LGBT is a fraud and a lie designed to get gay people focusing on the needs and demands of nongay people.

    I wish nothing but the best for this kid, however the gender issues play out. But that in no way legitimizes the sham concept of LGBT and it doesn’t make this kid’s issues the special concern of gay people.

  16. Fenrox says

    While I will never agree with Bob, I do think 11 is too young to be confronted with this. Not transitioning, but the media. Transitioning for a child is crazy brave but it’s also more mailable than people think.

    The ONLY fear on the anti-trans side that really “works” is the idea that young stupid kids would see how cool it is and go trick themselves into transitioning, then regret it later. Pretty much impossible, also impossible, the idea that a kid is forever stuck in one way at age 11.

    Good job on the school, I would like to see how they run interference on this one.

  17. Alexander says

    I have met so many gender fluid and transgendered individuals. Not one was anti gay and some even are trans and identify as gay bi or genderblind in the dating world.

  18. says

    whenever there’s a pro-Trans story this site’s two miserable Not Out gay trolls come on to be all upset that a proud secure transgendered person, with a supporting family, has the bravery and life they’ll never know.

    must be tuesday.

  19. Hagatha says

    Ever notice that FTM trans look healthier and more grounded but MTF trans have the crazy drag queen look in their eyes?

  20. RedOnTheGreg says

    Bob and Dean, even if your claims that trans people are anti-gay were true, don’t you think your virulently anti-inclusive, anti-trans attitudes might have something to do with that?

  21. Rick says

    How terribly sad and tragic to see a young nan’s life ruined by irresponsible parents, who are condemning him to a lifetime of social rejection, misery, and, in all likelihood an early death, whether from suicide or some other cause.

    And he is too young to know any better.

    He should be taken away from his parents, but Canada has become such a social cesspool that he won’t be.

    Really tragic.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    @ Rick,

    how progressive and correct of you to use masculine pronouns when discussing Wren. That’s if you meant to.