Activists Outraged Over New Dress Code For Dallas Pride Barring Public Nudity


Controversy has erupted over a new dress code being enforced at this year's Dallas Pride, The Dallas Voice reports. The move towards a dress code is intended to prevent "lewdness" and public nudity. Though Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, the group that puts on the pride parade, has attempted to downplay the controversy, insisting the dress code was not being imposed by the Guild but rather the city and reflects existing laws and ordinances governing lewdness and public nudity, others remain concerned. In a Facebook post rebuking the "new rules," activist Daniel Cates addressed head on why such restrictive regulations are troublesome in the context of a pride parade:

“The ‘queer’ is effectively being erased from our Pride celebration in
favor of the most polished, heteronormative representation of our
community as possible,” Cates wrote. “It should be noted that the
rioters at the Stonewall Inn fought to break OUT of the damn closet! Our
movement was built of sex positivity and our desire to BE WHO WE ARE! I
urge you ALL to openly DEFY the Tavern Guild!”

The police for their part are taking the dress code seriously:

Jeremy Liebbe, a detective sergeant at Dallas Independent School
District, will oversee 95 officers from DPD and DISD as co-commander of
security for the parade and festival. Liebbe, who’s gay, said any floats
in violation of indecency standards will be warned in the lineup on
Wycliff Avenue prior to the parade. If they fail to comply before
reaching the parade route, they will be removed from the parade and
individuals may be charged with class-B misdemeanor indecent exposure.
But Liebbe added: “If there’s an erection and a child is present that
could see it, it is a felony, and we don’t want to see that happen.”

“My goal at all of these events is to have zero enforcement action
taken,” Liebbe said. “But there are some people over the years who’ve
tried to push that line to see just how far we could go.”

Dallas Pride will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


  1. Matt27 says

    Part of pride parade is to show how you look and be proud showing yourself in the middle of the city dressing (or not dressing) whichever way you will, just be proud of yourself.

  2. Zack says

    So being gay (or “queer”) means being naked and lewd? I missed that memo when I came out. How ridiculous and ridiculous are people who will try to defend lewdness by saying it is stopping gays from being themselves.

  3. UFFDA says

    It is the most contemptible feature of Pride parades that, because of lewd behaviour, they are nothing to be proud of. I fully support police in the forcefull removal of those incomprehensible people who make a public mockery of common decency thereby sabotaging the hardwon – and far from complete – respectability of LGBT people in the larger public eye.
    Gay should not be made to mean repellant.

  4. UFFDA says

    It is the most contemptible feature of Pride parades that, because of lewd behaviour, they are nothing to be proud of. I fully support police in the forcefull removal of those incomprehensible people who make a public mockery of common decency thereby sabotaging the hardwon – and far from complete – respectability of LGBT people in the larger public eye.
    Gay should not be made to mean repellant.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    If the dress code applies to everyone and every parade then that is fine. Besides a pride parade is no excuse to walk around nude if public nudity is not allowed.

  6. litper says

    Can these queens have their separate “queen parade”. I in no way want to be associated with these naked, lewd freaks.

  7. Connor says

    Yes. It is Russia to say public nudity should not be allowed. Show up to work naked, tell your boss you are just showing your pride, and see how long you will have that job. Public nudity is either legal or illegal. How retarded are people to say it shows pride? It shows nothing but a contempt for decency.

  8. litper says

    @Mitch most of russian gay men do not want your naked parades! We want civil rights protests and not running around naked with dildos!

  9. Fenrox says

    Yeah you guys are so quick to be lame and boring. A pride parade is not the macy’s day parade, it is a celebration of gays getting all up in your face with their gayness! We were and in some ways still are an OPPRESSED PEOPLE. Every single person in this country has at some point added to the oppression of gays (buying something, saying something stupid, allowing something bad to happen) and we are reminding the world that you don’t get to do that to us.

    Yes the parade doesn’t NEED nudity, but it at it’s core is a parade celebrating freedom from rules and laws. I think little billy and suzy everytown can see some saggy, giant, electric tape covered boobs just like the rest of us!

  10. Jack says

    Sorry, there is no reason to be nude in public. As long as it is banned in all parades, there is nothing discriminatory. I have never understood what being nude in public has to do with being gay. If you want to see nude guys, go to a strip club.

  11. MBT says

    This is a reasonable request. I think that anyone who has issue with this dress code should move the parade to the privacy of their own bedroom.

  12. James says

    Public nudity is illegal plain and simple. Until it is legal to be naked in public then pride parades of any kind (be it a gay or ethnic pride parade) are not exempt from the law.

    Only asshats think it is appropriate to be naked in public and use lame reason like “we have been oppressed so I am going to be naked.”

  13. Spike says

    Its not about NUDITY. Its about what they will consider “decency”. Yes, sure…some people have some shockng outfits, but will Dallas police pull boys off floats cause they find their “underwear” indecent? Or will they object to leather? Will Dykes on Bikes be stopped for having tape on their nipples?
    Connor shrills like a prude calling people retarded when he himself is the one being short sighted.

  14. JoelD says

    Am I missing something or are those gots in the photo NOT NUDE? As a gay Dad, I am not comfortable with the overt, sometimes aggressive sexuality that accompanies many public Pride celebrations (there are plenty of venues for a little light hearted raunch). IMO, we should not confirm the notion that we are all ALL about sex acts. At the same time, the US is so anal about skin … clarify pls. are those guys in the photo banned or are we talking out and out nudity?

  15. rjp3 says

    The bar floats with strippers and guys in underwear, the ladies with tape on their nipples, the “pony fetish” and guys on leashes – leave that for Folsom or your local gay bar. It has been a sad spectacle for years produced by immature young people with “issues”. This is not what Pride needs to be about. Keep your pants on folks. Follow local rules.

  16. Jason says

    As an organizer of a Pride festival in Canada, (Nelson BC) I have always made it clear overt nudity or lewdly sexual displays will not be acceptable to the organizers or the City Police. I live in an area with nude beaches. There are appropriate places to bear your sword, but not in a parade being watched by the whole community. Keep it in mind that when we march we represent ourselves and our gay community to the whole LGBT positive community of allies, and we don’t need to turn allies into enemies.

  17. David in the O.C. says

    If Daniel Cates thinks that walking down a parade route wearing a jock strap is the Norma Rae moment in the gay community, I’m going to turn in my 30-year old gay membership card.

  18. Paul says

    I think this is junk, We wonder why people can’t see us as normal people that should be allowed to marry and adopt. Its discouraging to see that this even made it into the news its embarrassing I feel like people that walk around naked or half naked acting like horn dogs just make it harder for the normal everyday gay american to be taken seriously. These types of actions only fuel the hate toward us and are used as examples to keep us as second class citizens.

  19. Roger says

    Zack, Uffda, and Litper, for your own health please do not attend Dallas Pride. 95° with humidity makes Dallas no place for your burkas.

  20. Steve M says

    It’s been a long time since I went to Pride in Dallas, but I recall it being VERY conservatively dressed, unlike any other parade I’ve ever attended. This enforcement smells homophobic to me.

  21. litper says

    Jason, I agree and totally support your decision. We must remember that young gay people are watching this too.

  22. says

    To all of the people exclaiming horror at perceived nudity or sexuality, when they ban you from attending a pride event for just being gay, will you be so shocked? When did so many gay men become anti-gay fundamentalists?

  23. Connor says

    lol Yeah it is prude to act like a person with DECENCY. FYI, I rock in my speedos in APPROPRIATE settings. Nudity has NO place in public (unless where it is allowed such as designated nude beaches).

    When you act like you have no respect for yourself and others, then you will be treated with no respect. Want to be respected, then act like it you want to be respected and taken serious.

    As someone previously said, show up to work naked and see if anyone will take you serious.

  24. litper says

    @Homer, being nude and lewd in public has nothing to do with being gay. It’s a gay pride, not sex parade!

  25. snt says

    boy o boy, how pissy we get when dress standard are put in place.. piss off cause you cant show your junk in public.. I am glad that Pride Org have finally put in place a dress code..

  26. Luyten says

    I see no problem with people wearing summer clothing when it’s hot – swimwear etc but full on nudity and stupid excuses to be naked and outrageous are ridiculous in my opinion. Gay Pride parades should be focusing on bullying and the plight of LGBT people around the world. Also they should try to transmit a message of gay/straight unity. You oldgays are so caught up in the sleaze sometimes, you can’t fathom that gay pride doesn’t have to be about pushing hardocore sex themes on the public. Dummies.

  27. Darren in atl says

    When did the “queer effect” mean public nudity? Show some respect for others. You want to exhibit that “queer effect”? Do it at home! Please quit staining the LGBT community.

  28. Leo says

    Banning nudity equates to imposing a hetero-normative atmosphere
    on pride? Excuse me? Who the **** do they think they’re fooling?

    I’ll take Sexual Politics Trolling 101 for $100 Bob.

    Can one of these activists send me the memo when the ENTIRE community agreed on that premise? I must have missed it.


    preferring people even just wear a thong to seeing them nude is not “horror” at public nudity, equating the “struggles” of the “nudists” to the LGBT community is a farce, and you’re easy willingness to take the near impossible slippery slope from banning nudity to banning gays at pride represents a willful hypocrisy and hysterical, childish, and stubborn sensationalism. Try harder, or better yet, grow up.

  29. Jonathan says

    Will someone explain to me what nudity has to do with being proud about being gay? I didn’t realize I have to be an exhibitionist to be a good gay.

  30. Luyten says

    Since when is not exposing flesh to the public heteronormative? They do it at mardi gras but that’s because mardi gras is specifically about letting loose and furthermore it’s straight and gay…I’m tired of gay pride parades being tainted by extreme exhibitionism. It only plays into the hands of bigots. Bigots then use the pride parades to manipulate moderate people to their side by saying ” see, they’re all freaks ” – and it works!

  31. Neil says

    I am glad about this development. Gay pride marches should be dignified events, not celebrations of public lewdness. Whenever this issue comes up, you will inevitably get some guy whine that “straights have their mardi gras parade, so how is this any different.” The answer is that no one claims that mardi gras is anything other than a drunken party. We on the other hand, claim that gay pride parades are civil rights events where we make important statements about ourselves and our claims on the larger society. You cannot simultaneously demand that gay pride be treated as a serious civil rights event and also that it is mardi gras.

  32. LiamB says

    God such hyperbole. So let me get this straight, not being able to walk around nude or otherwise indecently exposed (you know, just like the rest of the time, and everyone else), or engage in overly lewd manner (just like every other day, and everyone else) equals not just discrimination, but also means that we are on the verge of laws banning us for being gay? People really need to grow up and get some perspective.

    And for people who constantly whine that we shouldn’t be defined by our sexuality, it seems mightily hypocritical to turn around and whine because you need to be defined by your sex acts to BE you.

  33. Sami says

    Why is Daniel Cates working for Get Equal? He should be working for the Family Research Council. He seems to have the same view of gay people and their “norms” as Tony Perkins.

    Bottom line: People who think that gays are “queer” see us as inherently radical and inevitably in conflict with community norms and institutions. That, of course, is exactly how the Christian homophobes see us too. Both demean and caricature gay people, albeit for different motives. The best thing that gay people can do for ourselves is to cast off the malicious judgments of both the homophobic conservatives and the “queer” activists.

  34. Timothy says

    Nudity and lewd behavior at Mardi Gras (or any other similar event) should be cracked down as well. Saying they do it at Mardi gras is like a child saying “but everyone else did it” when asked why they broke the rules. It doesn’t fly then and shouldn’t fly with adults and break laws.

  35. StevyD says

    Oh my how bourgeois we have become.
    Do they really like us, oh thank you, thank you, aren’t we lucky. I so needed their approval in order to like myself. Now don’t make waves and ruin our acceptance by being even the littlest bit different than they are. You know, all along we only wanted to be just like them!

  36. anon says

    Nudity has not been shown to harm anyone and is a classic free speech art and/or political protest theme. It’s one thing to have dress codes for the general public, but dress codes and speech codes for parades and other political protest events fall in a suspect class of first amendment violations. Again, it does not matter if an individual does not like the content of such speech. They do not get a heckler’s veto. The parade organizers are the ones that can decide what dress code is acceptable and you are free to have your own parade if you don’t like it.

  37. doug says

    get rid of the nudity. you can still dance to awful music by lady gaga in your overpriced andrew christian underwear made in Chinese garment factories. controversy does not confer value or push boundaries.
    this out-and-proud homo prefers to stay at home.

  38. Hagatha says

    When I watch the MLK Parade, I don’t see black people tap dancing, spitting watermelon seeds, or running around yelling “Muthafukka~!” every other word. I’ve never understood why some gay people think that Pride is best celebrated by confirming just about every stereotype there is.

    The worst part is that a lot of what you see is stupid and dated. I thought we prided ourselves on our taste and being fashion forward. So what do we have? Tired old drag queens, punk rock drag queens, 70’s porn looks, leather and feathers. I have no problem with some of the costumes; you know, the ones who put some thought, design, and effort into being fabulous. Wearing a thong, pasties, and a pink wig isn’t creative, fashion forward, or considerate. Walking about in a pair of disreputable jeans shorts with your back or front hanging out celebrates what? Hustlers from the 1970’s?

  39. BillR says

    I live in Dallas and have attended the Pride Parade for the past 12 years. Yes, there are guys on floats (and walking on the streets) in underwear. I’ve seen guys in chaps and jock straps. I’ve seen Dykes on Bikes topless with pasties. I have NEVER seen anyone nude. And while I’ve seen my share of erections after the parade, I’ve never seen any of those or any other “lewd behavior” in the parade either. To my knowledge, Dallas does not have an ordinance against wearing underwear in public. If there is one on the books, it’s certainly never been enforced.

  40. mmc says


    It’s not about acting like “them” – there is no “them.” That’s the problem with you oldgays. No one is trying to be like “them.” No one is seeking their approval either. Why can’t you dinosaur gays get it? We can have Gay Pride parades without the raunch. It’s stupid, old, and lame.

  41. Hey Darlin' says

    I also don’t believe in nudity at gay pride events that are held in an open public environment. If you want to schedule a nude event at a private location go ahead, pride does not equal lewd in my eyes.

  42. Rick says

    “”The ‘queer’ is effectively being erased from our Pride celebration in favor of the most polished, heteronormative representation of our community as possible,” Cates wrote. “It should be noted that the rioters at the Stonewall Inn fought to break OUT of the damn closet! Our movement was built of sex positivity and our desire to BE WHO WE ARE! I urge you ALL to openly DEFY the Tavern Guild!”

    This attitude is precisely what has damaged our movement so much. The movement was originally about one thing–which is still the only thing that matters–namely, eliminating the taboo against homosexuality.

    It was NOT about–and should not be now–about “gender non-fonformity”, the “right” to public nudity and obscenity, general social anarchy, gender politics, the entire Far Left political agenda, and countless other things that detract from our core message and cause the public–quite rightly–to despise us rather than sympathize with us.

    I hope the Dallas Police Department rigorously enforces the laws against obsenity and public nudity and I hope that those who try to defy them get a billy club to the skull and end up in a jail cell with a big, fat, smelly Guatemalan rapist.

    And I also hope that other cities will follow suit and shut down the disgusting behavior associated with “Pride” celebrations that are not representative of most gay people, at all, and are an embarrassment to the vast majority of us.

  43. bryanP says

    Wouldn’t it be great if gay pride parades didn’t have to include grown men bouncing around in their underwear somehow implying that this is what gay pride means? How about laying off the drugs and alcohol, the underwear models and the drag queens, and demonstrating that gay pride means self respect and taking our roles in society seriously? I’m all for rebellion but the underwear parades are tiresome.

  44. anon says

    The question I have is whether the picture posted with this article is an example of what would be banned in Dallas or not.

    If being completely covered by wearing underwear that is as large as bikini swimwear will be banned, then there is a problem with the rules.

    If being nude, bare-assed, bare-breasted, wearing assless chaps displaying your genitalia for public view, engaging in public sex are all being banned, then there isn’t a problem with the rules.

    But, the picture being displayed here and therefore making it seem like it would be banned is rather tame.

  45. David says

    Yeah, totally nude is understandable, but I don’t see what’s wrong with prancing around in one’s underpants whenever one wants to.

  46. Taylor says

    I’m just a humble, very broke student. I don’t have a lot of money to spend to go to fancy fundraisers where gay and straight people attend to harmonize about equality in suits and dresses. For once, I’d like to see a decent display at pride that was something different than what I could see at a gay bar or club. Where’s the message of hope, love and peace amid all the sex and provocation? I know that they are there, but the perception is that it’s nothing more than a flesh fair, and the honest and earnest assemblages gets drowned out by it – especially in the media. Can we make a change? A new statement given all the new victories in the West? Or must we stay stuck in some seventies version of liberation?

  47. Donna says

    Very heartened by all the comments here. I think a lot of us have silently endured the ridiculous spectacle that gay pride parades have become in some large cities. We should have spoken out sooner. Pride parades are not just some random gathering of individuals. They aren’t flash mobs. They are political statements to the whole country about who we are as a community and how we see ourselves fitting into the larger society. We should conduct ourselves with dignity and self-respect. Of course there is an opportunity to celebrate individualism and to express ourselves. But there are plenty of ways to do that without engaging in public nudity or lewdness.

    I just saw video of the wonderful pride event in Iceland, where something like 1/3 of the nation’s population participates.

    I think that is a good model. Lots of fun. Plenty of rainbows and colorful displays. But, as far as I could see, no lewdness or nudity. That is the kind of event that brings people together. That is what we need, not the selfishness advocated by David Cates.

  48. anony6 says

    I don’t care about nudity at gay pride parades or Mardi Gras, let it be.

    We live in a society that is more offended by nudity than they are by horrific violence. We live in a society more offended by sex, than the inhumanity of lack of healthcare access.

    Remember, gay pride parades originated as political/social protest events. Think they are lewd? Well that’s the point. They come from a period were being gay was absolutely dreadful, and a public outting resulted in very real consequences. So to have a group of people not only publicly out themselves, but do it in such an unapologetic, overt way is very powerful. The pride parade represents the rejection of the norms that have been established by a heteronormative and homophobic society. Such norms need a clear, direct, and public disregard…this is what gay pride parades do.

    Pride parades in all their lewdness and discomfort are needed for both the gay and straight community. They serve as a social criticism and rejection of the Victorian era ideals which still linger in our since of decency today. They also serve as an example of an unpopular group of people deciding to live their lives their way, not only accepting their unpopular disposition, but celebrating it.

    If you ask me, this is a powerful and exemplary message today for both the gay and the straight community.

  49. andrew says

    I totally agree with the new dress code for the Pride Parade. Some of these parades in big cities in USA have made gay pride synonymous with nearly naked gym bodies, lewdness and simulated sexual behaviors. We have a great Gay Pride parade every June in Phila. The parade includes LGBT people from family groups, sports teams, the clubs and bars, church groups, civic organizations volunteer organizations and a lot of floats from these and other organizations with lots of music beads, confetti and fun. Many families are among those who line the streets to enjoy the parade. Lewdness and public nudity are not part of the festivities and they shouldn’t be.

  50. Taylor says


    I see your point, but on many levels it seems incredibly naive and anachronistic, not to mention immature, to use your genitalia to get that point across. Being gay isn’t absolutely dreadful anymore in society nor is it unpopular – and maybe the reasons why there are still problems stems from too much radical overtness in past pride parades. It’s beyond goofy to always use your sexuality to break down “victorian era ideals” – Why not use your brain and your capacity to imagine instead? Why must we be expected to parade around in a shock and awe manner? It’s SUCH a turn off. Maybe homosexuals aren’t here to queer up the world…maybe we’re just here – a part of it, like always.

  51. Bradford says

    If you’re going to make an article about a controversial new dress code, you should explain what exactly the dress code is.

  52. Jesse says

    Be lewd, obscene, and naked if you want to, but don’t expect to be taken serious. It just reinforces stereotypes, unless you like being seen as a stereotype. It shows a disrespect for your community, both straight and gay.

  53. anony6 says


    I would agree with you if overt sexuality was always used to break down Victorian era ideals, but it is not. The pride parade is but one means to do so. If gay pride parades were the beginning and end of social liberation efforts, then they would not be adequate. To suggest the end of outrageous pride parades because they cannot address social liberation in a broad enough matter is to put forth a challenge that no single means of protest can meet. No one means can meet all ends.

    The gay rights lawyer speaking on a panel may not reach the average Joe like a pride parade can. Neither will the gay politician impact the politically unaware, or gay athlete change the views of someone who still does not know he exist. None of this means that these former examples should stop their advocacy. My point is, all these tools, including the outrageous pride parades have certain strengths which work to advance social liberation .

    Lastly you mentioned being turned off, so am I at times. But I do feel its a good thing that neither of our sensitivities, or anybody else’s, gets to dictate how others live their life. That is really the crux of any argument against gay rights. People letting their discomfort with gays entitle them to restrict civil rights. On the same token, I hope people do not let their discomforts entitle them to restrict expression at gay parades.

  54. Mike says

    It’s amazing how many of you commenting here clearly know absolutely nothing about our history. We did not fight for 6 days at Stonewall to allow a bunch of closed minded idiots to censor us now. The Pride Parade is SUPPOSED to be over the top, lewd, lascivious, and “in your face”. It is SUPPOSED to be offensive and thought provoking. THAT IS THE ENTIRE POINT. So before you rant & rave about how “right” this is, and how “lewd” people need to get lives, maybe, just maybe, you should take a minute, do some research and learn what it is we’ve been fighting for for almost 50 years. If you’re not willing to do that, or if you truly feel we should be censored, then by all means, sit down, shut up, enjoy the rights others have fought for you to have & go back in the closet where you belong. Just the $0.02 from someone that’s been lobbying for our rights for over a decade.

  55. Sean says

    Pride is about targeting people’s hatred and bigotry and also to generate a sense of community and support, but more particularly for the younger generations of gay youth who are displaying bravery far beyond being nude in public. We should be validating them. And it’s no longer just adults at these events with so many families with young children. Not advocating nudity at a public event is not prudery. Pride started as a political movement and should remain that way. When it’s no longer an issue, go swing your dicks in the breeze for all I care, but not in the name of advocacy.

  56. Brian says

    If you want to be naked, there are plenty of nudist clubs and resorts. Nudity and Pride have absolutely nothing to do with one another. If the city has an ordinance against public nudity, it should apply to everyone.

  57. Spike says

    Ya, they should apply this to Mardi Gras too. COME ON PEOPLE> We don’t need that SMUT at MADRI GRAS. Can’t we just get drunk and throw up in the streets with out the nudity. HELL… the New York Mermaid Parade which is very family friendly has woman with no tops (yes, its LEGAL IN NYC for women to be topless) and guys in skimpy speedo’s walking around Coney Island and everyone is happy.

  58. eyeroll says


    grow up, gay pride =/= mardi gras or the mermaid parade. It’s about pride…stop the smut you sleazefreak. you shouldn’t be grinding your peen and tits in public during a pride parade. stop using drugs and get a clue.

  59. Fenrox says

    Umm, gimme one reason nudity should be illegal? Exactly, it’s a preference issue masked in a moral one. THOSE ARE ALWAYS BAD.

  60. eyeroll says

    Hey Fenrox, no society ever, since after we left hunting and gathering – I’m talking about civilization – has ever condoned nudity. It’s just not civilized behavior. DERRRR

  61. andrew says

    @MIKE: Who says the Pride Parade is ” supposed to be over the top, lewd, lascivious, and “in your face”? “Offensive”? That’s the way teenagers sometimes act when rebelling against adults. Our movement is not in its teenage years any more. It has grown into adulthood and we should put away silly and counter productive “in your face” teenage behaviors. As to your ranting and raving charge: you are the one ranting. Telling people who have expressed reasonable views on the topic to “sit down and shut up” and “go back in the closet where you belong” indicates that you are the one who is raving. You are entitled to express your views about our LGBT community. You are not entitled to try to silence the views of others in our community.

  62. Icebloo says

    It is so very clear why gay rights in America is decades behind other countries. American gays are STUPID. Whenever anyone attacks our community here you all join in and help them ! WTF ?! Why are American gays so full of self hate ? Until you people grow up we won’t make any progress ! YOU have to be comfortable with yourself before society becomes comfortable with YOU.

    I have been attending Dallas Pride for almost 15 years. In that time I have seen NO public nudity, public erections or ANY lewd behavior. The only bad behavior I have witnessed is a handful of teenage lesbians fighting because they drank too much beer.

    Let me tell you what I have seen at Dallas Pride. I have seen the event grow into a family day out with more and more families – both gay and straight – bringing their young kids. I have seen a gay man run across the street to save a 5 year old from choking, I have seen countless gays helping families through the crowds with their strollers and young kids, I have seen countless gays catching candy & beads thrown from the parade & giving them to young kids standing beside them, I have seen countless gays giving the straight families bottles of water and beer from their coolers and I have seen gay people giving up their shady spots under trees to people with young families.
    DO NOT tell me Dallas Pride is full of naked & depraved people because that is BULL$HIT !

    These lies are told by the Nazi Republican party who control our state and want to vilify gay people. If these lies were true why would more and more families bring their kids ? Why would they come back to expose their kids to this alleged depravity ?

    I have seen way worse lewd & intoxicated behavior at Dallas Straight Pride (St Patrick’s Day) but that is a predominantly straight event so they are left alone.

    It is time you silly, self-hating queens grew a spine and stood up for yourselves and our community instead of buying into the lies our enemies are spreading.
    You self hating queens DISGUST me !

  63. Icebloo says

    And let us just remember that there has ALWAYS been a ban on public nudity in Texas ! ALWAYS. This is nothing new. What is new is that the Nazi Republicans and their Nazi Police are trying to use this against gay people because we are making progress in Texas. They have to attack us again and make us look like animals in order to turn the public against us again.

    If people really were naked in previous years then why didn’t they arrest them ? There were no arrests for public nudity because there was NO public nudity !

    This is all BULL$HIT ! Don’t buy into it !

  64. Travis says

    Icebloo is an example of apologist for bad behavior. Good luck trying to change minds by telling gay people who find the behavior at pride parade offensive that they are self hating. Good forbid someone not buy into the crap that pride parades have turned into.

  65. ok says


    why is it that if we’re called “queens” if we don’t agree with what happens at some gay pride events. Everytime i’m on a blog like this I always see some gay man shouting like a hysteric at other gay men and calling then queens. We’re men, not queens. Some of us have different opinions. You don’t have to resort to pre-millenial gay world bashing. You come across like the worst of the worst of stereotypes.

  66. Carlos says

    I have no problem seeing a nude or semi-nude male a these parades, I mean, I need something to project my desires on.

  67. Randy says

    Dallas doesn’t have a Pride Parade. It has a Freedom Parade… at which, apparently, there is less freedom. Shame.

  68. James says

    I think some gays like to be the victims and be “outcasts” it’s kinda like those black people that get a good education, talk properly, dress well and then other black people calling them uncle toms. This has nothing to do with anything being gay this is about being RESPECTFUL HUMAN BEING. My god.

  69. says

    @TAYLOR Well said.

    Find it hard to believe this is solely about nudity. I have no abjection to public nudity if it’s legal. If nudity is banned then respect the ban or face up to charges. The problem with even simple nudity (if legal) is that someone is going to push the envelope and as indicated in posts use public sex as a means of protest whether anyone else agrees with it or not because there are a few diehards still trying to equate getting their raunch on in public as a legitimate protest of LGBT oppression. They can’t see past their own egocentricity to understand that what they do in public reflects on ALL LGBT. Decades ago they were sold the idea that ours was a sexual revolution and that public sex and the sexual outlaw was part of the package. It isn’t. It never should have been. It was wrong then and it’s much more wrong today to try and keep that lunacy going. This is not 1973. It’s the XXI Century. Pride & Freedom is not about putting your personal raunch on public display. Public sex does not present you as the sexual outlaw you imagine it does. Your individual actions in public resonate for ALL LGBT so take some time to seriously think about the public face you want to have associated with the LGBT community going forward as we achieve full equality.

  70. grego says

    Some self appointed “activists” don’t want true “equality” There’s plenty of places they can go to get their nudity fix besides Mainstreet USA.

  71. Bill says

    @James: Well, in some case nudity can be considered free speech, even if the speech is more like a series of left-wing slogans. has an example (a portion of a public hearing on a proposed nudity ban in San Francisco, subsequently enacted). At least San Francisco residents don’t have to worry about dying from boredom!

    Note: the video is not safe for work – just a woman taking her clothes off to make a political point, with nothing the least bit sexual going on.

  72. todd says

    WOW! I am always a little shocked by the argument pride parades are there to show our lawlessness or in your face antics. And don’t even get me started on the BS excuses about it celebrates stonewall. The fact is it has turned into a moving circuit party in way to many locations. As for pride, why aren’t we just proud of ourselves when we have our clothes on with no go-go music? I am extremely proud of my achievements I have made. I support the stonewall movement by setting the example of my decency for my fellow man even when it may not be returned.

  73. FFS says

    Damaged the movement? Endured this spectacle?

    Every freedom we now enjoy was built on the back of people who had the courage to challenge nonsensical social morés. People who were rebellious enough to say radical things like “There’s nothing objectionable about nudity,” and “Gay people deserve no less respect than any other people.”

    Forty years ago, all of you shame-ridden nancies would have been toiling away in sham marriages to opposite-gender spouses living lives of quiet desperation. You wouldn’t have the life you have today if it weren’t for the bold, nonconformist risk takers that make Pride Parades into “spectacles.” And yet you look down your nose at them and cluck your tongues?

    Here’s a novel thought: LEAVE YOUR DUMB EFFING KIDS AT HOME WITH A BABYSITTER!!! Better yet, encase them in some sort of plastic bubble if you’re worried that the “dangers” of the real world might tarnish their fragile little minds.

    And before you cows line up to call me a dinosaur from a bygone era, . . . I’m 25.

    So, stick that in your tea cozy. Buch of frumpy hausfraus.

  74. emjayay says

    I guess Dallas is not New York, San Francisco, or New Orleans. In New York, the Coney Island Mermaid parade and the Hispanic Day parade have all sorts of semi-nudity. In San Francisco the Bay to Breakers run traditionally features naked teams. Marti Gras?!!! Look up photos of these events on Google Images. And families these days bring their kids to all these events (well I’m not sure about Marti Gras), and they know what they are going to see.

  75. Jeton Ademaj says

    well well well, look at all the swarming bougie cowards clucking their tongues at Queers with courage. as others have noted, most of you prissy taliban would have been cursing at the Stonewall Riot-ers, demanding that the cops open fire on them all, and you’d all be in fake marriages with miserable spouses if it wasn’t for all those “sleazy, disrespectful queers” that paved the way for you to even SURVIVE.

    whether it’s testicles or ovaries, most of you need to grow a pair and stand tall.

    preferably in a nice thong, with leather and feathers…mostly because it would challenge your self-hate and squeamish cowardice.

  76. hulk says

    The rioters at stonewall had their clothes on. The first gay pride walks in DC were decent. Just because a lot of us are against how the.pride parade appears doesn’t mean we would have been in sham marriages in the past or in the closet. We were just raised differently. All the people who are upset with this new rule are very nasty towards the gays who ate not. Nasty comments plus nasty public lewdness = you were raised by tv and no good parents.

  77. hulk says

    I also don’t like how gay men criticize others by calling them prissy or queens. It’s so old and lame. Just call us assholes or something. stop using those stereotypes and slurs. Seriously.

  78. Jeton Ademaj says

    Hulk, in all seriousness i will call it like it is. the Stonewall rioters were drag queens, femme queens, bull dykes and queer youth at the front lines, by every account. every such group falls within the bounds of attack most of you prissy moralists have delineated. drop the “who me?” posture and own the fact that the bulk of the NASTY comments here are from SUPPORTERS of the new rules…

    …which will probably apply to people dressed ‘INDECENTLY”, and not simply to nude people. furthermore, most attacks on nudity use identical or nearly identical reasoning as attacks on Queer identity.

    however, embracing one’s own Queerness has always been difficult for some…and they (YOU) lash out at whomever has gotten ahead of them in the process.

    Crabs In A Bucket is a self-defeating game for Queers to play. represent YOURSELF and spare us the cries and wails about others represent THEMSELVES.

  79. says

    Dallas isn’t an extreme city. If you go to the leather bar here expect to be underwhelmed. This sounds like a publicity stunt. Do the police know something the rest of us don’t? That being said it’s not 1969 anymore. Our gay and lesbian elders fought for our basic rights so that we could have the luxury of being considered ordinary, not forever counter-cultural. GLBT breaks down into different subgroups and everyone who wants to participate in pride should, without breaking any laws. Just no nudity. It’s 2013 and public nudity is still against the law. That’s a good thing not an anti-gay thing. Don’t bring it under our banner. Those of you who don’t understand the difference are self absorbed and probably aren’t having good sex. You want to make up for it by attracting attention to yourselves. Pathetic.

  80. says

    Dallas isn’t an extreme city. If you go to the leather bar here expect to be underwhelmed. This sounds like a publicity stunt. Do the police know something the rest of us don’t? That being said it’s not 1969 anymore. Our gay and lesbian elders fought for our basic rights so that we could have the luxury of being considered ordinary, not forever counter-cultural. GLBT breaks down into different subgroups and everyone who wants to participate in pride should, without breaking any laws. Just no nudity. It’s 2013 and public nudity is still against the law. That’s a good thing not an anti-gay thing. Don’t bring it under our banner. Those of you who don’t understand the difference are self absorbed and probably aren’t having good sex. You want to make up for it by attracting attention to yourselves. Pathetic.

  81. Francis #1 says

    Do I agree with the nudity? No. You should have some form of clothing on. There are kids. There are families. Being completely nude or having sex on the street isn’t appropriate for the setting at Pride.

    Now, dressing in undies or briefs, drag queens, the anarchist queers, none of that I have an issue with. I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t care one bit. Sorry, people, but the LGBT community is a diverse community, and that includes the LGBT people that don’t conform and don’t WANT to conform.

    And it’s OK if you naturally do conform and are just yourself, as proudly gay, but not someone who is “out there” in regards to your orientation or personality. That’s fine. But to essentially write away an entire segment of our community, hell, even the more suit and tie gays love to have their fun during Pride. Some of you want to take that away because you’re more concerned with looking presentable to “mainstream society” which was NEVER the goal of Pride in the first place, instead of being carefree and just happy and comfortable with your people. That’s what Pride is about. Pride is about celebrating ALL of our community, coming together, and taking over the streets for the one day we’re in control. And that includes the families and the drag queens. It includes all of us.

    So many of you keep using the word stereotypes. You don’t want to be a stereotype, you don’t like gays who are stereotypes, you don’t like how Pride promotes stereotypes. Stereotypes are as bad as you allow them to be, and ultimately, stereotypes exist with reason. They’re always true so one extent or another. But even disregarding that obvious fact, at the end of the day, not all LGBT people are clean cut, boyfriend/child/dog types. That should be respected, and yet, it isn’t. Now the same pressures to conform to mainstream social ideals have hit the LGBT community and if you don’t fit them or choose not to, you’re condemned. So much for us being open-minded.

    I don’t think this is entirely a case of self-loathing or an attempt to be “just like them” as someone else put it—many gay people simply do blend in. Naturally. Many gay people don’t really fit in with popular gay culture. It is what it is and there is absolutely no problem with that. But the constant “stop doing this”, “stop being a stereotype”….a lot of you DO sound like you’re out to prove something. And it’s obvious. And it’s pathetic.

    BTW, only 39% of LGBT adults are out to their fathers and suicide rates aren’t declining in the LGBT community, while HIV and hate crime rates are climbing. Some of you think we’re now in this post-gay utopia. Get real.

  82. Jeton Ademaj says

    well said, Francis. as for ‘ex-leftist’, try not to assume that starting a blog makes u a telepathic authority on the sex other people r having…talk about delusional as well as judgmental.

  83. Greg says

    Best comments section on this site in a long while…

    We’ve needed a healthy debate about this issue for a very long time. I agree the “movement” (whatever that is) has “grown up” – along with those who have become adult gays and adopted the things (children, lifestyles, etc) that THEY feel they want in their personal lives. But I’m torn. As much as I want to respect the Circuit Generation and their right to be whatever/do whatever/wherever, and respect the right of all others to keep it real beyond their shelf date (if that’s your thing), we cannot deny the fact that the stakes are way, way higher in 2013 and beyond than they were even 10 short years ago.

    And whether we like it or not, those whose support and love we need (from the suburbanite soccer moms to the fundamentalists to everyone else in the mainstream) are often outraged at the pimping of overt sexual themes associated with gay life. For us to deny or ridicule those concerns is to take giant steps back. It is what it is, and we have to figure out a way to balance the fun and the purposeful or we’ll end up sacrificing real, long-term gains (and real power) for the immediate gratification of shocking people for ambiguous and dubious reasons. By the way, this hedonistic side is not representative of a single gay person I know.

    The black civil rights movement dealt with this paradox from day one as the SCLC hand-picked Rosa Parks out of a vast crowd of lawbreakers in Montgomery, because she “represented” what the SCLC leadership thought was the best possible public face of oppression. They didn’t choose the hundred or so others who refused to give up their seats because they acted a fool 99% of the time, and they knew those people would be used by the opposition to foster resistance against the overall movement. And years later, we know Malcolm told walking stereotypes to quit acting that way and to carry themselves with dignity and self-respect. Maybe we need to learn some history lessons.

    This is a watershed moment. Bring the popcorn.