Bermuda Official Apologizes for Grouping Gays with ‘Freaks’ and ‘Dogs’, Calling them ‘Condemned’

Donal Smith, the Deputy Mayor of Hamilton, Bermuda, is apologizing from abroad for remarks he made on a television program about gay people last week.

Donal_smithThe Bermuda Sun reports:

In a TV interview for the Seventh Day Adventist Church programme ‘Issues’, the contents of which were subsequently reported by The Royal Gazette, Mr Smith had likened gays to “freaks” and their behaviour to that of “dogs” and suggested those who support gay marriage are condemned.

Now, Smith is apologizing after controversy over his remarks has brewed for five days, the Royal Gazette reports:

Speaking from Colombia, where he is attending an international conference of mayors, Mr Smith told ZBM News: “I am overseas on Corporation of Hamilton business and I haven’t been able to hear from those persons that were hurt by my comment as I would have heard from if I was at home, okay?

“However, I have heard directly from my family members and friends who have impressed upon me the level of anguish and pain that my comments caused. To all those persons who were affected in this way, I would like to offer my apologies, yeah? In addition, when I return I will speak to my constituents and hear their views of my comments.”

Mr Smith, who is expected to return to Bermuda by the end of the week, ducked questions about his resignation, saying that he would address that issue “at another time”.


  1. oncemorewithfeeling says

    If he’s too stupid to know that being an idiotic bigoted jackass is wrong without having it pointed out to him, then he’s too stupid for public office.

  2. Joesph Foster says

    An apology that bad isn’t really an apology, it’s an insult on top of an injury and only unmasks the raw, foaming contempt and sullen, frustrated hatred festering within.

  3. says

    “Apologizing” after the fact doesn’t change anything. He wouldn’t have said those things if he didn’t believe them. He’s only sorry that his deep-seated hatred of gays caused a stink when he shared that hatred with the world.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @MikeinSanJose: I don’t know that IA agree with you: I imagine the real story is that the Seventh-Day Adventist vote is important in Bermuda.

  5. Bob R says

    Nothing less than a sincere apology, not that boilerplate piece of standard “I’m sorry if you were offended” crap and a prompt resignation from office will suffice. Bermuda is a beautiful island, I’ve been there many years ago and would like to visit again, but if this is the political atmosphere there now, I’ll take my tourist dollars elsewhere, yeah? Just one more hateful island to add to my do not visit list, yeah? Ole Donal, the semi-literate bigot should resign.

  6. Sean says

    Just another Caribbean caveman. Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas – they’re all the same. Living in a scenic stoneage. It’s Africa with better beaches.

  7. Jere says

    Isn’t Bermuda part of the UK? It’s not an independent nation, but rather a British Overseas Territory or whatever terminology they use for “colony” now. That being the case, do the gay residents of Bermuda enjoy the same equality that their brothers and sisters in the motherland do?

  8. Albert says

    @Jere: I suspect it’s similar to the relationship between the Netherlands and Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten. What is made law in the metropole does not become law automatically in the overseas territory that has a degree of home rule. That’s why same-sex marriages in the Netherlands were not automatically recognized in those islands.

  9. Kev C says

    Bermuda is an overseas territory of the UK. That means their land is owned by the Crown of England, and their queen is Elizabeth II. She’s also the queen of Jamaica and all commonwealth countries including Canada and Australia, which she owns.

  10. Hagatha says

    Sean – In any country where you pay real estate tax under threat of government seizure, then you do not truly own your land.

  11. andrew says

    How stupid must he be not to have known that calling people “freaks” and likening their behavior to “dogs” would be thought offensive? Even his lame apology is probably motivated by nothing more than his desire not to cause the Bahamas the loss of gay tourist dollars.

  12. Kev C says

    Sean, she (the Crown = the living monarch) does indeed own most of the land of Canada and most of the land of Australia. Author Kevin Cahill did some thorough research into this, and his books have never been challenged or disproved.

  13. andrew says

    To correct my previous post: Bermuda not Bahamas. As to the discussion about what the Queen owns or doesn’t own: Regardless of what Mr. Cahill says she clearly doesn’t own “most of the land of Canada” or “most of the land of Australia”. She doesn’t even own Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, they are owned by the British Nation. She does own Balmoral Castle in Scotland which was purchased by Queen Victoria. She doesn’t even own the Crown Jewels. They are owned by the British Nation. Forbes has estimated her wealth at 1/2 billion dollars, about 1/2 as wealthy as Oprah. No doubt, as the reigning monarch of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, she gets to live the life of a multi-billionaire in all those properties owned by the British Nation.

  14. Kev C says

    If you wish to correct Kevin Cahill, a member of the Royal Geographical Society and honest researcher, he will publish your corrections. Over 90% of Canada, and over 60% of Australia are owned by the Crown. Nor is it a secret and many sources confirm this.

    If you are addressing the difference between her personal wealth, as a person, and that of The Crown, who is the living monarch. The “British Nation” is owned by the Crown. The governments of the UK, the British Commonwealth, and Territories .. are owned by the Crown and called “Her Majesty’s Government”.

    “The term is employed in order to signify that the government of a Commonwealth realm belongs to the reigning sovereign, and not to the cabinet or prime minister”

  15. MaryM says

    He’s a christian.

    Therefore he is prone to stupidity.

    If you believe in an imaginary sky-fairy then intelligence is clearly lacking.

  16. ratbastard says

    The queen does in fact own huge tracks of real estate in her realms, including Canada and Australia. Canada also has something called ‘Crown Corporations’ which are something like insider, special status corporations for the well connected, and they operate as monopolies and oligarchies. The queen is also head of state, not the prime minster.

  17. Excuse Me says

    @ Kev C: Wikipedia should be the last web site to support your argument if you are a member of the “Royal Geographical Society” and whatever legitimacy that is supposed to elevate you to! Even an intelligent high school first time researcher knows that!