Transgender Student Crowned Homecoming Queen in Huntington Beach, California: VIDEO


  1. David From Canada says

    This is great for Cassidy Campbell – but is that Lily Munster standing next to her? Now that’s frightening – even the flower doesn’t help. Calling Herman, Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn………!

  2. says

    In that picture above, Cassidy looks more like a female than most heterosexual girls her age. I see so many young ladies (again, I’m talking about heterosexuals here) who don’t care about their hair, clothes or makeup, then wonder why they can’t get a boyfriend. They should take notes from Cassidy who has truly worked on her hair, skin, smile and makeup and looks great… especially the smile!

  3. bluedogj says

    Cassidy is not only lovely, but poised, smart, and self-confident. Congratulations to her for terrific achievement – and to her school for recognizing her special qualities. A win for everyone!

  4. JoelD says

    I assume that her mother is with her in the photo – what a lucky girl to have a mother who stands beside her at such a public moment. If that mother’s beauty can’t be seen by some posters, it really isn’t her problem. Guys, this isn’t a reality show, this is life and these are real people. Know the difference!

    I have always felt that our hope as a (LGBT) community rests with becoming multi-generational. I know our daughter will champion my rights and will be vigilant long after my partner and I are gone. But might it all disappear as it did when the Weimar Republic fell?

  5. Thedrdonna says

    The times they are a-changin’! Seriously, I went to high school in the early 2000’s in a fairly liberal area, and if I’d come out as trans then they probably would have beat my ass in.

  6. says

    @ Cadence

    Learn to read. I wrote about girls who choose to leave the house looking like crap every day and then wonder why they don’t have a boyfriend. I never said what their focus should be or why they are in school.

    Get a grip and don’t be a d-o-u-c-h-e.

  7. Francis #1 says

    She’s amazing and I’m glad she won but she made a YT video crying because of harsh judgment she’s received after winning the award, I think from her peers/community. Huntington Beach is CONSERVATIVE. I sort of wonder if many of the students who voted for her did so as a joke. I hope she sees just how many people globally love her and are inspired and proud of her.

  8. Ken says

    I know. I know. I should ignore Adam. . . Most of the right wing women in my family have fairly short hair and wear little or no makeup. Are they stereotypes? I thought right wing women were girlie girlie. Sounds to me as if the stereotypes are Adam’s. this young woman has molded her physical appearance to reflect what she’s feeling internally. Doubtless, that will change over time. If Adam were to do the same, he’d look like a big ole hole.

  9. Mike says

    Good for her, but this has nothing to do with gay people. Gay people do not want to transform into the opposite sex and it is a lie to suggest that we have some defining link with people who do.

    Also, to Little Kiwi, Harvey Milk would not hold any special feelings about this story because Harvey Milk would understand that gay and trans are 2 different things. In his career, he never even mentioned transgender or transsexuals and he took pains to educate the public that gay men are not crossdressers or wannabe women. If he were alive today, he might be proud of this kid or he might not, but the fact that Milk was gay wouldn’t make this story any more relevant to him than to anyone else.

  10. says

    Mike – do your family proud and stick your head in an oven.

    Milk’s legacy was not just about gay people, or gay men. It was about (as he famously stated) “The Us’s” – the minories; those of us that are not heterosexal white males with money.

    I do love, Mike, how you come on her every day and change screen names and complain about Transgendered stories. I’m terribly sorry that your own family never loved you and seeing a young trans person being loved and accepted brings up the jealousies of the life and love you’ll never know.

    You reveal that you know as little about the beautiful LGBT Communities as you do about Harvey Milk.

    so yeah. put out the pilot light. put your head in the oven. think of Sylvia, and piss off forever 😀

  11. says

    @DrDonna, i also love it when they do so in a way that reveals that they don’t know s**t about said deceased person 😀

    day in, day out – the same pathetic closeted homosexual man comes to this site, jumps around with a few screen names, and let’s us all know how terribly upset he is that transgendered people are coming out and being supported and he’s never known any form of love.

  12. Mike says

    Little Kiwi and DrDonna:

    I didn’t bring up Harvey Milk. Little Kiwi did. He obviously does think that it is productive to make proclamations about what Milk would have thought.

    I pointed out that Milk never discussed “trans” issues. And in his famous speech about the “us-es” he made no mention of transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, etc. These are facts, not speculation. Sorry, Kiwi, you don’t get to rewrite history to bolster your warped, stereotypical beliefs about gay people.

    Little Kiwi lies constantly. He says I am terribly upset about trans people coming out. But I specifically said “good for her.” I wouldn’t have said that if I were terribly upset by her win.

    And he lies about my family, who happen to love me very much and who are joining my husband and myself on vacation next month. Sorry to disappoint you Little Kiwi, but the only thing going in my oven is a big Thanksgiving turkey in November, and that too will be shared with my family!


    Sorry about your premature hair loss.

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