1. Mike Ryan says

    Hunting Season – all 8 episodes – are very very good. Not just for the uncensored sex but here’s a series that has some depth, good acting, appropriate writing and hopefully the producers will bring us more. Look for it on Vimeo “Hunting Season Season 1 Episode 1″ because there are quite a few videos entitled “Hunting Season”.

  2. Fenrox says

    Good god people, Hunting Season was NOTHING, take away the sex, lets pretend ugly people were in those roles, now tell me you could watch ANY of those, YOU CAN’T. Sure it was sexy! First episode was great for that but dialogue, characters, acting and pacing were terrible.

    Plus, scruffy talking about blowjobs in the outs and the scene between the boyfriend and the other boyfriend on the Outs were plenty hot.

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