1. Bobby says

    ICON! DIVA! SUPERSTAR! And still that doesn’t scratch the surface of everything Cher is and what she means to millions of us. Thank you Cher for the music, the movies and the laughs.

  2. Tyler says

    Speaking of gay men with no lives, Adam (aka Rick aka Jason aka Hagatha) is here to show that trolls really are the worst. Rick/Adam loved saying disparaging things about women and uses misogynistic language like whore. What a sad, pathetic troll.

  3. AriesMatt says

    That first interview was awkward. Matt was great, but the chick with him was an idgit. Loved how Cher was a little lost and confused. Um, what big news? Funny.

  4. Gee says

    She’s probably second behind Michael Jackson in plastic surgery, but in show biz survival is the reward. Her house could become another wing to The Getty Museum.

  5. Robert says

    That poor, talented diva. Having to face those talentless harpies that early in the morning, what a disgrace. They should have had someone that knew even a little bit about being genial and friendly instead of those two bitchy standins for hosts.

  6. Topol says

    re: Lesbian dating site and app.

    A group of us wondered what such site would be called. The guys have Grindr and Scruff, among others. Our #1 choice for the gals: “Muff.”

  7. Bob says

    She is one of a kind, cannot be beat

    But it was a little sad when they kept prompting her what she would like to do for fun, and she did not mention including her 2 kids.

  8. tagg says

    Cher wasn’t confused or a little lost when asked about her big news…Cher doesn’t like to make those type of announcements so she acts like…Huh? She did the same thing to Savannah in June when they announced her concert. Cher told Savannah she say it!

    Btw: Cher’s “kids” are grown men and have their own lives now. I don’t want my retired parents living for me either so why should Cher?

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