1. Pitt90 says

    As someone who works in the city, and lives in Shaker Heights, I can say that there are some really great LGBT friendly people here. Hopefully all this attention can help keep that progressing.

  2. Antoine says

    It’s ironic, but maybe the “Diversity Center” can reach out to the young black guys – you know – the ones perpetrating all these hate crimes in Cleveland?

  3. Sean says

    *Lack of world-class attractions (take away the rock and roll HOF, and there’s nothing anyone wants to see)
    *High crime rates (ok, come parts of DC are pretty bad)
    *Lots of urban blight (lots)
    *Lack of great restaurants
    *Crappy professional sports teams
    *Lack of world-class universities

    I could go on, but I don’t really have any desire to trash Cleveland. I’m just saying it wasn’t the best choice.

  4. Hagatha says

    Ali – I’m sure that Cleveland is a wonderful place to be from. But compare it to Vancouver, Sydney, or even Fort Lauderdale. How many gay people have Cleveland on their list of places they want to visit?

    BTW, I think that DC or Boston would both be dreadful choices. Dallas or Denver might be interesting. Almost anywhere that has had an actual olympic games might be a good place to start.

  5. Mike says

    Totally disagree with Hagatha. Dallas + Denver = snoozefest.

    We’re talking about an international event here. People from OUTSIDE the US are looking forward to visiting and experiencing America.

    DC – It’s the nation’s capital. The President. The White House. The Capitol and memorials and a zillion other things. Non-Americans want to experience that.

    Boston – great pro sports city (remember – the gay games = sports, not circuit parties). Birthplace of our country. Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere, and all that. Harvard. MIT. Home of JFK and the FIRST state in the America to legalize gay MARRIAGE. Gays will find interest in those things too.

  6. ali says

    I’m not from Cleveland. In fact, I’ve never been. I just happen to hate people that trash cities or entire states simply because they are not one of the big cities on the coast (or Chicago).

    You seem to be confused about the reason for the trip to Cleveland. People are there to watch/participate in the Gay Games. That means the perceived lack of professional sports teams and universities is irrelevant. (Do you think tourists routinely stop by Harvard or GWU to audit a class?) Although, for the record, Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University has been named one of top 25 LGBT-friendly schools (out of 380 surveyed). None of the Boston or DC-area universities made that list.

    And no great restaurants? That’s just silly. There are great restaurants everywhere. Also, Trip Advisor lists several pages of things to do in Cleveland. (Just because you don’t think they are worthy of your doesn’t mean other people will agree.)

  7. Hagatha says

    Name five things in Cleveland that a person who has never been there wants to see as part of his trip to the Gay Games.

    Now do the same with Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans.

  8. ali says

    Five things for Gay Games attendees to do in Cleveland:

    1. Gay Games Opening Ceremony
    2-4. Sporting events
    5. Gay Games Closing Ceremony

    None of those things can be found in any other city.

    Now, I’m being facetious…although only slightly. People are going there to compete or watch the sporting events. They also will go to official social events. They will not be visiting museums or universities.

    Look. I’m not saying Cleveland will ever be a vacation destination. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t do a great job of hosting the Gay Games.

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