1. Jeff says

    She’ll be an inspiration …unless, of course, they want affordable housing, readily available health care, someone who doesn’t suck up to the 1% taking over the city and drive the middle class out, a non-screamer, less discrimination against minorities other than gays & lesbians, and more.

    Vote for de Blasio, or vote for Quinn and get another 4 years of Bloomberg.

  2. says

    Dustin, I think that as a Los Angeles resident you have only a pride-reflex reaction to the NYC mayoral race. That’s too glib for the realities of this city. I don’t think you know what’s going on here or why Christine Quinn as mayor would encourage the worst kind of discrimination of all–the kind of pervasive economic injustice that subjugates people of all races, genders, and sexualities. If you lived here, and you saw what was really going on here, you’d vote for de Blasio.

  3. White says

    Your, she’s part of the “woe is me” club, doesn’t fly. She’ll leave all that concern behind her if she gets elected. She isn’t smart enough to be Mayor. I really hope she doesn’t win, but that would take someone off of your ass kissing list. :(

  4. says

    I’m not a big Quinn fan. I’m not an enemy either, I just don’t like her political circle. If we want an openly gay role model for a big city government, look to Houston. Annise Parker was not only elected but re-elected. She’s done an excellent job of managing the country’s fourth largest city.

  5. says

    I’m not a big Quinn fan. I’m not an enemy either, I just don’t like her political circle. If we want an openly gay role model for a big city government, look to Houston. Annise Parker was not only elected but re-elected. She’s done an excellent job of managing the country’s fourth largest city.

  6. brian says

    Sorry. Won’t vote for her just because she’s gay. She lost my vote when she got caught storing city money in charities that didn’t exist. And then allowed Bloomberg to another term hoping we’d forget about it all by 2013. Not me. #DeBlasio — his wife’s bi, too.

  7. MichaelJ says

    WTF is the Quinn campaign thinking by releasing yet another ad (yesterday George Takei, today Dustin Black) with some LA celebrity gay telling New Yorkers how to vote? Don’t they realize how alienating this is? Even if I were for Quinn (which I’m not, for all the various reasons everyone else has mentioned here and more), I wouldn’t think it is to her credit to have endorsements from out-of-towners with superficial understandings of Quinn, her opponents, and the race.

  8. Fan says

    Dustin still hasn’t come down since his night with Rob Reiner. He’s the oldest person in LA to pull off precocious wonder boy. I think it hinges on how much older everyone fawning over him is.

  9. TruthSerum says

    Dustin “sweetie” go back to making bareback home videos and leaving the politics to the adults. I certainly am not going to take political advice from some wanna-be peter pan aging twink.

  10. Brian1 says

    Wow, that endorsement obviously targeted to the gay community really backfired judging by all the hate in these comments. Then again there’s always a lot of hate in towleroad comments so maybe this isn’t the best barometer.

  11. Ryan says

    I’d be thrilled to see Quinn win on a personal level because of the opportunity for firsts — out gay and a woman — but, honestly, she’s very far removed from the best candidate in the race. She’s the millionaire’s candidate in the race, a friend of Wall St. and the special interests. She’s not the average worker’s candidate. That’s for sure.

    So I hate to say it, but I have to root against her. I’ll be happy for her if she wins, but she’s the candidate of the status quo for NYC. She’s not the candidate for a better future.

  12. Ryan says



    “WTF is the Quinn campaign thinking by releasing yet another ad (yesterday George Takei, today Dustin Black) with some LA celebrity gay telling New Yorkers how to vote? ”

    I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve done the polls and saw that Quinn either isn’t winning the LGBT vote or if she isn’t winning it by a large margin.

    LGBT voters are exceptionally savvy and high-percentage voters and won’t vote for someone just because of issue X, Y, or Z. They’ll usually support the most progressive, best candidate regardless personal identity politics. While LGBT voters may make up a small amount of the population, we’re a much larger and more important block-voting demographic of elections who vote at the highest rates in the country. Our votes absolutely do make the difference in any major competitive elections.

    I’ve seen pressure bared down on LGBT voters in myriad campaigns by elite forces in the LGBT community to get them to vote ‘the right’ way, even if it’s for an inferior candidate, and this is often part of how it looks like. It usually doesn’t work — it almost always comes with a whiff of desperation that’s easy for most LGBT people to sniff out.

    I don’t want to say it’s 100% what’s going on here, just my gut coming from my not inconsiderable amount of political experience. I’m sure DLB and George Takei really do support Quinn and maybe it was easy to convince them to do these videos, especially if it was impressed upon them that the LGBT vote wasn’t as lopsided for Quinn as Quinn’s campaign would like.

    I just don’t think this pressure would have been brought to bare — and that these asks would have been made to these non-resident celebrities at all — unless it was because Quinn’s campaign was desperate to make up ground. That’s what’s really probably going on here. Nothing nefarious, but Quinn and LGBT elite allies looking for any way they can find to ‘reach’ regular LGBT voters and ‘talk some sense’ to us even if most LGBT people understand the dynamics of this race better than the elites in the LGBT community who don’t have to worry about whether they can afford NYC rent.

  13. DannyEastVillage says

    I never, never, NEVER stay home from the polls. But I’d stay home before I’d vote for Quinn. I’m sick to death of everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–in NYC being handed over to the business community–a business community, btw, that doesn’t even pay its own way.

  14. Lars says

    I would love to vote for NYC’s first female and first (openly) gay mayor. But alas, Chris is most definitely not the one. The sad reality is that on both leadership style and substance, she is all kinds of wrong. Having worked at the City Council, I speak from personal knowledge.

    Josh Barro, I believe, made the very astute observation that Chris may have had better luck had she run for the GOP nomination. It’s not a crazy idea.

    This registered NYC Democrat is voting for de Blasio. A progressive mayor for a progressive city — it’s about time that office stood up to the real estate lobby rather than kissing their @ss.

  15. jonathan says

    Quinn is history in distant third place. She’s disgusting, corrupt, vindictive and ill-equipped for the job. Di Blasio will win with enough votes to avoid a runoff and she will be history. Takei and Black should mind their own business. They have no stake in the matter. Takei I’m surprised at but DLB is a hack with no discernible talent beyond being gay in the right place at the right time. He should be flipping burgers in Utah.

  16. MichaelJ says

    @Ryan I suspect your analysis of why the Quinn campaign is releasing these endorsements on target. Still, I think the strategy is likely to backfire, for it just adds to the notion that Quinn is entitled to be Mayor. Ever since she engineered the extension of term limits, people have seen her as having a sense of entitlement, and it’s rubbed them the wrong way.

  17. MCnNYC says

    For 12years Ms Quinn has served as my Councilmember and was horribly ineffective to her constituents concerns. And that was reflected in her last primary run where Yetta Kurland, seriously underfunded and out spent by Quinn did serious damage to Quinn.
    So no Mr Black. I won’t tell u who to vote for in your LOCAL election.
    I won’t vote or NOT vote for someone just because they are gay, or based on race, or gender. Not when there are other candidates that are more aligned with my political ideology.
    Of my gay friends who are voting for Quinn – the ONLY reason they r doing so is the “gay issue” and that says something.
    Quinn: NOT IN FOR THE WIN!

  18. Caliban says

    Dustin Lance Black also endorsed going to see “Ender’s Game,” which will directly benefit rabid (and I do mean RABID) homophobe Orson Scott Card.

    So in short, who gives a fvck what BLD thinks?

  19. Caliban says

    Obviously that should have been DLB.

    Whatever his wounds are from being raised Mormon, I am not duty bound to take his advice for anything. I care not a whit for his opinions.

  20. Peter B says

    As a NYC resident, I must agree with many of the other commentators here. Having an LA resident promote Quinn on a single-issue gay platform is hardly convincing. There is a reason Quinn has been dropping like a rock in the polls — and it is not because she is a lesbian. People are getting to know her, her record and her political perspective.

  21. jamal49 says

    @JEFF I’m with you. Bill DeBlasio all the way. Dustin Lance Black can go screw himself. He doesn’t even live here. Christine Quinn will be a DISASTER as mayor of NY. She offers nothing. Platitudes, stock answers, no vision. She’s about as inspiring as wet toilet paper. She’s spent the last several years being Mayor Bloomberg’s chief lackey on the NY City Council. I’d rather vote for Anthony Weiner that for Quinn. Thankfully, we have a good choice in Bill DeBlasio.

  22. Lars says

    @Reader: Quinn is the only candidate with a record? You can’t be serious. In fact, de Blasio, Thompson, and Liu have all run for and WON citywide office (over and beyond district runs). And in holding office they have created, yes, records. Which is more than Quinn can say. You may not like the records of the other candidates — fair enough — but let’s constrain ourselves to to truth at least when constructing an argument, shall we?

  23. TH says

    On Towle new stories appear, and are buried the next day if the reaction isn’t exactly positive. Why is this? To make more space for new stories, or to protect superficial friendships? “We are all in this together. We made celebrity out of being queer — “they” didn’t.”
    That pesky “I’m somebody” (but really nobody) syndrome” rears its’ head

  24. karmasbeetch says

    I agree she should have done a Bloomberg and run as a Republican. There’s so little daylight between them, she could have gone for his voters.

    As for LGBT voters being more politically savvy than general voters, I’d have to disagree. There are plenty of Average Joe and Jane gays who are tenuously tied to politics and thus respond to Quinn as one of their own. When I encounter them I do my best to shine the light on Quinn’s clear anti populist positions.

  25. bravo says

    We’ll know how savvy gays are if Corey Johnson wins his City Council election. Yetta Kurland is the superior candidate, but Corey is a lot cuter. If the gays back Corey, it would be to their detriment, as Yetta is a fantastic attorney, activist, and advocate.

  26. Jaxon says

    DLB is obviously a one-issue voter. He endorsed Kevin James (a gay Republican) in the L.A. Mayor’s race less than a year ago. He would endorse Rip Taylor given no other gay candidates. He’s just looking to up his political stature because he’s a lousy screenwriter. Ever since he won an Oscar (undeservedly) he feels it’s his role to teach the masses. But his endorsement carries no more weight than mine.

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