1. says

    The label “queer” seems to have so many definitions nowadays . . . depending on who you ask, it may not even be describing LGBT anything! Now, seeing this ad, I’ve finally hit upon a definitive definition for the Q-word: A person or thing that is stereotypical, ludicrous, embarrassing, forced and/or tacky in regard to sexuality or gender expression. “Queer” is interchangeable with words like “throwback”, “pandering” and “retrograde”.

  2. litper says

    I’m tired of gender issues mixed with homosexuality. That’s why so many gay MEN don’t come out because they don’t want to be assiociated with THIS!

  3. Luke says

    @Litper, get over it. Seriously. Nobody is making you put on feathers and lipstick. I consider myself pretty masculine, but I do not feel the need to berate and judge others who are more feminine. I think you should see a therapist to work out your insecurities. If you were a real secure MAN you would not feel the need to belittle others’ lifestyles.

    Seriously, what scares you about a man in lipstick and feathers? I really want to know. If it’s not your cup of tea, then that’s fine, but why are you so threatened by it?

  4. litper says

    Luke, call it “lipstick and feather feminine” rights, just don’t cal it gay rights, ok? That thing has nothing to do with sexual and emotional attraction to men!

  5. Saturnalia says

    Fearful and Loathsome:
    Exhibit #1 – Stuffed Animal
    Exhibit #2 – Litper

    Loved the Pride Heart advert. Empowering.

  6. Knock says

    If last year’s was the death of the gay cliché, this is the resurrection. Maybe next year they’ll do something that challenges rather than perpetuates the tired and exclusionary imagery of gay men as wannabe women.

  7. RJP says

    Typical Enough. Gay = Leather = Masculine = Street Fair = Tired

    There, fixed it for ya. And stop leaving your nylons in the bathroom!

  8. Graphicjack says

    I think you guys are missing the hilariousness of this. Mel Gibson is a homophobe so mocking his over the top machismo movie… The movie in which Prince Edward’s (the future Edward II) male lover is thrown out of a tower window to his death in a revolting statement of pure hatred towards gays… This movie is PERFECT for our community to mock, ESPECIALLY in a “stereotypically” effeminate way! I’m a Scot and I am more than happy to see Braveheart mocked. LOVE IT!

  9. Luke says

    @Litper, you are missing the point, and proving mine. But you are right, it has nothing to do with gay rights, and wtf is “lipstick feather feminine rights?” It’s just some men in wigs and lipstick.. not sure what is so offensive about it? It’s just entertainment.

    Anyway, I was just interested in why you feel so threatened about being associated with such a thing in your community, and you didn’t answer. Probably better to bring it up with your therapist, not on a public forum though.

  10. Marc says

    Commenters on this page can be summed up into two categories:
    1) Fabulous, good-hearted, free-spirited, smart, compassionate men with whom I’d love to mingle at a party.
    2) Poopy-pants.