1. jamal49 says

    Evangelical christians have made great inroads into what was once a very Catholic country. They are poisoning and corrupting Brasilian society. But then, that’s what they do anywhere, including America. Kudos to those two brave women.

  2. Gil says

    Let’s just turn back the clock to the Dark Ages when a self-anointed clique of psychopathic ideologues presumed to dictate the mores of the public with threats to their person.

    Any takers?

  3. Bill says

    @jed: he shouldn’t just be fired. He should be sued for false arrest and prosecuted along with whoever handcuffed them for assault. Plus the police should be investigated as well.

  4. gomez says

    @adrenan. bc no lesbian or bisexual woman can possibly be feminine, and no straight women are allowed to make out with each other, ever the identity police are on the case.

    also, guy fawkes in the house

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