Former President George H.W. Bush Serves as Witness to Gay Marriage in Maine: PHOTO


Former President George H.W. Bush served as an official witness at the marriage of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, the owners of a general store in Kennebunk, Maine, close to where the Bush family has a home.

Bush's rep. confirmed the news, which Clement and Thorgalsen posted on their Facebook page, writing: "Getting our marriage license witnessed!"

The WaPo reports:

In an email from their honeymoon in London, Clement told us they’ve known the former first couple for years and were thrilled they accepted the wedding invitation. Thinking about “how monumental this time is in our lives” and “how blessed we are to be in their lives,” they decided to ask them “to really personalize it for us” as witnesses.

“This is such a wonderful time for change in our legal system,” she added. “Who would be best to help us acknowledge the importance of our wedding as our friends and as the former leader of the free world. When they agreed to do so we just felt that it was the next acknowledgment of being ‘real and normal.’”

Clement and Thorgalsen have been together for 12 years.


  1. Ruddigore says

    Are you sure Bush knew where he was or what he witnessed? He’s wearing two different colored socks! And it’s not like one’s blue and one is black. One is blue and one is bright red. Unless this is some coded statement on Bush’s changing politics, or perhaps some bridezilla thing where everyone has to where the colored socks that the bride(s) demand.

  2. bcarter3 says

    He’s been wearing bright,sometimes unmatched socks for several years now. It’s become sort of a signature.

    He apparently feels that he’s old enough to wear whatever he damn well pleases.

    More power to him!

  3. Jason B. says

    I don’t know how this makes him a hypocrite. People certainly are allowed to grow and change. I would rather say he is enlightened in his closing years. I voted for the man in the first presidential election I was old enough to vote in. I think he was running against Dukakis. I didn’t vote for him a second time. See I became more enlightened, I wasn’t a hypocrite.:)

  4. NotSafeForWork says

    Well thanks to the hell spawn he squirted into this world we have these ridiculous anti gay marriage amendments in 2/3 of the states, so somehow I’m nonplussed that gramps likes the ladies who munch.

  5. Mike says

    @NOTSAFEFORWORK Yes, too bad that he is more famous for the socks that he wears now, rather then infamous for the condoms that he SHOULD have worn years ago! [shaking head] Just WAY too bad . . .

  6. robroy says

    I am not a Republican but I have come to realize he is the most competent President of the last 40 years. And that is a painful realization.

    Funny thing is he was probably more liberal on social issues than Clinton before his ‘conversion’ when he was put on the ticket in 1980. His family were early supporters of planned parenthood. And W was viewed as the family idiot. Well one of 3. Dorothy and Jeb were the ones who had the smarts.

  7. Macguffin54 says

    This is kind of like if Osama bin Laden had come knocking on your door to help return your missing puppy. While it seems nice, there is something not quite right about it. I wonder if Elmer Fudd (the other Bush prez) might feel more inclined to come clean with his support/indifference to gay marriage.

  8. FFS says

    Shame that Republicans can’t do nice things like this without the lingering stench of the hateful tail that wags the dog in their party lingering in all of our nostrils.

  9. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    The Republicans (at least some of them) realize that in an age of close elections, peeling off a few gullible homosexual votes can mean the difference between winning and losing. Once in power, they’ll allow their base to proceed with homophobia as usual.

  10. Robert says

    I’m a very, very liberal Democrat, and I have great respect for President Bush the elder. I agree with Jason and Perry. Some of you are confusing George HW Bush with the far right wing of the party (which his wretched son affiliated with). Unlike the despicable Bill Clinton, George HW Bush never signed any anti-gay legislation (Bill gave us Don’t Ask and DOMA). Although he appointed the embarrassing Clarence Thomas to the Supremes, he also appointed David Souter AND appointed Vaughn Walker (of the Prop 8 trial) to the district court.

    By all accounts President Bush the elder is an old-fashioned East Coast Republican, which today would be called a very moderate one or, more likely, and moderate Democrat. He was a very competent and unappreciated president.I think it’s lovely he was a witness to this marriage. And I LOVE his socks.

  11. Randy says

    Indeed it was under Poppy Bush that I was finally able to enter the US legally as a gay person.

    I have almost nothing good to say about Bush, but he’s a better man than his son.

  12. Jeff Ostermiller says

    You know, President Bush and many other people look at this celebration and smile. They’re happy that two loving people are making a commitment to share their lives together. Congratulations to you both! The rest of you should enjoy it too, and keep your nasty observations and comments to yourselves. Your lack of respect and common courtesy is undignified and only makes you a much smaller person than you obviously already are.

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