1. Profe Sancho Panza says

    This is sad, but plea bargains like this happen most often because the DA prefers to guarantee that definite sentence rather than risk an uncertain outcome of a jury trial. The DA’s office knows the strengths and weaknesses of its own case, after all, and they usually know the defense attorneys and can guess the defense strategies.

  2. Hagatha says

    “Self-hating perp?


    So if a black guy attacks a white guy is he secretly white?
    If a Slovak attacks a Mexican is he secretly Nahuatl?

  3. Kyle C. says

    Whats funny is if gay people were attacking heterosexuals at the frequency heterosexuals attack us (on a daily basis) we’d all have to answer for it. And you’d have the apologetic gay crowd making all kinds of sweeping generalizations about how bad the gay community is.

    When heterosexuals consistently bash us, we only belittle t heterosexual individual who committed thecrime. Yet anytime agay person does something flawed, the entire community gets judged.

  4. Two dads says

    This kid comes from a religious family (very religious) and his dad is a high ranking official. That can’t go overlooked in this story.

  5. Gio says

    I’M SO SICK of our community being attacked for who we are (far more than any other demographic facing physical violence for who they inherently are) an no national dialogue about it. Nothing. Every day there’s a new gay bashing, LGBT bashing case somewhere in this country and it’s never ever spoken of outside gay blogs. It’s infuriating. We must shed the spotlight on these tragedies. Now.

  6. LipstickDiva says

    I agree. One gay person does something wrong and suddenly the entire community has to answer for it. Young straight men frequently bashing gays, and it’s just chalked up as “meh, societal ignorance. hopefully things will change””

  7. Kev C says

    No contest? hahaha. Clayton doesn’t seem to be aware that his career (as anything) is over and his future is F’d. No more easy street, no more cookies and milk.

  8. Hagatha says

    So according to another article, Garzon will serve 2.5 years in a county jail. How is that possible on a felony conviction? Anywhere else a felony sentence over 1 year is spent in prison.

  9. Michelle says

    His parents are filthy rich and best buddies with the local police department. Equality California need to keep an eye on his case, because there’s many rumblings plans to give him barely a slap on the wrist when the news cameras go away.

  10. andrew says

    Twenty years would be an appropriate sentence. I must tell you that if I was his victim I would spend every waking hour planning how I could avenge this assault and get away with it. He would never be safe with me on his trail. Seriously, he would eventually pay for his crime!!!

  11. Silent thoughts says

    I’m curious and want to know, where are the racist comments at? If this detestable person was any other racial minority this comment section would be filled with vile and disgusting comments about the persons race/ethnicity. Why is it that when the criminal(s) appear to be White/Caucasian the comments are not tame and usually only point out character flaws?

  12. BootsNoots says

    Silent thoughts, you always do this in these stories. Attempting to change the narrative from HOMOPHOBIA to racism. This article is about homophobia, and no matter how much your you try to shove your agenda, this story is and will remain about homophobia.

  13. Roman says

    @ Silent Thoughts
    Lovely story but this kid and his whole family are latino. Sorry babe, you don’t catch a break from criticism and being called out on your homophobia just because you are a minority and want to play that card.

  14. Klien says

    Ignore Silent Thoughts. Just another race baiter.

    Homophobia needs to end in society and some people seem to think it’s acceptable. Time we as a community let them know, your church based homophobia will not be tolerated.

  15. Gerald says

    He deserves far more than a few years in prison for his brutal attack. This thug needs to be locked up for many years. He’s a menace to society!

  16. Leo says

    Why is there not a national conversation about the alarming increase in LGBT hate crimes? any other segment of the population being viciously attacked for who they are as much as LGBT are, and CNN, PBS, FOX, MSNBC would all be doing a nightly special at least discussing the issue. Mobs attack gay people, and gay couples every other day with homophobia being the instigator, and it hardly gets a mention. Our leaders should get the conversation rolling. It’s an important one the nation needs to have.

  17. Kev C says

    Hate crimes sentences are mandatory and must be served, although they are only 1 to 4 years in CA and elsewhere. The charge goes on his permanent record, along with his cowardly plea of no contest.

    Clayton appears to be a spoiled and clueless stoner, probably influenced by hip-hop music into committing acts of hate like most gay bashers are.

  18. C.J says

    so many HETEROS kids are acting up. This kid lives at home and has been committing crimes since he was 15. Notice how many kids of heteros are out there committing crimes. Gee, maybe we should have a ballot vote to take vote on the parenting skills of heterosexuals?

  19. will says

    Five years seems a lot of time for beating someone up. I was beat up in high school and nobody served any time at all. If this is his first offense, 1 or 2 years and probation seems just.

    I’ve been reading the Pope today and want compassion for everybody!

  20. Excuse Me! says

    I can see that most readers here are identifying this correctly as a homophobic hate crime. However, I have to agree with the side who are being called “race baiters” and other similar names that many of the white comentators here DO NOT hestitate to bring up the race, religion and their country when the crime is perpetuated by a non-white. So please do not try to deny that and claim that you people are above that. And yes, I know I said, “…you people”, so suck me!

  21. Excuse Me! says

    Kev C: So, with your argument, do you then believe that people are influenced by “white” heavy metal songs to become serial killers and murderers? Did you know that has been the argument that was put forth in court cases that, when played backwards, there are messages to kill and maim in some of those recordings?

  22. Kev C says

    Dudes who listen to heavy metal, especially with negative lyrics, are more likely to be reckless, get into fights with their peers, commit violent felonies, typically robbery, have mental health problems, be social outcasts, or be suicidal. Serial killers and mass shooters are more likely to fit this lifestyle. But those incidences are less common occurrences than gay bashings.

    The stereotype of the gay basher in the US is someone who listens to rap/hip-hop heavily. And it’s a stereotype because it is so typical. The gay basher is proving his masculinity and social status by bashing gays and percieved gay / effeminate males. A common message in rap is proving oneself as a man.

  23. Connor says

    Will, eff you and your pope. You apologetic religious nut. You religious nuts have have attempted to frame homophobic hate crimes as just a matter of life. Yet when wecall your SH-T out, you play up your religious persecution card. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a catholic worshipping apologetic.

  24. Martin says

    I FULLY agree with everything you wrote Kev C. Many of us know it’s true, whether we discuss it in mixed company or not. It’s a prevalent issue magnified by a music culture that promotes misogyny and homophobia.

  25. litper says

    Wait, why do you say he’s white? These eyes, that nose. If anything the nazi white police would put him in death camp…

  26. DannyEastVillage says

    Closeted California Man Sentenced to Five Years of Getting What He Wants Whether He Wants it or Not.

  27. Hagatha says

    Litper – look up the definition of caucasian and get back to us. Hitler has nothing to do with it you maroon.

  28. Rick Smith says

    A no contest plea to felony battery with serious bodily injury with a hate crime enhancement and the guy gets only 5 years for the brutal beating a man simply because he is gay. You know in the California prison system this guy will end up serving much less than half of his sentence. By pleading no contest the guy also gets out of apologizing and still seems to show zero remorse.