Gay Catholic Man Says Pope Francis Called Him; Vatican Denies It

Christophe Trutino, a 25-year-old gay Catholic from Toulouse in southwest France, told a newspaper that Pope Francis called him after Trutino had written a letter to the Pontiff explaining how he was struggling with reconciling his sexuality with his faith.

FrancisThe Vatican is denying Pope Francis made the call, The Local reports:

The Vatican firmly denied reports in France on Friday that Pope Francis had telephoned a young gay French Catholic to reassure him. Christophe Trutino had claimed in a newspaper interview the Pontiff had told him “Your homosexuality. It doesn't matter" in a personal call. Father Lombardi, a spokesman for the Vatican “firmly denied” claims by the young gay Catholic that the Pope had made a private telephone call to him last week.

After previously declining to deny or confirm the call, in which Christophe Trutino claimed the Pope told him “Your homosexuality doesn’t matter” Lombardi told Le Figaro newspaper: “The Pope never called this person.”

“The only time the Pope has called France was to speak to Cardinal Barbarin. I absolutely deny this information," he said. “There is always the risk that people pretend to be the pope over the phone,” Lombardi added.

Trutino said that Pope Francis initiated the conversation:

“I received the letter that you sent me. You need to remain courageous and continue to believe and pray and stay good,” the voice at the end of the phone told him during the nine-minute conversation in Spanish.

“Your homosexuality. It doesn’t matter. One way or another , we are all children of God. This is why we must continue to be good," he continued.

Pope Francis recently made headlines when he said, while speaking to reporters: "Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord? You can't marginalize these people."


  1. Lymis says

    Oh, those pesky popes, so out of control! One steps down without bothering to die, and another one seems to understand modern technology.

    It’s so much harder to keep them under control when they keep escaping like this. Oh, for the good old days, when people believed in cover-ups!

  2. Zeta says

    Anybody can claim to be anybody else, over the phone. Same thing happened to the crazy lady who was stalking Usher, and was sending money to some dude who claimed to be Usher.

    If this man is lying, shame on them. It’s always possible they’re the subject of a cruel joke. And it would be cruel even if the prankster had ‘good’ intentions.

  3. Lucas H says

    Sorry, but I don’t believe it happened. It’s the freaking Pope we’re talking about here, since when does he make personal telephone calls to us random commoners? I might as well claim Obama called me to wish me a Happy Birthday!

  4. Hass says

    Normally, I’d be inclined to agree with those who think it’s very unlikely the Pope would do such a thing.

    However this Pope is, er, a little different.

    After being elected Pope he called his newsagent in Buenos Aires to say he’d have to cancel his newspaper subscription. There are also other reports of him calling other people who’ve sent letters to him.

    Of course, he’s still the Pope so I’m not going to go ’round thinking the Catholic Church has changed its spots.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pope is doing his own thing and the Vatican old guard is scurrying around in a panic trying to put the genie back into the bottle.

  5. David From Canada says

    Pope Francis probably really did make the phone call. He strikes me as a very kind, humble and down-to-earth man. Trying to help out in his own way. But the Vatican has to ‘officially’ deny it – Public Relation Firms do this type of thing all the time. Not uncommon.

  6. Jere says

    If the Pope truely believes that homosexuality doesn’t matter, all he has to do is say it or write it publicly and he reverses thousands of years of church teaching. Just like that. This church is not a democracy or a republic. The Pope is in charge and what he says goes. He does not answer to anyone but his God. The Vatican structure may not like it, but who are they to contradict the Pope? This man was elected by his colleagues to make the tough calls, and this is his job. All he has to do is publicly state those four words: Homosexuality does not matter.

  7. Mike says

    Somehow I believe it. Christophe Trutino’s alleged conversation with Pope Francis, if real, would herald signify progress for gay rights! It would represent a major change in tone (if not yet official Catholic Church policy) especially after the contemptuous and condescending way Pope Benedict talked about gays. (The despicable failed nazi Ratzinger is after all just a poor excuse for human being period.) If it really happened, this call by this Jesuit Catholic Pope Francis would not be entirely surprising. He has, after all, extended an olive branch to homosexuals. “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis said during his trip to Brazil in July, in a universally celebrated and minutely analyzed statement. But does a pope really just call a stranger up like that? This pope seems to. Especially when they have sent a letter. Pope Francis did call a woman who had been raped by an Argentinian policeman and had written to the pontiff asking for help. He has also responded to several other letters with a personal telephone call. Francis has charmed the masses with his informal style, simplicity and sense of humor – and a handful of strangers have gotten the treatment up close, receiving papal phone calls out of the blue after writing him or suffering some personal tragedy. A local newspaper in Italy has even published tips on what to do if your phone rings and you hear a voice say “Hi this is the pope.”After his election in March, Francis reportedly called his newspaper stand in Buenos Aires to cancel his daily delivery and his shoemaker to tell him not to bother with papal red leather loafers but to keep making his regular black orthotics. The receptionist at the Jesuit headquarters in Rome thought he got a crank call when Francis phoned two days after being chosen pope looking for the Jesuit superior. Francis has since called an Italian man whose brother was killed and a Colombian woman who works in Rome to thank her for a book. Most IMPORTANT the Vatican INITIALLY did not confirm or deny that this latest phone call to Trutino took place.

  8. GregV says

    “It could have been a closeted Vatican employee/priest who saw the letter and felt sorry for the young man?”

    @Peter: The priest/employee would not have to be closeted to be compassionate toward a kid struggling with this issue. I’m sure there are large numbers of straight employees/priests who wish the church would stop demonizing gay people.

    Surely the pope doesn’t read or respond to all the thousands of messages he receives each week. I wrote to several celebrities when I was a kid and some PR person would usually answer my questions. Though my kindergarten self was impressed with my “authentic photocopy” of a celebrity’s signature, a few years of maturity helped me realize that that meant he/she never actually saw my letter and the response could go into the recycling pile.

    I wonder if one of the pope’s mail handlers called the kid and just said “I read your letter” (NOT “Hey there, this is the Pope calling” and the kid came to his own conclusions.

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