Gay U.S. Figure Skater Johnny Weir Won’t Skate in Sochi Games


U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir declined to register for the national championships and thus won't qualify for the Sochi Winter Games in Russia, the AP reports:

Though Weir had raised the possibility of competing in Sochi in recent interviews, his decision to sit out the season and likely bring an end to his amateur career is not a surprise. He turned 29 in July, old by elite skating standards, and the sport has only gotten more demanding since the last Olympics…

…Weir also is married and has a budding design career, and would be a natural fit for broadcasting. He's always been delightfully refreshing, on and off the ice, and is one of the few skaters who spoke his mind — even when he knew it would get him in trouble with judges and federation officials. He could also be counted on for thoughtful answers on a variety of topics, and has been an outspoken and very public critic of Russia's new "anti-gay" law.


  1. David From Canada says

    I’ve always liked Johnny: a cute, colourful, little elf-like guy on skates. He’s very endearing. I wish him all the best with his life – and he’s not missing out on anything by declining to go to rat-hole Russia.

  2. Macguffin54 says

    Umm… “and very public critic of Russia’s new “anti-gay” law”? Uh… hmm… Did the Associated Press writer see his last interview where he is wearing the Nazi, I mean Russian military, uniform?

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Does he not look like the ugliest Russian? He will do anything for publicity and knew full well he wouldn’t be attending, much less good enough to qualify for, the Russian Olympics but he just had to grab that microphone and pander to Putin. He makes me sick. I hope his designing career goes down in flames. Surprised his husband hasn’t already filed for divorce.

  4. chris says

    “Declined to register?” Right. There was no way he was going to qualify. He doesn’t have the quad jumps you need to medal at worlds. He hasn’t even been competing at the US championships where, these days, he would probably finish about sixth.

  5. Jeff says

    If the AP is going to patronize us by calling a famous out person a “natural fit for broadcasting” and “delightfully refreshing,” why not puff up someone who’s not a gay Stepin Fetchit doing damage to LGBT causes.

  6. Billy Crytical says

    Johnny won the bronze at the 2010 Olympics. He had two near perfect routines. I was dazzled. His long skate has been in my mind since. It’s something I will never forget. The reason he didn’t actually get the bronze is because of anti-gay bias.

    I’ve been looking for news about Johnny the last few days and I noticed in none of it he mentioned competing. So this isn’t a big surprise. I am disappointed I won’t see him again compete at the Olympics. I don’t think I’ll watch the Olympics this time because of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

  7. Richard says

    @Billy Crytical
    Did you actually watch the 2010 Olympics ?

    Weir finished 6th.

    Anti-gay bias?
    How is it that Evan Lysacek won the gold medal? There was a saying about the 2010 male skaters: GAY = American who can’t do a quad.

    The bronze medal was won by Japan’s Daisuke Takahashi, who is openly gay.

    Weir finished 3rd at the 2008 World’s, which was his best placing ever.

  8. Fox says

    Those who follow the sport regularly already know he’s got no chance of qualifying. Of course, he could always go to some foreign country and do the Jamaican Bobsled routine.

  9. gerry says

    “…and has been an outspoken and very public critic of Russia’s new “anti-gay” law.”

    Wasn’t he saying just last week that he loves all things Russian and we should just sit down and shut up about the anti-gay Russian laws?

  10. Cam says

    1. He argued against any boycott saying he is an olympic skater before he is a gay man.

    2. He wouldn’t have qualified for the team most likely

    3. He is supporting the IOC, the group that said they would disqualify and send home anybody who violated the Russian ban on gay publicity by say…holding hands with their partner in public. He is the worst kind of gay.

  11. Topol says

    “I really cannot stand this guy. What a horrible representation of the gay community.”

    Especially since he is exploiting the gay community for his own celebrity. And I mean celebrity in the Kardashian sense.

  12. Eric A says

    He is quitting olympics because he tarnished his ‘reputation’ by wearing that nazi/russian uniform and his stupid answers during the NBC interview. They are already planning for a show for him and this is basically marketing strategy from his publicist so he doesnt further humiliate himself. PLUS he can no longer fit in his dorothy hamill halloween costume.

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