Gay Marriage

Hateful Radio Host Says To Tell Gay Couples to Die at Their Weddings: AUDIO

Kevin Swanson

Anti-gay pastor and host of "Generations Radio" Kevin Swanson stated on his radio show that attending gay weddings is long as you quote the bible calling for their execution. In his own words:

[...]attend the wedding and hold up the sign Leviticus 20:13 word for word: ‘If a man sleeps with a man as he sleeps with a woman the two of them have committed an abomination and they shall both be put to death.’ You could attend a wedding and hold up that sign[...]If you bake a cake for a homosexual wedding you can put Leviticus 20:13 on the cake.

This is nothing new coming from him. The man has page after page of his antics listed on Right Wing Watch and has declared such insane things as Mark Twain being possessed by demons and that the Boy Scouts will have merit badges for sodomy and cannibalism; he's even earned a mention from the Southern Poverty Law Center for his hate.

You can listen to the clip from his show AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. no doubt this closet case has a strategically well hidden gay porn collection he rubs one out with......

    Posted by: disgusted american | Sep 8, 2013 11:37:20 AM

  2. no doubt this closet case has a strategically well hidden gay porn collection he rubs one out with......

    Posted by: disgusted american | Sep 8, 2013 11:37:20 AM

  3. Just another con artist like Rush L. I am sure he feels nothing about anything in this world. Just uses hate and fear to attract listeners

    Posted by: Tonez | Sep 8, 2013 11:48:59 AM

  4. this would be alarming, except for all the "religious" groups speaking out against this type of behavior and hate speech as being wrong - oh, wait...silence? so, i guess they all agree with this representation of their cults.

    Posted by: northalabama | Sep 8, 2013 12:05:35 PM

  5. His problem is what will God do on judgment day with his propaganda of fear and hate.
    Boy I would not want to be in his shoes.

    Posted by: robertL | Sep 8, 2013 12:13:58 PM

  6. Since ths is nothing new for his guy. Since he's proven over and over that he's mentally ill, why write about this guy t all. Marginalize these people (there will ALWAYS be these people, no matter what the issue.) Thos they speak to are already sick and lost, why throw these creatins into everyone else's world and give them platform. Don't write about them. We already know these creeps exist, it's neither surprising or cause for appall. But we give them power and sensation whe we write about them and repost their insanity.

    Posted by: Bart | Sep 8, 2013 12:15:23 PM

  7. What do I have to do to earn that sodomy merit badge?

    Posted by: Butch | Sep 8, 2013 12:18:42 PM

  8. It sounds as if a lesbian wedding would be just fine with him.

    Posted by: Mike in the tundra | Sep 8, 2013 12:19:53 PM

  9. Apparently, the closet is a very cruel place - not that I would know. LOL.

    Posted by: John Freeman | Sep 8, 2013 12:28:08 PM

  10. Those statements are so "out there" that in the end I think they actually help us. Of course there ARE people out there who'll hear things like this and nod their heads in approval, but some will be appalled at the level of venom and be repelled by it.

    What's interesting is the implicit assumption in his statement that they've lost the battle on gay marriage and that this sort of acting out is their only recourse. In the unlikely event that such a hateful person would be invited to a same-sex wedding in the first place, chances are pretty good that other attendees would get right back in their face for pulling such a stunt.

    Posted by: Caliban | Sep 8, 2013 12:33:55 PM

  11. Just another hate filled bible believer who uses that primitive tome as a cafeteria. He chooses all the hateful things he can find to hurl at people he hates and ignores all the hateful things that apply to him or people he likes. FRAUD! How likely is it that he advises people attending the second wedding of a divorced friend to hold up a sign quoting Jesus, who called that adultery? Does he call for the execution of those who work on the Sabbath, worship gods other than yahweh, curse their parents or commit adultery? OF COURSE NOT. Those bible believers are frauds.

    Posted by: andrew | Sep 8, 2013 12:52:26 PM

  12. he went on to ay "and if you find out that the woman wasn't a virgin when she was married, you have an obligation to throw rocks at her. specifically, at her head. also, if they serve shrimp at the wedding reception, you need to do the same thing. because that's also a levitical abomination."

    or at least he should have, had he hoped to be consistent.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Sep 8, 2013 12:53:13 PM

  13. My gaydar is going off here, big time. This guy is definitely getting some gay action on the DL. He strikes me as the park cruising/toe tapping type. I can practically hear a clock ticking on his time left in the closet.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Sep 8, 2013 1:05:11 PM

  14. my favourite part is that he, like all leviticus-citing "Christians", is actually making a statement that Christ's sacrifice on the cross was a total failure. That Christ failed in His mission. Because, scripturally, Christ's sacrifice on the cross absolved humans of this sin, that's why "Christians" don't follow levitical law. that, and lobster is just too darn delicious. but anyway, if you cite levitical law as being relevant, what you're saying is that Christ did not succeed in His plan.

    which, truthfully, is a gaspingly hilarious stance for a pious Christian to take.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Sep 8, 2013 1:09:34 PM

  15. Well thankfully we can log into a blog and have his crap shoved right in our faces!

    Posted by: Just Do It | Sep 8, 2013 1:18:43 PM

  16. Yawn.
    What's his neurosis ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 8, 2013 1:25:18 PM

  17. Who are these people? They say that me and the people that I know have an "agenda" but we're just growing up trying to live our lives without fear. We didn't ask for their hate - but they're giving it. THEY HAVE THE AGENDA!

    Posted by: Kari | Sep 8, 2013 1:26:33 PM

  18. i don't know but isn't it a no no to wish someone else dead? never mind his back up, um it's not nice to ignore mother nature.

    Posted by: m | Sep 8, 2013 1:50:27 PM

  19. I would say something mean about this guy, but its not nice to taunt the retarded and the me mentally ill.

    Posted by: Gestly | Sep 8, 2013 1:58:38 PM

  20. Christians are the bane of our existence. This evangelical cancer needs to be exterminated, excised from the American body-politic. What hateful, vile people are christians! Simply disgusting.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Sep 8, 2013 2:01:26 PM

  21. Nothing like internalized homophobia to generate hate like this.

    Posted by: greg | Sep 8, 2013 2:15:16 PM

  22. Sadly hate has become a rule with these people.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Sep 8, 2013 2:20:55 PM

  23. He is (in essence) a wannabe killer. A real, mentally-ill sicko. Chilling.

    Posted by: Geoff | Sep 8, 2013 2:28:07 PM

  24. my goodness, Mr. Swanson sure does not sound like a Christian to me wishing death to gay couples.......Is that in the bible????????????????

    Posted by: Bernie | Sep 8, 2013 2:33:31 PM

  25. uhhh .. Gay men don't sleep with men "as they sleep with women". They only sleep with men. And 20:13 would seem to apply to closet cases who are on the downlow and lying to themselves and their female partners. Very doubtful they'd ever be be participating in a gay wedding.

    Posted by: Levi | Sep 8, 2013 2:44:21 PM

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