Ian McKellen Blasts Olympic Committee for Complete Neglect of Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws


Ian McKellen says he's pissed at the IOC in a statement on his Facebook page:

As a gay participant in the opening ceremony of the London Paralympics in 2012, I am angered by the International Olympics Committee's announcement that harsh Russian anti-gay laws do not transgress its own Sixth Fundamental Principle of Olympism that "any form of discrimination is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic movement".

In Russia, it is now effectively illegal to speak about homosexuality in public. That means that openly gay visitors to Russia, including Olympians, are only welcome if they bring their closets with them. I agree with the Human Rights Campaign that, "The IOC has completely neglected its responsibility to athletes, corporate sponsors, and fans".


  1. Mike Ryan says

    He should withdraw from any participation in the Russian Olympics and state his reasons for doing so publicly to embarrass the Russian people, politicians and the country itself.

  2. litper says

    London paralympics were the best! I’m really scared for paralympians in Sochi since Russians hate everyone who dares to be different!

  3. frank says

    Mike Ryan; Hey Moron…Ian is an actor, not an athlete, and if you actually just read this story, He did exactly what you want him to do…Speak out.

    So, Facepalm And Fail!