1. Moz's says

    watching made me realized how much i miss Captain Jack Harkness and the torchwood team

    crossing fingers on what Davies said about it “the show would enter indefinite hiatus” and the hiatus ending

  2. norseman says

    Talented, well spoken, clever, engaging, handsome, and gay.
    Not bad Mr. Barrowman, not bad.
    Thanks for being outspoken on this aspect of your private life.

  3. Mark says

    I love John Barrowman and his character of Jack Harkness, but I don’t understand why he has to talk in a lisp and get “femmy” at points when he is saying he is gay. I wonder if people would applaud if it was an anti-gay person who would throw in effeminate mannerisms.

  4. Jeff says

    Like his point about when they considered themselves mnarried (signing the first mortgage). Same with me and my partner, way back in 1992. And our way-cool banker at the time actually wrote in “spouse” beside each of our names.

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