1. Rich F. says

    Well, he’s mostly right, although not all of the Syrian rebels can be considered moderates; in fact, there’s a pretty substantial fraction that are Islamist. That being said, nobody deserves to be gassed, ESPECIALLY civilians. I just don’t know if US military involvement is going to make that much of a difference in the short-term, or whether it will come back and bite us in the long-term

  2. Geoff says

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m a pacifist. McCain’s a dyed-in-the-wool war-monger, but (even though I’m an atheist, too) THIS time I agree with him.

  3. James in Toronto says

    I have to agree, totally, with GEOFF…

    However, as ROBERT does, I have wonder what happened to the real John McCain. The fact that I’m even starting to agree with the man is worrisome.

  4. MIke says

    No story on the Bart Simpson, I mean President Obama “I Didn’t Do It!” kid?

    Say the line, Barry!

    Barry: “I didn’t do it!” The “red line” of course. My, he instils SUCH confidence in the world.

  5. throwslikeagirl says

    It’s extra cool that he said this to the wingnut reporters on Fox. The typical Fox demographic needs to hear this from someone like him. It’ll be of benefit. NEVER thought I’d say this, but, THANKS McCain!

  6. andrew says

    Even McCain knows that it is counter productive to bash all of Islam. We have to coax them into the modern world. It will take time. Just look at how many centuries it has taken to gradually civilize Christianity and Judaism, and that is still a work in progress.

  7. Princely says

    FOX’s world survives by keeping it simple and inaccurate as long as it fits their crazy-ass narrative. Kilmeade has no idea what to do when people go ‘off script’ and actually try to be accurate about something that is easy to stay ignorant about and use as another Fear Hammer.

  8. woodroad34 says

    Seriously! why couldn’t he have sounded this sane during his campaign? I hate it when he’s reasonable.

  9. says

    By using terms like Islamophobic McCain is begging the New York Times crowd to love him. I remember how he was such a maverick up until the 2008 election, but then he ran against a black man and suddenly he’s ABC and NBC paint him as racist, extremist whitey. To my fellow gays on here, Obama doesn’t care if he’s in effect supporting Islamists by attacking the Assad government. I know many of you don’t care, but anywhere secular governments in the Middle East fall it doesn’t turn out well for our brothers and sisters.

  10. Art says

    Did John McCain get taken over by the Pod People? That was accurate and not irrational.

    And FOX news just keeps on showing how uneducated it’s people really are.

  11. Life 101 says

    @Hagatha – Really? Exterminate Islam? Fine, but when we’re done, then we need to exterminate Homosexuals as well because we all know they’re nothing but sex starved pedophiles! You sound like a gay nazi! Not all Islamics are extremists.

  12. says

    @ Life 101. Being gay and being a member of a religion aren’t the same thing. You choose your religion. Suicidal gay men who believe that we’re all victims of the man and Muslims will fight alongside us gays are just obeying their heterosexual masters who’ve told them to follow this narrative. You should be offended by the word islamophobe. Our gay brothers have died under walls, by slowly being stoned to death, being hanged or by the sword. Fine, all Muslims aren’t bad but don’t you dare compare them to us. You sound like a useful idiot.