1. Griff says

    @KEVOLUTION!- Just out of curiosity, on what information do you base your opinion that they’re all “a bunch of alleged homophobes”? Because the only thing I can find is a story about a slightly homophobic tweet from two years ago that the drummer made in response to Ryan Murphy being butt hurt that KoL would not allow Glee to cover one of their songs. (a tweet which he later apologized for, btw)

    If this is the basis of your calling the entire band homophobes, it’s pretty weak sauce. Not only are you putting one person’s hurtful off-hand comment on an entire band, but you’re also dredging up something that happened TWO YEAR AGO. It’s time to let it go. Seriously.

  2. Icebloo says

    Have all you superficial airhead gays forgotten about Kings Of Leon’s homophobic comments just a couple of years ago ? Oh yes it seems you have. No wonder we have so few legal rights in this country when the gays are so dumb.

  3. GRIFF says

    I’d rather be considered a superficial airhead by you than a vindictive prick who condemns an entire band for one comment made by one member TWO YEARS AGO (which, again, he almost immediately apologized for.)

    Seriously, holding onto so much anger can’t be healthy. Let it go.

  4. Sabine says

    Life is full of wonderful surprises. Like the other day when I lay
    in bed, half asleep, when from the living room I overheard a Belgium
    radiohost mentioning this cover. Instantly wide awake my first thought was: “oh wow wow wow, a song I love, covered by a band I love, that’s just GOT to be sweet”.
    And it is. Grateful. x

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