1. CARIBTONY says

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again and again for all the racist haters who bitterly comment on Jamaican LGBT stories: Jamaica does not solely have a gay-crime problem, Jamaica has a serious violence problem.

    Jamaica was identified as the murder capital in the world in 2009, with over 1,400 murders. Jamaicans resort to violence for the slightest incidents – theft, marriage disputes, road rage, etc. It is a historically cultural problem stemming from slave days.

    Murder is murder, but the deaths of 8 gay persons compared pales against the annual deaths of over 1,000 regular Jamaican citizens and shows that there is a greater issue in that country than the murder of gay Jamaicans.

    Yes, Jamaica is very homophobic……to a degree. As a proud gay Jamaican, I intimately know the perils, but I have also seen a positive shift in attitudes towards gays in recent years that I never thought possible. Things ARE getting better, but just as in the USA, it will take time.

    The USA itself still has a lot of improvements of their own to achieve, they’re not exactly the bastion of gay rights. Should the rest of the world judge the USA based on the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church or the actions of right-wing Republicans? So why judge Jamaica by the actions of a few?

    Rather than post racists remarks against my people and label Jamaica as disgusting and despicable as is customary here on Towleroad (the people, country and other parts of the culture are still beautiful), throw your support behind the fledgling LGBT groups in Jamaica.

    Because trust me, I’m NOT going to tolerate the racist hate against my country any more……..and you don’t want me to get started on the big problem of racism in the American gay community…

  2. STOP says

    Gabriel you are absolutely correct. So many have posted about Russia, but bring up Jamaica and listen to the eerie silence of homosexual racism! This is why I do not respect the majority of homosexuals on here because they only support the causes that they themselves deem worthy. There is suffering much greater than that of the Russian LGBT community. But there is no concern because of the skin color of the victims. Los Angeles is a mecca for racism towards blacks by white and latino (of all people) gays. It is sickening the level of blatant racism that goes on here and yet you hear NOTHING of it!!!! We are not looked at as allies, but rather sexual objects. We have paved a way for others to ride the coattails of the civil rights movement and they have the audacity to discriminate against us. And yes I am speaking to the LATIN COMMUNITY OF LOS ANGELES!!!! You are without a doubt the biggest racist group I have ever encountered while living here in Los Angeles. I am so thankful to be leaving this cesspool of hatred!

  3. STOP says

    Some of hose same people complaining about Jamaica are the very same ones who travel there to indulge in “sex for pay”. And not only Jamaica, they travel all over taking advantage of young men for a price!

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