1. V-8 says

    at least haters won’t be able to say she’s trying to look young, as she looks good here, but definitely her age…

    I wonder if this will be a gallery thing like other Meisel projects or what… she should do an app…

  2. tinkerbelle says



    So now it’s time to mix commercial fashion and “taste” with revolution and squalor…

    This is the ultimate appropriation, use and degradation of the truly suffering and needy instigated by one of the memebers of the 1%.
    You can use your $ (or £) in a much less selfish way.

    Wrong message, Ms M.

    And no, I’m not a Gaga fan. But looks like someone is trying to jump on someone’s bandwagon.

  3. AriesMatt says

    @TINKERBELL, how nice of you to start bashing the project already when you really don’t even know what it is about. I’m sure it’s a safe bet that Madonna is doing more about inequality in the world than you are.

  4. keating says

    I’ve liked a lot of things she has done over the years. But at this point her constant need to strike a retro pose rather than just be a normal, glamorous star has gotten really tired.

  5. Matt27 says

    Violence is a difficult form for making art and/or pop and it is interesting to see if Madonna has knowledge to make it work. I liked the violin in the third clip, but the violence, I am not so sure. Two first clips were boring.

  6. Macguffin54 says

    She’s spending her time and her own money, and using her celebrity, to try and make a statement and bring attention to intolerance and the loss of our freedoms. But wait, she has crows feet. Oh, the lighting isn’t flattering in that one part. Boy, she really looks her age. Why is she still around at her age? Whatever this is I know I’m not going to like it. She hasn’t been relevant in years. How bitter and ungrateful can you people be? She’s trying to help people with the tools of her trade. Jesus Christ, people, look at yourselves.

  7. Juan Manuel says

    Well, this has ART. The idea, the colors, the message even the “violence” is an aspect of life and YES some people have the knowledge or the experience to create ART. I know Madge will make her point. Is NOT like this ARTPOP of GaGa`s…. no offence but have you seem real ART from this album or videos or promos? >>> POP Musik will never be the same whit out her pioneer. Whit the woman how wrote the POP BOOK RULES. Meanwhile let enjoy what the BEST SOLO ARTIST OF ALL TIMES/MOST SUCCEFUL WOMAN ON MIUSIC IN THE PAST CENTURY. THE QUEEN OF POP has to offer.

  8. Clint says

    To the moron who said it’s all about Gaga now…No it’s not! Her latest single is a flop. She is already declining in popularity. It took Madonna about 25 years to get to that point. Gaga has done it in 5.

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