1. says

    Especially if you’re a grown adult. In North America. And yes, in 2013.

    Whatever reason/excuse you may continue to tell yourself to justify it, think about the previous decades and how if everyone who came before you gave the same excuses you continue to give, there’d be no Out people, no communities, no progress, nothing.

  2. David From Canada says

    I’ve never heard of actor Gilles Marini before. However I do agree with his advice about not staying in the closet – and he needs to share his gospel with the likes of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Bradley Cooper, etc. There is standing room only in the Hollywood Closet, and most people already know about these people anyway. What an unhealthy game they’re playing!

  3. terryp says

    What about Gay’s in russia? Do U think they should come out too. What about uganda, haiti, Jamaica, etc., and at what age? People who want this for what? We are a long way from liberation. Do U know what it is like to live in nut religion, even in this country who think Gay’s are sick. Just be careful first is all I say.

  4. Curlee says

    Shortsighted thoughts from Gilles. A straight man thinking all gay people should come out; easy for him to say. It’s 2013!!! Yay, gay people in countries like Russia are openly celebrating, I’m sure. Get real, Gilles.

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