NJ Mayor Says He’ll Perform State’s First Legal Gay Marriage

DelvecchioIn response to the ruling by Judge Mary Jacobson on Friday legalizing same-sex marriage in New Jersey, the mayor of Lambertville says he plans to officiate the state's first legal gay marriage, Bloomberg reports:

Mayor David DelVecchio, a Democrat, said he will perform the state’s first legal gay marriage ceremony for Beth Asaro and Joanne Schailey at midnight three weeks from today, as long as a judge doesn’t grant a stay of the Sept. 27 ruling. A handful of couples has already expressed interest in weddings, he said. Lambertville, across the Delaware River from New Hope, Pennsylvania, has a large gay population.

“This is just a continuation of the first civil union,” DelVecchio, 56, said today in an interview. “If a stay is not granted on the 21st, we’re going to move forward with this.”

Governor Chris Christie has said he'll appeal the ruling:


  1. anon says

    Lambertville is a gentrified resort town on the DE river–a kind of overflow port of call for when New Hope gets too crowded. This is no surprise, but in all probability the ruling wont be enforceable anytime soon.

  2. Dave in PA says

    @ CANDIDE001… yes very sad that only one bar in the area is left anymore…the Raven. I miss the days when the Cartwheel, Prelude and Raven were all open and they were all within walking distance of the others.

  3. MickleSt says

    Dave, how true. And the proliferation of condo complexes and such in the New Hope area just makes it all the worse. It’s starting to personify the cliche that gays move in and make things nice, then they get squeezed out by gentrification. I do actually like Lambertville more than New Hope these days, but even that town is going to change for the worse if they’re not careful.

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