Pennsylvania Governor hires $400/Hour Lawyer to Defend Ban on Gay Marriage

LambPennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has brought in outside help to defend the state's ban on same-sex marriage in a federal lawsuit, the AP reports:

Corbett's Office of General Counsel said Thursday that West Chester lawyer Bill Lamb (pictured), a former Supreme Court justice, was hired to be lead counsel at a rate of $400 an hour. His associates will be paid $325 an hour.

The case filed two months ago seeks to overturn the 1996 ban on same-sex marriage. Pennsylvania is the only northwestern state that doesn't allow gay marriage or have a system of civil unions.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has said she won't defend the law because it's unconstitutional.

Pennsylvania's response in the case is due September 16.


  1. says

    because the 3 million the GOP wasted against Edie Windsor’s DOMA case was such a rousing success and a clear indication that the GOP truly cares about jobs, the economy and the real working american people, eh?


  2. Jack M says

    Tom Corbett is the same guy who deliberately delayed the Jerry Sandusky child molestation investigation until after the elections so he could insure he would be elected. That should tell you plenty about the kind of guy he is.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I’m just curious, when did Pennsylvania move to the Northwest? I’m going to miss those quick flights to Philly”

    He meant “northwest” of Atlantic City, DOUG F. Perfectly correct :-)

  4. James says

    It’s sad that PA is so behind the rest of the Northeast, but in many ways, it’s not shocking. The middle of the state can be very much like the Midwest or even South with regard to social attitudes. And Philly, while a large city, isn’t the most “progressive” really. It’s only a Democratic stronghold because of labor unions and a large black population. People want strong unions and to maintain a strong welfare state (welfare, EBT, never-ending unemployment benefits). But it’s not Democratic in a progressive sense, like SF or Seattle or NYC.

  5. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Governor should be criticized for fighting against marriage. Governor should be congratulated for finding a (presumably high quality) lawyer for only $400 per hour. In NYC, maybe $800; in DC or Boston, probably $650; even in Philly, probably $550 (or more). Regardless, hope he loses.

  6. Bernie says

    Mr. Corbett sure has his priorities wrong…he has made huge cuts to social services ie.. for poor people and yet, he can now justify spending $400 hour for an attorney to defend marriage………

  7. Abogado says

    Partners at most big law firms get billed out at usually over $1K/hour. I mean first year associates at most big law firms are billed at $300/hour. This sounds like a good deal. And why would this not be in his purview? He is the governor. By the way, in the big corporate law firms, market rates are the same across Boston, DC, and NYC.

  8. ratbastard says


    Vouchers? You mean giving parents and children a choice is a bad thing? The teacher’s unions are no better than the typical CEOs and Wall St insiders and managers. The majority in this country are being squeezed at both ends by a small ‘elite’ of psychopathic self centered neocons and leftist ‘progressives’.

    No healthcare? Don’t worry, Brad, ObamaCare will not work as it presently exists, and it’s going to make a lot much worse. People are going to be paying through the nose in premiums and fines, and P/T/ workers are going to be losing work hrs and OT. Obama and the people who approved and passed it all know this. Who benefits from this situation?

  9. Bill says

    Hey, I’ll do the governor a favor and defend the case for him at $280 per hour + travel expenses.

    He’ll just have to make sure, perhaps by getting special-purpose legislation passed, that I wouldn’t get prosecuted for practicing law without a license.

    Court: Why do you think same-sex marriage should be banned.

    Me: Uh. Because Bible thumpers and maybe Tom Corbett think its icky? Actually, I’m not sure about Corbett. He didn’t tell me if he was serious or was just pandering to get the wingnut vote in the next election. shows what kind of legal representation Corbett deserves.

  10. Mark says

    Just because it’s a very good price for lawyering doesn’t mean that the money is well spent.

    Imaging the useful things that this money could have been used for. I think that members of the legislature should put these lawyers on notice that they don’t intend to approve the payments.

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