New Report Finds LGBT Actors Face Continued Workplace Discrimination


Despite the growing visibility of gay character roles on television and film, LGBT actors continue to face workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, according to a first-of-its kind report by UCLA's The Williams Institute. Variety breaks down the reports findings:

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.06.25 AM"Gay men were the most likely to report they have experienced some form of discrimination, with one in five reporting an experience," the union said. "Bisexual actors were about half as likely to report discrimination as gay or lesbian actors."

The report by SAG-AFTRA and UCLA's The Williams Institute found one-third of survey respondents believed that casting directors, directors, and producers may be biased against LGBT performers. The survey, released Friday at the first-ever SAG-AFTRA convention, also showed over half of LGBT performers had heard anti-gay comments on set.

Respondents also said SAG-AFTRA members provide a supportive environment for LGBT performers. Additionally, many lesbian and gay respondents said they would encourage others to come out.

"We were pleased to see that our membership is overwhelmingly supportive of LGBT actors, and that many LGBT actors found benefits in coming out," said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA's Cheif Administration Officer and General Counsel. "Nonetheless, coming out remains a significant and consequential decision for many performers and we are committed to supporting our members in living honest and authentic personal and professional lives."

Co-author M. V. Lee Badgett added, "The survey results show both progress and indications that more work will be necessary to make the workplace an equal and fully welcoming place for LGBT performers. The good news is that almost no one thought that opportunities for LGBT actors were getting worse."

You can read the full report HERE