1. theo says

    I’m happy the mother decided to pursue the school district & the kid is getting treatment but that ‘teacher’ needs to get canned ASAFP!

  2. jamal49 says

    I’m sure the teacher is a good, pious evangelical, too. They tend to be smarmy and hateful. I hope the boy wins the lawsuit and they put that school into bankruptcy.

  3. MickyFlip says

    This is deeply troubling. And disturbing. I’m not sure what to make of this. I mean…these are serious charges. What surprises me even more is the teacher is still working. I would think the school board would suspend pending investigation.

  4. MIke says

    Eh, looks like a lot of bloggers (and students) already have identified Alan Ingram as the guy. Of course he’s the “coach”, big surprise.

  5. Service Alert says

    If true, and if there is any real justice in this world, that scumbag of an educator should be charged with attempted murder.

  6. whitneyisadude says

    I hope this dude is brought to justice if he’s done this kid wrong. People forget that adults and TEACHERS can be the bullies too. I have a couple of inappropriate stories about x-stian teachers from my own high school–inappropriate comments, getting other student involved etc. I only wished I pushed it further when it happened. My prayers go out to the boy and his family.

  7. Corey Lovins says

    This exact same thing happened to a good friend of mine when he was in jail due to a contempt charge brought about by an unpaid traffic fine. He was locked up for 6 days and one of the correctional officers harassed him a couple of times in front of inmates. It is troubling that some men abuse their authority like this. I just don’t get why they do it. Why dehumanize somebody because they are gay?

  8. ratbastard says

    I find it amazing a teacher in this day and age, yes even in South Carolina, would engage in such behavior, at least with witnesses around.

  9. gomez says

    @ratbastard. then you are naive to the level of socially acceptable hatred against gays in many parts of this country. boston is not the south

  10. says

    @ Ratbastard :
    I’m not at all surprised……and I’m horrified that I’m not.

    Teachers love having a class on their side when there is a victim to pick on. It’s called bullying and it goes on among adults as much as among children.
    Any workplace has its amount of bullying. harassment. targeting.
    If these allegations are proved then there ought to be a judicial inquiry into the conduct of the teaching profession and its standards as exist in South Carolina…..but the Judge conducting that inquiry should come from a non-southern state to avoid any issue of bias.

  11. David From Canada says

    It’s hard to believe that things are still this bad in the U.S.A. You’re Southern states are the worst, which this example from South Carolina shows. It really would not be safe for a normal person, period, to live down there. My condolences to the young man and his family for being subjected to all this dreadful 18th Century thinking.

  12. says

    The only way to make schools take bullying seriously it to sue them until they are scared not to take action. I don’t care for lawsuits and wish there were another way but few American organizations do anything just because it’s the right thing to do, but scare them with the threat of lawsuits and they see the light very quickly. As for the teacher, he should lose his license. And everyone who knew about this and failed to intervene should suffer the same fate. This is inexcusable.

  13. NE Rich says

    Where the hell were the principal and the administration in this school????? Their job is to make sure that their teachers are TEACHING MATH not promoting any kind of sexuality. These are the people to blame. Sexual pervert teachers like this need to be fired and not terrorizing kids. He obviously has personal sexual issues and needs to be away from children.

  14. bandanajack says

    i’m not making any assertions or suggestions, but the yp directory has this response…
    Address Number:2432
    Address Suffix:Rd
    Address Street:Croydon

  15. indigoboy32 says

    Bandanajack– you aint no Nancy Drew. The man that you listed is in a different state and city (Charlotte,NC NOT Charleston, SC) and he is 84 years old– not too likely that he would be teaching high school.

  16. SAYTHETRUTH says

    If this is true I hope he rots in jail for a long time. But as that won’t happen, at least I expect that he can not exert as a teacher anymore.

  17. JMC says

    This is totally believable. I’m a (relatively) recent Florida high school graduate and the abuse I endured from teachers was worse than that from my peers, and that was pretty terrible.

  18. LetsTalk says


    Sue them all, and let the courts sort it out !

    Crappy teachers are difficult to fire, public education in the US has always sucked.

  19. Frank says

    I’m a math teacher and I’m gay. I have a message for the math teacher who did this. If you ever do that to another kid I’ll make damn sure you’ll never be able to multiply again.

  20. Susan Montgomery says

    Is there any way we can start the Civil War again and just let these morons win this time? Since IQ plummets once you go below the Mason-Dixon line we’d all be better off not being lumbered with these people.

  21. Mark says

    While gay students should be respected everywhere, I think that the family should be offered relocation at the school district’s expense as an option. This is less likely to happen in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages, has goo non-discrimination laws, etc.

  22. cam says

    Even money that the teacher will get busted with a same sex prostitute or some other thing like that soon enough.

  23. jim says

    Wonder why the teacher wasn’t named in the suit? I’d have gone after the ahole for all he’s worth!

  24. WewaBoi says

    Actually, I looked up the Charleston County official property records, and Alan F. Ingram (and wife Kathy) live at 544 Castle Hall Road in Mt. Pleasant. That is the only Alan Ingram who owns property in Charleston County. I know that if I educated children and my performance were less than what it should be, I would want some feedback to improve my teaching methods.

  25. rob says

    Alan Ingram needs to be hunted down and dealt some real justice. Anyone have a home address and phone number for him? (544 Castle Hall Rd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    843-881-6528?) And the principal, superintendent, and school board need to do there jobs and fire him immediately or suffer the consequences of their failure to do so. I hope the bullied kid’s family sues the school district, the administrators, and Alan Ingram into bankruptcy.