1. Harry says

    Why are they talking about practicing their faith? That had nothing to do with it; as follow-ups with the bakery revealed, they were happy to provide cakes for Atheist events, for a divorce, for many
    “non-Jesus” affairs. They only had a crisis of faith when gays became involved. So, no. You’ve not had your practicing of your faith attacked – you ran afoul of anti-discrimination laws because you were discriminating against people. Your problem was your inability to properly run a business. This is evident to everyone with a brain.

  2. woodroad34d says

    They’re just monkies, who’ve learned how to make cakes–but their brains can’t fathom anything else. They hide behind religion–old testament religion, mind you; which makes them Jewish actually and not Christian at all. BTW, they are allowed to practice their faith, but when they have a public business that faith stops when they open their doors. They’re so ignorant, I wonder if they even know how to brush their teeth.

  3. trees says

    What if I hated sinful cake bakers? Would I have to allow them to buy gas at my gas station? Or can I say they disgust me and I cannot sell them gas, like in a real free country.

  4. northalabama says

    they may never understand why they’re wrong. if they’d refused all “sinners”, according to their “faith”, they’d have had zero customers.

    they ran into trouble when they started picking and choosing which “sinners” they wanted to serve, and which ones they didn’t. that’s called discrimination, has nothing to do with any “religion”, and thank goodness, it’s against the law in their town.

    they shouldn’t be in business with the public based on their attitude, so the law worked, and protected everyone from their hypocrisy and bigotry. they still can practice whatever religion they choose. they’ve simply been stopped from forcing any beliefs on anyone else.

  5. Homo Genius says

    I think the bible mentions the gay like once… but there is verse after verse after verse dealing with menstration. God seems to have a lot more ick when it comes to Aunt Flo than the gay.

    IIRC if she baked when its was her monthly visit we have to stone her and burn the bakery.

  6. AG says

    “Well, there you go. They get to feel persecuted.
    Somebody should tell them that WE used to do that, too; isolate ourselves and hide.”

    And now you’ve become the ones who persecute others. That’s how the human rights victory truly feels — you can impose your will on those who disagree with you and be proud of youself.

  7. john patrick says

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I just saw the woman who brought out the cupcakes put them on the counter, then wipe her hands on her pants before picking the cupcakes up again and putting them in a box. This comes toward the end of the clip. I watched it three times just to make sure. Maybe the health department should look at this bakery as well.

  8. Francis says

    AG, come after us, we’re going to come right back after you. And since you and those of your ilk cannot help but come after us….get used to losing many more battles. Maybe you’ll win some battles too. But if you think we’re going to just lay down and take the discrimination at this point, absolutely not.

    You all wanted the fight. You picked at us, and picked at us, and picked at us. Only so long you can do that before you get bitten.

    As for the Klein’s, they’ll probably make more money operating in-house than they would operating in the shop they closed. I read their sales exploded after the initial press regarding their discrimination became public, but then people got scared off from going to their shop. They’re bigots, but 58% of Americans believe it’s OK for people to discrimination on religious grounds based on a SPLC poll, so we have a lot of work to do on educating people as to why such discrimination is not OK.

  9. JJ says

    Is moving “in-home” supposed to exempt them from the law? I would hope the law doesn’t care if business owners happen to live at the same location as their business. As long as they sell goods and services to the general public, the law should apply.

  10. JoshLondon says

    “Once again the Gaystapo goose steps over sanity. Gay Marriage is oxymoronic and only a moron could support it.”

    Well, every time you visit this site, you increase the number of hits which in turns increases the revenue to the site’s owner who, of course, supports marriage equality.

    And if only morons could support same-sex marriage then you, my friend, are a moron.

    But thanks for the extra money in our coffers.

  11. Kev C says

    They want to discriminate against gays getting married but don’t discriminate against pedophile priests or dogs getting married. Christianity leads to pedophilia and beastiality.

  12. bkmn says

    Would one reporter please ask them what Jesus had to say about homosexuals?

    Hint: There is no place in the new testament of the bible where homosexuality is addressed by Jesus.

  13. Bill says

    These “Christians” never read the part of the Bible where Jesus supposedly said, “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and give unto God the things that are God’s.”

    If “Caesar” wants you to serve all customers equally, you better do what Caesar wants.

    Or, to put it more colorfully, “Don’t get yourself crucified over trifles.”

  14. Michael says

    There are three instances where Jesus talks about homosexuals.

    Jesus met a gay man, via the Roman Centurion trying to heal his pais, a Greek term to denote the younger male in a gay couple, and said of him, “Never have I seen faith greater than this.”

    Jesus mentions gay men as born eunuchs, one of the three types that weren’t meant to marry women.

    When Jesus said “He who calls his brother raca…..” where its believed raca would be the term we now use as fag.

    Jesus did not condemn homosexuals at any time.

  15. Graphicjack says

    I am sure that Gawd is grateful that you are “staying strong” and refusing to make a cake for gay people. He must have been so upset that you could have weakened and treated gay people equally. By all means stay strong and out of work.

  16. andrew says

    They are typical cafeteria bible readers. They go through that primitive tome and pick out the nasty things it says about people or practices they don’t like and ignore the nasty things it says about themselves and people and practices they do like. They and all their ilk are frauds!!!

  17. Dearcomrade says

    Ha ha ha. Bible thumping losers! As an Oregonian I am very happy to see these bible thumping hicks take it in the shorts!

    If their business was doing so well why move “In-house”. If they have a business license they still cannot discriminate no matter where they make their lousy cakes.

    I hope Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian (a big LGBT rights supporter) and The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries drive people like this out of business.

  18. will says

    Ah, he’s sort of a cute baker, isn’t he? This site and my community have taught me that you are worth much more as a person if you are physically attractive and still youthful. Cher may be 67, but isn’t it great she doesn’t look it? We’d have to dump her if she did. I love the underwear models on this site! And all the hunks we’re treated to.

    So, we should go easy on the cute baker.

  19. Dan CObb says

    I feel sorry for these people, the law is requiring them to break the ninth Commandment:


    These two even look nasty… especially her.

  20. SeattleMike says

    Substitute “interracial wedding” for “lesbian wedding” and see how that sounds. And now they feel all persecuted because religious freedom is under threat. Have they bothered to notice all the bajillion Christian churches everywhere? Is that what “threatened” looks like? Somebody call the waaaaaambulance.

  21. Mary says

    I understand the logic of “equal means equal” and I think that in time this problem of people refusing to serve gay weddings will be solved. But in the meantime there is a public relations war going on. Gays won the legal battle here, but did they win the PR war? If most Americans think that people have the right to refuse to serve gay weddings then anti-gay groups are getting just what they want – the ability to portray gays as pushy and threatening to religious liberty. I’m not sure if this is a wise trade-off.

    And to be fair about it, it wasn’t gay PEOPLE that this couple was refusing to serve – it was a particular event – a wedding. The gay couple was not prevented from getting married because some bakers would refuse to make the cake. The gay people who are bringing this lawsuit are doing it to make a point – not because they are harmed by what happened. And yes, no one likes to be offended. But there is no such thing as a constitutional right not to be offended. Everyone is offended by something in life.

    Trying to keep it realistic. On the plus side here, those who would feel uncomfortable serving a gay wedding will be increasingly unlikely to go into professions such as photography, bakery ownership, hall owner, etc.. after hearing of these lawsuits.

  22. Ezekiel 4:12 says

    I wonder if the bake their cakes and breads according to the Bible?

    “You are to eat it as barley cakes and bake it right in front of them, using dried human dung for cooking fuel.”

  23. says

    When non-discrimination laws are in place, they should be enforced or what is the point of having them? The bakery couldn’t follow accepted law, and they shouldn’t be operating a public business. The exact same standard would apply if a baker who didn’t like Christians refused to do their wedding. So, unless Christians also object to their protection under the law they are expecting a special exemption to discriminate against gay customers and gay customers only.

    It’s a clear case, and they were wrong.

  24. John says

    As Dan Savage said to Tony Perkins, “Part of the democratic process is that if you’re going to throw a punch, you’re going to have one thrown back”.

    So, Sweet Cakes, you threw your punch and as soon as you got one back, you held up your bible and whined.

  25. HKDaniel says

    Zoning regulations aside, the dept of health takes a very dim view of home based food businesses. Just moving ‘in home’ doesn’t exempt you from the multitude of health and workplace laws.
    Nice of them to announce this publicly, kinda screwed the pooch on that one.

  26. Nelson says

    a BAKERY is not a religious institution. I fail to see how their “religious freedom” is being attacked. Why do these sorts of people love to turn themselves into victims of some sort when they are called to task for disobeying discrimination laws? IF they were a church-based and housed bakery strictly serving people in their church, .there would be no problem. They are a public bakery, serving all the public. So serve it already.

  27. DannyEastVillage says

    I remember restaurant- and shop-owners closing up shop rather than agreeing to serve Black people. And where was it that, recently, a restaurant kicked out 21 Black customers because one white woman “felt threatened”?

    This crap should have been gone a very long time ago. But no wonder “christians” believe in the resurrection: they keep bringing putrid, deadly attitudes back to life.

  28. Gestly says

    I am fine with bigots not bring able to serve gay people, as long as we let Muslims not serve Christians, and athiests not serve anyone religious if they are offended by their “beliefs” … See how it works, bigots? Either you serve ALL the public, or you don’t serve the public at all. Religious bigots like the couple that own this bakery would have our society devolve into a state of tribal hate like Africa or the Middle East. Why don’t they move there? There is no place for bigots in Democracy.

  29. Gregory In Seattle says

    In-home or not, if they are doing business with the public they are required to adhere to the same anti-discrimination laws as all other enterprises that do business with the public.

  30. RedRoseQueen1 says

    To JoshLondon, High five! ^5!
    And NORTHALABAMA? “they ran into trouble when they started picking and choosing which “sinners” they wanted to serve, and which ones they didn’t. that’s called discrimination” Right ON POINT!

  31. movealong says

    “Ah- cute baker.. my community.” Really.
    Trolls, why do you think you matter? You are of no importance. Go play on right wing toxic playgrounds, there are many. There is no darkness, only absence of light. If you can’t take the sunshine, stay in your underground burrows.

  32. Bill Michael says

    “Practicing one’s faith” does not mean opening up a public hospital or a bakery and then limiting services based on one’s private religious practices. If a religious person or organization doesn’t like that they may be called upon to offer a product or service because of their religious conviction, they have the right to choose to not engage in that business. If one is a pharmacist that doesn’t want to fill orders for birth control pills, don’t become a pharacist. One must ask the question, “Am I in business to sell doughnuts or am I in business to prosletyze my beliefs?” I mean, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  33. Francis #1 says

    We’ll need to keep eye on these bigots. They are doing this to save money but also thinking they’ll be able to discriminate and get away with it. Moving their business in-home does not give them licence to discriminate anymore than the shop they formerly held their business did.

  34. Bernie says

    Oh how I hate laughing at other’s misery, but……….I predicted these folks would go out of business and then blame he gay community…….no one says they cannot practice their faith, but they have to obey the law…….

  35. says

    “Well, there you go. They get to feel persecuted.

    Somebody should tell them that WE used to do that, too; isolate ourselves and hide.”

    Umm… does that make it ok? How is this tolerant? I’m confused. What’s the definition of bully? Of mobbed?

  36. SIP says

    I read most of the comments about this incident, and was reminded of how painful it is to be human. People are so broken. And broken people inadvertently break other people. The gay community, despite their insistence in equal love and rights, is all too quick to express outright violence and hatred to those whose values are different than what people in the gay community believe. And yet, I suspect that what probably makes this couple special is that, as Christians, they will offer their forgiveness to those who are slandering them.

  37. EchtKultig says

    Sip, you’re full of it. “Slander” is saying something untruthful, it’s not untruthful. They are breaking Oregon law, because they are bigots who cherry pick Bible versus. End of discussion.

    BTW there was an interview clip of these two a few months ago…guy seemed like a big ole closeted ‘mo. Just saying. Yeah, that’s not substantiated, but it’s probably true.

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