1. Adamn says

    A lot of homophobia is caused by women. Homophobia is worse in Hollywood because Hollywood is based on marketing male actors as completely heterosexual to women.

  2. Anon2478 says

    When Miller came out I immediately went o_O, because I remembered him specifically denying that he was gay, and doing so in a manner that was absolutely NOT open to interpretation. He lied, deliberately, willfully, and now admittedly for the purpose of advancing his career and wealth. That was wrong, I’m happy he FINALLY acknowledged it.

  3. Anon2478 says

    When Miller came out I immediately went o_O, because I remembered him specifically denying that he was gay, and doing so in a manner that was absolutely NOT open to interpretation. He lied, deliberately, willfully, and now admittedly for the purpose of advancing his career and wealth. That was wrong, I’m happy he FINALLY acknowledged it.

  4. Chris says

    Seems like a really great guy. I wish him all the best. But what does he mean, “The FIRST time I tried to commit suicide…”?

  5. Pookie says

    This is not the place to deal with mommy issues, go see a therapist.

    The only power the bigots have ever had over us is in convincing us to conceal who we are.

    Take that away, and they reveal themselves for the hateful, ugly, frightened little lying POS that they are.

    It is only when we stop hiding and stop letting ourselves be conned into being ashamed of what we are that we’ve made progress.

    Suicide attempts are not uncommon when you live a life that’s a lie.

  6. mike128 says

    I am touched by his honesty. So many gay men come out and try to forget this history of deception (and trauma) that came before. I appreciate that Miller has acknowledged this very personal and painful experience. Hopefully it will help actors still in the closet, as well as anyone else struggling with these issues. This is more honesty and personal risk than we can rightfully expect from anyone (public figure or not) … I think we should appreciate not only his presence as a now openly gay actor, but also this act of generosity in sharing the uglier parts of his story.

  7. David From Canada says

    The voice in his head was right – by coming out publicly, Wentworth has helped many people and started a lot of great dialogue going. Not having to hide or pretend anymore is such a beautiful feeling of peace.

  8. Geoff says

    Very, very moving. He has finally done the right thing – and perhaps will truly help someone who needs it…without even knowing that they do. Bravo.

  9. alex says

    For those who are critical: Try some empathy. Not everyone grows up in a supportive environment. Some of us struggle. Based on the description of his childhood, it’s not surprising that he denied being gay later in life.

    Much of Wentworth’s story mirrors my own life. When you’re taught that everything you feel is wrong, it can take a long time to repair the damage. It takes a tremendous amount of strength. What Wentworth said in the past isn’t as important as the what he is doing now.

    I understand his struggle. That’s why I’m so incredibly proud of what he said in this speech.

  10. Jimbo says

    It’s troublesome that anyone would criticize him for lying over the years, mainly to protect his career. I would suggest that a very large majority of gay men and women have done the very same thing. The only difference is that we are not all actors with very public lives. Just because someone is in the public eye doesn’t mean they don’t have the same doubts and struggles as the rest of us. Fame doesn’t make it easier to deal with the demons that have haunted us. I think this man deserves our compassion and our hope that now he lives his truth and finds a peace and happiness that we all long for.

  11. Josh says

    So proud of him. Class Act. The world can change. And It can change for the better. Glad to have him as part of my beautiful community!

  12. jack says

    Fantastic, brave, inspiring…Confident that your act will have repercussions all over the world (if it hasn’t already) …All the best

  13. gomez says

    glad he’s owned up to the lying denials. it’s cool now, wentworth

    @sargon bighorn. is this your first time on the internet? bc the “who?” joke has been done ad nauseum. find new material.

  14. Betty Treacle says

    As well as Hollywood marketing male actors as desirable to women and straight, I think a huge part of the problem is homophobic men – most Hollywood films have a straight man as the lead, and the male audience is supposed to “identify” with him. Even if the character is straight, if the actor is gay, poor straight men will get all confused and upset by this (poor things) and not want to identify because they’re afraid it’ll mean they’re gay too.

    It was obvious Wentworth was gay in Prison Break. Even the stories were coded so his relationship with Sarah was more brother-sister. If anything, his closeted status gave the character a good sense of angst and brooding. But I still wish he’d been able to come out.

  15. Marc says

    I can totally understand how fear can grab hold of us and not let go. When someone like Wentworth works their butt off to have the career they have so-longed-dreamed-about…. and when it finally starts to happen…. I can see how anything that might cause it to falter to be seen as a huge risk not worth taking unless it’s absolutely, 100% necessary.

    But then, life happens….and bit by bit, that sick feeling in the stomach starts to grow… and grow…. and grow…. until a person can’t take it any longer and they simply HAVE to tell their truth.

    I applaud Wentworth for his honesty. We can debate about how long it took him or what he shoulda/coulda/woulda done. But the fact is, he is out now, and the past is the past.

    I don’t think his lying necessarily caused direct harm to anyone, so I don’t think he has a lot of “making up” to do. If he had caused harm, like many of the ex-gay advocates, bullies, anti-gay and closeted politicians, etc. have done …. then yes, coming out would not be enough. I would expect someone who hurt others to do what they could to repair those wounds, if possible.

    But in Wentworth’s situation, that doesn’t appear to be the case. He is out now…. so his past lies and mistakes are much easier forgiven. I think we can all relate to fear in our own lives. This was his experience of it. I get it.

    Wentworth, I’m proud of you. Thank you for finally taking a stand and being true to yourself. You ARE helping the world by doing so.

    Congratulations. And thank you.

    Here’s to being a positive example AND flourishing in the process.

  16. Kelly says

    Funny reading snarky comments from closeted queens, have a secret hypocrites.Unless you came out in middle school than you were a liar too since Im sure most of you knew you werent straight by middle school.Plenty of people came out at that age despite the risks.If you have ever denied being Gay, changed pronouns when talking about a date, etc you are no different than him

  17. ratbastard says

    Aholes. If you have millions of 4 at stake and a professional career VERY few people attain, you’d be extremely careful and insecure,too.

  18. Teddy Nadell says

    I really can’t imagine Wentworth attempting suicide. I think everyone thought he was awesome in junior high.

  19. says

    now THIS is what i was hoping he’d do – address the specific factors and fears that keep people from Coming Out.

    well done, brother. this was honest, and clear, and will help not only other people to Come Out, but to remind the non-gay world about the unfair pressures we of the LGBT communities are are forced into; a game of baseless unjustified rules, that we’re made all-too aware of at an early age.

    his story will strike a chord with many of us; i know it very closely reflects a lot of my own experiences.

    well done, brother.

    help out. come out.

  20. Paul R says

    I never used to have celebrity crushes, but then he and Matt Bomer came along…and then they came out. Perfect examples for young and old alike. (Oh yeah, and of course hot as hell, not to mention well spoken.)

  21. says

    Being in the presence of this man, vulnerable and raw with emotion was an honor. Yes, he lied. Yes, he stayed in the closet. But, the power of his story, moved me mostly because it was true and real and meaningful. Welcome Wentworth to a community and a home and a place where you get to choose your family; you get to belong.

  22. John says

    I’m happy that he’s come ot the other side stronger and happier. We can only wish him the best.

  23. Topol says

    “He lied, deliberately, willfully, and now admittedly for the purpose of advancing his career and wealth.”

    It’s easy to pass judgement when your career and well-being is not threatened.

    I still believe that coming out is not an obligation to the gay community.

  24. says

    you show me an LGBT person whose “well being is not threatened” by Coming Out and I’ll show you a unicorn.

    there is no such thing as “it’s easier for some people to Come Out” – there is only “it’s easier for some people to stay hidden”

    just remember – until the day you’re out to anyone and everyone, you are still letting fear and bullies control your life.