1. Bart says

    To put Bachmann up as some kind of inteligent, voice of reason (hell, even sane) Republican is absurd. We all know she’s out of her mind. And chances are will be a convicted felon in the near future.

    She’s a dope. Less than a dope. She’s utterly ignorant. Stop writing about her. I know she’s an easy target and a publicity whore who would go on a puppet show if she could espouse her nonsense, but who cares. She’s too easy to mock, too easy to make fun of. Fact is, she’s a sad, rather pathetic lady who couldn’t figure he way out of a garbage bag if you slipped one on over her head (and would blame Obama.) The Tea Party ignoramouses – of which she is Queen – aren’t even fun to toy with anymore. They are disgusting, time-wasting losers. Time to move on from people like Michelle Bachmann and move on to more worth targets. She’s a waste of time.

  2. Geoff says

    Shining a big spotlight on it and handing it a microphone doesn’t make “crazy” ANYTHING but brighter and louder. Get it some help or put it away, please. I’ve never heard it speak and never will. Stop showing it, please.

  3. melvin says

    Bachmann, Cruz and the rest of the baggers rail nonstop about the socialist hell of universal health care suffered by so many of our allies, including a number under our defense umbrella. Do they ever ask themselves why none of these countries ever consider changing to an American model? If Canada, the UK, Israel are that miserable, why don’t they see the light?

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    The duty of employers is not to provide health care insurance. That is the job of a government, to take care of its citizens. It’s that simple. Business provide jobs. Government provides services for the well being of the citizens.

  5. Joseph Singer says

    Oh gawd, I only got about two minutes into that and I was getting nauseous. The woman is an idiot. Blitzer kept challenging her statements and she just would not answer.

  6. says

    Interviewing crackpots like Michele Bachmann illuminates only CNN’s and Wolf Blitzer’s failure at being a legitimate news source. Nothing she says is valuable in any way except as manufactured controversy. As unsurprising as it is shameful that she still gets airtime.

  7. Bernie says

    I am not quite sure why anyone would interview Michelle Bachmann……..she is a washed out Neanderthal who evades questions and used to run from CNN reporters……so again, why would anyone want Ms. Bachmann’s opinions!?!?!?!

  8. woodroad34 says

    She soooo wants it to be true…like some bearded magic man in the sky or that she’ll be president or even a husband who finds her lady parts attractive. Poor thing has lost on all accounts. Everyone, now, hold your thumb and forefinger to your head and shout “Loser!”.

  9. PS says

    Wolf is brought and paid for by the LIBS. The test will be if any of Michelle’s predictions prove accurate. Also, we must refer to this as “The Affordable Care Act” not Obamacare. I don’t want this guy near my health.

  10. Christopher says

    Seeing it was Wolf Blitzer asking the questions, I doubted there would be a grilling. Yeah, he asked her to answer questions she was dodging. That’s not a grilling.

  11. Everett says

    Why would anyone go on this man’s show??? He should be on MSNBC or working for the National Enquirer. Michelle made a fool of him. He should be embarrassed to show his face. He tried to embarrass her but he is the one who looks like a fool.

  12. JT says

    If employers kick their employees off of the employer’s health insurance isn’t that really on the employer’s backs? Isn’t that the employer’s copping out so they can make even more profits by making employees pay for health insurance? When employer’s cut their employees hours back to less than full time, isn’t that the employer’s taking advantage of a loophole which was placed there just to get the Affordable Care Act passed by partisan Republicans? It wasn’t part of the original plan but a concession to get the rest of the plan enacted.
    Does Bachman hear a different question than is being asked every time a question being asked? I guess her comprehension level is less than most as well. Does Bachman think people will not see through her flimsy and made up statistics and rhetoric? If I call her smart does that really make her smart?
    Aren’t elderly people and young children dying all the time under the current health care system and plans?
    She’s one of the most exasperating people in politics and the less people like her in Congress the better our country will be.

  13. says

    Yeah, I endured watching the whole thing… and it was clear that Bachmann wasn’t going to budge one bit from her Tea Party ‘sound byte’ extravaganza… hell I’m surprised she didn’t LITERALLY stick her fingers in her ears and start screaming ‘I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! Lalalalalaaaaaaa!’

  14. northoftheborderguy says

    she’s a biatch, but you gotta give her credit. She’s brilliant at sticking to tea-party policy, not flinching under pressure, and changing the conversation to her own agenda.

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