1. Mike says

    Fully expect Bill Donahue’s head to explode! The retired Catholic priest Rev. Thomas Pivinski, who officiated at the ceremonies called his state’s recognition of marriage equality “WONDERFUL.” He said: “I am just very grateful that the state has recognized the equality of ALL people” . . .

  2. Abel says

    I just wonder what kind of “punishment” the Church will exact from this retired priest. As Mike said, Bill Donohue’s head will explode. Congrats to all the newly married New Jerseyites!

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I hope this priest has money of his own because former bosses will do everything they can to deprive him of his retirement. They do it all the time – even to bishops who served the church for decades and then have a disagreement with the bureaucracy. The Vatican doesn’t hesitate a nanosecond to mete out severe punishment to those who disagree with them-if they have the power to do so. They’re mean.

  4. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    On the other hand, the priest’s garb looks like it may be a Franciscan habit. If so, the boys in Rome will have nothing to say about his retirement monies; and the Franciscans are notoriously more liberal than those hypocritical, pedophile-hiding/enabling Vatican bureaucrats.

  5. says

    It’s just as well this priest was already retired, because he certainly violated HRCC corporate policy. He would have had the wrath of an angry bishop, which is actually worse than or the same as having an angry old queen mad at you.

    Now for the good news, that was cool. Congratulations to all of the people of New Jersey for having achieved equal rights.

  6. Texas Aggie says

    Looks like Pope Francis’ message got out that the RCC needs to forget about being rigid doctrinaire and work towards being more caring. I’m glad to see that not all Catholic priests are like the jerks found in other places and good on this good man for performing the service.

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