1. Luke says

    So… do olympians only work until they are like 25-30? What do they do with the rest of their lives? Vlog? Try to stay famous? Sounds very unfulfilling.

  2. etseq says

    He is a hero to the gay community. I appreciate his honesty, especially about his crystal meth recovery. I also like that he doesn’t pretend to be hyper-macho like some other gay “straight acting” athletes. Yea Matthew!

  3. Robert says

    Luke – they do what any other athlete does. They retire and get work as commentators. Sadly, many of the Olympic sports are really unpopular (who really follows diving or figure skating year-round? besides me, that is). So most of these young kids actually go to college and get real jobs. So they basically accomplish more than you ever will, twice.

  4. Fox says

    He has such natural charm and charisma. I’m subscribing. And I’m so glad that there’s a face, a personality, and a voice to remind me what’s great about Australia instead of all the homophobia coming from the country’s current ruling party.

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