1. David From Canada says

    I like Justin Bieber – after all, he’s a fellow Canada, born and raised just 250 miles from where I live. In fact, I have a calendar of him in my kitchen, which I just changed over to October, since today is the 1st.
    Poor Justin. Everybody’s being so hard on him.
    I’ll never forget something that Barbra Streisand said, concerning especially the media, and then the people: “They play this game with you, where, first of all they build you up – and then they tear you down.”
    Justin got the big build-up and now he’s being tore down. But he’ll survive.
    He’s a young, successful guy going through the growing-up process in a fishbowl. Go easy on him.

  2. David From Canada says

    @ROBERT: I felt it was a kind, understanding comment from a Canadian perspective. There’s too many haters out there, period. Can’t you be kind?

  3. johnny says

    I might feel different, David, if he didn’t act so damn entitled all the time. Racing up and down Hollywood Blvd at high speed, putting people in danger, the whole entourage thing, being carried on bodyguard shoulders…

    Seriously, the pop stars of yester-year never did this kind of crap. It’s just so damn elitist and bourgeois and sickening. I don’t begrudge him his success, but have SOME humility.

  4. darren says

    I think that the difference is the media of today is immediate and
    the all the ones that felt entitled before Bieber had studios protecting and staging their images. Now so many celebrities are quit literally living in a fishbowl.I’m by no means suggesting i think its’s not..i just think that with so many gossip mills and photographers we see far much more that the masses would not have been entitled too previously.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    Hagatha—Mr Sinatra had real talent and sang real songs. He was also a very good actor. I have yet to see any of this manifest itself in the career of his “highness” (or heinnyness, if we’re speaking of fecal stains on male cotton undergarments”).

  6. BZ says

    I truly feel pity for him. All of us have a journey to take through life, and just because one is rich and famous does not by any stretch mean it’s an easy or happy or fulfilling one. I suspect Justin’s path in this life will be a short one. I hope he learns something valuable from it, given that his money and fame will be of no use to him when it’s over and done.

  7. Cocoamonk says

    @David: Look, I understand where you are coming from, and I would like to support you, however, if Justin was my brother, I would smack him in the back of the head at every turn, asking what was going through his mind. Many here are in their late 30s, early 40s, or even further, but even as a 24 year old gay man, I cannot stand watching J.B. pull these arrogant, self-entitled stunts.

    Luckily, he hasn’t done anything a normal teenager could live down and walk away from, aside from maybe getting grilled over, but if this continues, he will not only hurt himself, but somebody around him, intentional or not. I only hope someone close to him builds the courage to impress upon him the fact that his actions hold consequences.

  8. gregorybrown says

    I think he may be physically enfeebled with some deteriorative bone or muscle disease. Hasn’t he stumbled into things onstage, and is often photographed walking with an odd crouch, being lifted out of limos, etc? He could do some genuine good by coming out with the truth and sponsoring a charity to raise $$ for a cure.

  9. Ken says

    What a wonderful performer with good looks to boot. That’s our Bieber. Too bad so many want to take him down, and too bad he is playing into their hands.

  10. Seattle Mike says

    Am I the only one who realizes that Bieber is in on the joke with Zach? I think he’s a really good sport, and did an excellent job keeping a straight face. There’s no way he would have stuck around if this were a real interview.

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