1. melburke says

    His first statement makes him sound like an elitist. In this situation, the fact that he’s an elected official is completely irrelevant because his position doesn’t provide any power over passing/repealing gay marriage in Illinois.

    Still, I suppose any story like this is a good thing. Although, I think more minds will get changed by focusing on “regular” gay couples, not politicians.

  2. Joe in Ct says

    Mid-American states like Illinois will eventually come around. It just takes them a little longer to get their minds around social changes. The Southern states, unfortunately, will take even longer.

  3. P says

    I live in James’ ward in Chicago. He’s doing a ton to turn around this part of the city–a lot of it behind the scenes and without credit. Hopefully Illinois will honor his marriage soon enough!

  4. Just Sayin says

    Last time I was in Chicago was shortly after Matt Sheppard was murdered.

    The Chicago fags at the time were for the most part disinterested in anything political, they just wanted to sit around in their bars and accepted their second-class status like it was something to be proud of.

    On the bright side, a nice man always was offering me crack every time I walked around Halstead. I politely declined.

  5. John says

    We did the same thing – started with a Civil Union, but went to Washington state to be married. CU didn’t cut it, which becomes quite apparent when you talk to just about anyone. My employer didn’t get it; I had to do battle for benefits. There’s no “Civil Union” box to check on the forms at doctors’ offices. Federal Gov’t doesn’t recognize Civil Unions. And on, and on…

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