Chris Christie Appeals Gay Marriage Ruling to High Court

As promised, NJ Governor Chris Christie appealed Judge Mary Jacobson's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in New Jersey to the state's Supreme Court, the AP reports:

Cbs_christieCiting “far-reaching implications,” Acting Attorney General John Hoffman made the request in a letter to the state Supreme Court, which usually does not weigh in on cases until after an appeals court has made a ruling on them.

Hoffman said he is also asking the judge who issued the decision Friday to grant a stay, delaying the implementation date from Oct. 21 until the matter can be settled.

Democrats said yesterday at a press conference they would like the high court to act swiftly on the measure.


  1. JohnAGJ says

    Good. Either we’ll win at the high court or do so at the ballot, should the legislature fail to override his veto as seems likely. He can have his political cover for now I guess and we’ll win in the end. Let the history books deal with this move of his.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    The ballot box does not guarantee equality for any group of citizens. Never has, never will. It’s stupid to think it’ll happen in NJ. Disgusting statement from Christie.

    Yet, in the meantime, the vast majority of Dems and Independents continue to support this bloviating GOPer for re-election as their governor-of-choice. Priceless!

  3. Dearcomrade says

    If he wants to put civil rights on the ballot, how about a ballot limiting the weight of political candidates to 210 pounds? Would he like that?

  4. Hagatha says

    The atty general has a constitutional duty to defend the laws of the state. It’s just how it works.

  5. says

    The state’s CU law is unconstitutional, Christie knows it, his AG knows it, everyone with a brain cell knows it. The hold-up is 100% Christie political theater at the expense of gay people.