1. Michael Sawyer says

    I love how everyone and their dog and their dogs fleas likes to point out that he is gay, and yet Jack himself almost never mentions it.

    He is a GAY 16 year old, a GAY genius, who is going to grow up to be a GAY scientist. I wonder if it was pancreatic cancer or GAY pancreatic cancer he developed a test for?

    As someone who wears, with pride, the gay label, the way the gay community likes to paint gay all over this kid reminds me more of Carrie at the prom being doused with pig blood and less like our community celebrating one of our own’s achievements.

  2. QJ201 says

    Pointing out that some kid is gay…compared to bloody carrie?

    Get to a shrink fast.

    The amount of self hating trolls on this site is just astounding.

    I hope 16 year old Jack and other like him NEVER READ THE COMMENTS ON HERE.

  3. says

    I agree about the trolls on this site; negativity abounds irregardless of the subject matter…

    That being said, I hope this young man gets the accolades he deserves! What a promising future :)

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Brilliant, grounded and adorable.

    @QJ201, “Get to a shrink fast.”

    No kidding. Why the hell do people like that even frequent this site? It must be torture.

  5. jjose712 says

    Michael Sawyer: He never mentions he is gay because he is never questioned about his life apart science.
    The time he was questioned about dating girls he mentioned he is gay.

    And this is a gay site, if Jack was straight it wouldn’t be any reason to post something about him here (this is not an scientific or medical site).

    And frankly i don’t get the comparision with Carrie, maybe you can explain that.
    Curious that in one of the few articles nobody was trolling you had to mention something like that

  6. Henry Holland says

    “self hating troll

    Oh, stop it. Stop with the idiotic “self hating” nonsense. I loathe the attempt to dismiss anyone people disagree with by flinging out that label.

  7. roby says


    “Jack has been openly gay since he was 13, and discussed that in interviews with The New Civil Rights Movement, the London Evening Standard, and Washington’s MetroWeekly, among others. When asked to be interviewed about his sexual orientation, Jack responded, “That sounds awesome! I’m openly gay and one of my biggest hopes is that I can help inspire other LGBT youth to get involved in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics]. I didn’t have many [gay] role models [in science] besides Alan Turing.”

  8. spg says

    Regardless of internalized feelings or how over the top the media is, or over publicized this story may be, this is about celebrating and supporting our children’s achievements and guiding them as contributors to a healthy society. As parents, neighbors and gay elders here, we have a social responsibility to support and uplift the next generations and help them make the world a better place. So I am grateful for all the promotion sites like this give this story.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Henry Holland, anyone who visits a “site with homosexual tendencies” and then bitches about too much emphasis on “the gay” deserves to be dismissed.

  10. jjose712 says

    Henry Holland: I’m not seeing the disagreement, bitching about everything, yes, but disagreement, no. To disagree you have to post an opinion that has any sense

  11. Swoon says

    This dude rocks. Out, empowered, brainy and unstoppable. Take note, fully grown adults who troll the site daily; this KID is doing what you trolls won’t ever do – stand up to be counted. KUDOS!

  12. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I see at least two of the self-hating trolls are out in force today, since this is a post about a gay person who is successful. Happily, the paid Koch brothers trolls can rest for this post as it has nothing to do with politics.

    Good work, Trollroad!

  13. says

    Because Jack Andraka has been open about being gay and his desire to be a role model for other gay kids with an interest in science I thought the 60 Minutes “documentary” piece about him was wrong for not mentioning it.

    This interview was a slightly different situation though and it seemed to be Colbert left him an opening to mention it if he wanted to, by asking about his life outside the lab. At 16 it would be slightly creepy to ask about his sexuality in a standard interview, IMO.

  14. PadLake says

    Frankly, I found both this piece and the 60 minutes segment a wonderful profile about a talented teenager in the science field. Neither one mentioned that he’s gay! There’s a small population that actually cares about his sexual orientation, and that’s either the LGBT or homophobe community – the LGBT to claim one as their own and hold up as a role model, and the other one to … I don’t know, do some hating on someone?

    Bravo Colbert and 60 minutes – let Jack be his own person and choose to disclose his sexual orientation as he sees fit.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    To some of us being Gay is not just a sexual orientation. It is a social orientation, a life history, an identity.
    This blog has taught me that many of you don’t feel this way, and that is fine. But some of us do, and that is why we believe in knowing who is Gay, who was Gay in history, and having Gay History Months and Gay history taught in the schools…and sh.t like that. (if I were speaking what I just wrote it would be in my most exhausted & monotone voice because we’ve covered this issue of “Gay identity” over and over and over again.)

  16. Viso says

    He is 16. I think it is ok to ask him about his identity as being gay (this not a sexual thing), but part of who is as a young man. If he wants to discuss other aspects such as dating, etc. then that is up to him to decide. He is an exceptional young man and that has nothing do with his sexual orienation. The fact he is out and proud makes him even more exceptional!

  17. Miller says

    First of all: congrats to this kid for his amazing accomplishments! No one can seriously doubt he is amazingly talented, indeed perhaps a genius. And he does seem like a really sweet boy. He has my deepest respect.


    There’s something about this kind of effeminate behavior that I do not like – whether it’s a guy’s or a girl’s btw. It’s a kind of ‘acted’ behavior, influenced by the movies and TV, wherein emotions and intonation are exaggerated to a certain extent so that the audience knows what’s being expressed. You see it mostly in movies and shows that target younger audiences and, subsequently, in people who are (or used to be) part of that audience. And in Jack Andraka as well, in my opinion.

    He’s young an still in the delicate process of finding out who he is (although career-wise he seems to have a better handle on that than most of us do, bless his heart). But I do hope he outgrows his Hollywood girly-girl act. Not because it’s effeminate, but because it’s not a 100% genuine. (I’m gonna get roasted for this for sure).

  18. says

    Hey Miller, you could always do what Andraka is doing and put yourself out there with 100% visibility as the gay man you are.

    You insist he’s acting. Why? Because you think he’s different in manner from you? That’s odd.

    So, let’s see if you possess even half of Andraka’s integrity and courage. I’m not roasting you, by the way. I’m calling your bluff.

    So, let’s see who you are. You can put your non-effeminate non-acting gay self on youtube, post the link here for us all to see your example of a non-affected gay man.

    Surely as an out and empowered gay man you won’t give excuses to be as visible and known as gay as this sixteen year old is, right?

    So, when can we expect to see you?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Watching this I just have the urge to hook-him-up with that kid in Arizona who built a working fusion reactor in his garage at 17 and works with synthetic isotopes.

    “Paging Magneto and Professor X…”

  20. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Watching this I just have the urge to hook-him-up with that kid in Arizona who built a working fusion reactor in his garage at 17 and works with synthetic isotopes.

    “Paging Magneto and Professor X…”

  21. says

    @ParkRunner, just ONCE I’d love it if these “I don’t like how he’s acting effeminate” dudes would put their face to their comments. It’s the same old same old – the guys who ramble on and on about “effeminacy” and insist it’s a “learned affectation” are always the least willing to stand up to be counted and show who they are as gay men. Oh well. :)

  22. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I think the dude’s little bit of fem-edge totally adds to his charm. Really sad that so many men–gay and otherwise–have such ambivalence about the feminine and about themselves that this adorable young man’s way of being himself bothers them. Well–they’re the losers–he sure ain’t.

  23. GARY says

    As someone who has lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer, I stand in awe of such genious and his desire to help with the early detection of a dreadful disease. Who gives a flying flip if he’s gay, straight, butch, or a flaming queen!

  24. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Hey Miller–Hollywood girly-girl act? Is Hollywood REALLY your only frame of reference? Why not join us here in reality and see what it’s like to have a perspective that isn’t created, framed and regurgitated for you by some know-nothing writer in the Capital of Fake? Take a hard look. Do you, in your wildest dreams, think this young man has time to be bothered with the nonsensical lens through which you filter life? Just pathetic. You need help. I hope you’re just a middle-schooler, because your postings surely sounds like it.

  25. anon says

    Knowing how the pharmaceutical industry works, he’ll be burnt out by 25 waiting for them to act on his ideas. The pipeline from lab tests to clinical trials now is over 9 years and counting. He might be better off in Asia, where research is less tied to patents and drug trials.

  26. Larry says

    So did he say that what he’s working on now is a project to have scientific papers be accessible for free?

    Reminds me of Aaron Schwartz. I hope it doesn’t consume him.

  27. Matthew says

    @Derrick From Philly –

    I am glad to read that you are gay once again. For a while, you thought that you were something called LGBTTSQQIAAP, but like many mentally ill people, you eventually returned to sanity. Anyway, congratulations and welcome back to the gay community!

  28. walter says

    one thing the hell whether he is gay or straight or anything else for that matter. here is a sixteen year old who created something that can save thousands of lives and all people see is his sexuality or if he is too girly acting . look to the achieve and let him decide how he wants to act and who he wants to love. he is amazing well poised smart, and very grounded .

  29. Jimmy Tyrell says

    No need to flame Miller. He just doesn’t want to see this kid adopt an unauthentic persona just because he thinks that that is the way gays “should” act. Unfortunately, gay boys get a lot of messages from society that they are not real men and should act like girls. If that is what is going on, then Miller is right to call it out. OTOH, if the kid is authentically fem, then no problem.

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    “. For a while, you thought that you were something called LGBTTSQQIAAP, but like many mentally ill people, you eventually returned to sanity. Anyway, congratulations and welcome back to the gay community!”


  31. simon says

    TED B.:
    You said: “kid in Arizona who built a working fusion reactor in his garage at 17 ”
    It is misleading. Most experts working in fusion won’t believe it. It would be a tremendous scientific breakthrough worthy of a Nobel prize. Yet no one ever heard of it.

  32. zabar says

    can we all admit that anyone watching this “gets” that he’s gay. It doesnt need to be flashed across the screen.

    And the relevance of his sexuality is that he is an example to other LGBT kids who may be struggling either from bullying or with self-acceptance. SHEESH!

  33. tinkerbelle says

    @Jaker — C’est “Ça, c’est une faute” ou “Ça, c’est une faille”. Si vous préferez écriver en français, il vaut mieux le faire correctement.

    This guy is the new world. He does what he does because he is compelled to do it, and his sexuality has NOTHING to do with his accomplishments. He does not have to justify, glorify, deny, or dignify — he just IS. I CAN NOT WAIT to see what this young man does, it’s going to be quite exciting to follow his career. He’s charming, confident and I hope representative of a new generation of achievers who follow their dreams. And I really hope he finds himself the perfect boyfriend who gives him the love, appreciation and respect he so obviously deserves. Go Jake!

    His parents must be so proud…

  34. m says

    he’s a great role model and representative of his generation. he doesn’t question himself and doesn’t have to. he’s just a smart kid who happens to be gay. way to go jack :). there are going to be some really lucky kids looking up to you. actually everyone is because you are going to change lives for the good.

  35. jonvincent says

    This is one of the most down-to-earth, non-affected teens around. Not sure why someone commented that he is putting on an act? He is totally himself and I wish other gay teens were like him – intellectual, concerned about helping others and being true to himself.

  36. Daniel says

    To Miller & JImmy Tyrell, he seemed perfectly authentic to me. He is downright adorable. You know what’s not authentic? Bein obsessed with how masculine you are. You know what’s really unattractive? Guys who are so uptight about their butchness that they lose any sort of personality or sex appeal. You know what else is unattractive? Gay men who spend their time judging the masculinity of other gay men. This kid has already accomplished more than either of you have in your much longer lives–you should be ashamed for judging him based on your own silly issues.

  37. simon says

    The article contains no details. It mentioned “At that point, only 10 individuals had managed to build working fusion reactors”
    As far as I know, there is no working fusion reactor. It may be still decades away. The best scientists have done was to sustain fusion for only less than a second.
    It is better to get your information from magazines like Nature and Science ( than Popular Science.
    Here is a Wiki which contains some useful information especially section 2.1 which will tell you the current status of nuclear fusion.

  38. BigGuy says

    Colbert’s interview entertained and educated us. He shows respect for what this young man has accomplished and encourages young people to be involved in science. He makes us see Andraka as a successful teenager and human being, not a weirdo.

    None of that is as easy as he makes it seem to be.

  39. jamal49 says

    This young man is awesome and incredible and fearless and poised and so very aware of the world around him. He must have such wonderful, loving parents and family. He is an inspiration. How many gay students might also be inspired to follow their interests and their passions and make this world a better place? Granted, Jack is a certainly a prodigy, but what I wouldn’t have given to have a friend like him when I was his age or just to know that there was another gay teen and it was OK to be gay and follow your own path! Good luck, Jack!! May your life continue to be so productive and happy and fulfilling!!

  40. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    How amazing is this young man? If only 1% of our young population chose careers in science, it would be enough to tackle the problems of today and the future.

    Congratulations to Jack for the bravery it took to actually do what he does. There is often a backlash within groups of friends that suppresses the kind of work Jack does…”Aaah, he’s too smart to be in our gang.”

    It’s refreshing to see intelligence and persistence occasionally trump the larger display of stupid that occupies too much of the public dialogue.

    To watch international colleges and universities fight over him should prove very interesting.

  41. John says

    Little Kiwi, Well said.
    Everyone should watch, “Leslie Jordan’s Pink Carpet”. (Okay, so L.J. camps it up a bit, annoyingly sometimes, but as you watch you realize he really can’t just, “butch it up”.) For many people this is just who they are. I certainly didn’t think this brilliant young man was “acting” anything. He was just being himself, maybe a little nervous. What 16 year old kid wouldn’t be?
    Besides, even straight men can be effeminate; I’ve known a few guys who everyone swore was gay, even I was skeptical, and they really were not. Personality does not equal sexuality!

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