Couple Comes Out To Each Other After 20 Years Of Marriage: VIDEO

Three years later, David realized something else about himself. While he had come out to his wife as a gay man, ever since he was 5 years old he had always felt like a girl. He used to dress in his mom’s clothes and had considered suicide when he was 13 because he felt so out of place. He thought that coming out as gay would allow him to act as feminine as he liked. But it wasn’t enough.

“The part about being attracted to men was correct,” David later realized. “The assumption that I was a man was the error.”

After 50 years of living as a man, David began transitioning into a woman and renamed himself Danielle.

“Inside he’s the same person that I married…” Cat told CBS News. “Just the outside has changed.”

“It felt so good to be me,” Danielle said. “It felt so good to be a woman, to be Danielle. This is incredibly cool.”

The two are still married and live just a few minutes from one another. Danielle eventually wrote a book about his experience called Untying The Knot: A Husband And Wife’s Story Of Coming Out Together. She also write articles about trans issues for The Huffington Post.


  1. woody says

    wow, brian brown was right. you let gay people get married and straight marriages fall apart. brian is already probably roaming the aisles of lane bryant.

  2. crispy says

    If Danielle has transitioned to a woman and Cat is a lesbian, doesn’t that mean they’re compatible again?

  3. Jeff says

    Crispy I think that Danielle has transitioned to a woman but not a lesbian woman…Danielle likes the dangle. This is a cool story.

  4. Adam says

    This story reinforces all the negative things about us. Towleroad needs to stop associating gender confusion and female sexuality-shopping with the genuine nature of male homosexuality.

  5. E. Carpenter says

    @Jay @Ariesmatt – you guys are assuming that the kid is traumatized by the situation, and can’t accept it. That says lots more about you than it does about the kid or his parents, because you don’t have anything but your own imaginations to go on – you have no facts about how that family change actually unfolded.

  6. Tommy says

    Dan Villarreal, the self-hating homosexual who writes anti-gay blog posts that are used all over the world by the Christian Right, is desperate for hits so that he won’t lose yet another blogging job. So of course he would post a piece like this. Dan, you’re pathetic.

  7. Tommy says

    Good to see that, for all their self-righteous preening, trannies are still good material for Jerry Springer.

  8. Tyler says

    Adam and his numerous aliases need to stop posting his homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic rants on this site. To allow him to keep posting reinforces the idea that towleroad condones his inhumane opinions.

  9. FFS says

    Really, Adam. How do you manage to pull yourself away from sucking off Bryan Fischer long enough to fill Towleroad comments with your filth under different sock-puppet aliases?

  10. Martin says

    A significant number of gay Iranians are forced by their parents to get sex changes. The government also pressures gay people there to get sex changes and with this demand coupled with a deep stigma against homosexuality, a lot of gay adults have gotten sexual reassignment surgery. They do this because the fear for their lives, but the tragedy of it all causes some to commit suicide.
    We have always had androgynous, transgendered individuals. Look at history. They were valued members of society. They never needed to surgically remove parts of their body and in some societies that was possible, that is, there was the medical capability to perform such excisions, yet it never happened

    The Western World in the 20th century overly pathologized anything that wasn’t the sexual “norm.” Gay men and women used to be lobotomized and locked away. Transgendered people were told they had to surgically PERFECT their condition.

    Our world just can’t handle the third gender. Now, we have transgendered people believing they need surgery to be better people – so messed up. And as a consequence, very homophobic societies now question whether ALL gay people should be reshaped to fit the mold. I really question the truth behind SRS. I believe it to be hypocritical and a part of homophobic society.

    That’s my opinion. I wish them well. I wish things didn’t always have to be black or white, and I know a lot of you might question how I could say that, but the irony isn’t lost on me.

  11. cam says

    When I saw the headline I assumed it was going to be a story about Michelle Bachman and her husband Marcus.

  12. papi_chulo says

    “If Danielle has transitioned to a woman and Cat is a lesbian, doesn’t that mean they’re compatible again?”

    Danielle is a straight woman attracted to men.

  13. papi_chulo says

    “This story reinforces all the negative things about us. Towleroad needs to stop associating gender confusion and female sexuality-shopping with the genuine nature of male homosexuality.”

    And what is this negative thing? T is very much so a part of LGBT.

  14. GreGV says

    In some ways, I think stories like this create more confusion than clarity on the issue because of the numerous misapplication of terms that the anchor and reporter use. For example, she says that “HE realized that HE was gay” and then later that “HE realized that HE was a woman.”
    The reporter should have said that “When SHE was still confused about her gender identity and orientation, she mistook her feelings as meaning she was a gay male, but eventually figured out that the identity that fit for her is as a STRAIGHT WOMAN.”