1. john patrick says

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how the opposition to marriage equality became a core belief of Roman Catholic doctrine. There is absolutely no basis for it other than bigotry. An interesting thing happened recently Catholics in general have been more supportive of marriage equality than a lot of other groups. A recent poll indicated that support for marriage equality among Catholics has gone up with the increased opposition to marriage equality by Roman Catholic bishops.

  2. Francis #1 says

    It’s good the school is going to give tickets out anyway, but the damage has been done. Good for the students who want to see Macklemore but unfortunately they’re faced with a school that has faculty and students that are anti-gay. The student program group delaying selling tickets gave justification to the homophobes complaining. Unfortunately another story of religious intolerance.

  3. Lymis says

    Too bad they don’t listen to the pope about all that “let’s stop obsessing over homosexuality” stuff.

    The Catholic position on gay civil marriage should be no different from their position on civil remarriage after divorce, as in “None of our business unless you are Catholic and expect us to do it with you.”

    At most, there should be some minor tut-tutting, and a “well, what can you do” attitude about it. Weird that it’s the student group that inititated this. There is more to that story, and some seriously bolted closets.

  4. woody says

    Creighton is a Jesuit school.
    It leans conservative among Jesuit schools, but it’s still Jesuit so these fundie students were never going to get their way.
    Even conservative Jesuits hate that crap.
    If these kids don’t like it, they can transfer to Ave Maria University, Pizza king Tom Monaghan’s fundie Catholic crap college/gated community in Florida.

  5. BobN says

    “I cannot understand how the opposition to marriage equality became a core belief of Roman Catholic doctrine.”

    In the 50s and 60s, Catholic priests helped lead the fight against police harassment. In the 60s and 70s, Catholic politicians — some of them religious (i.e. priests and nuns) — voted for the first pro-gay laws. In the 70s, the Catholic church opened its doors to Dignity.

    All of that stopped with the election of JPII, who was a conservative first and a Catholic second. In the decades since his election, the Church has moved waaaay to the right on this issue and hung so much moral authority on it that they can’t back down.

  6. Endora says

    I’m always surprised when young people are religious idiots. What kind of self respecting teenager accepts his parents’ religion or politics? You are supposed to find your parents to be outdated. I know I did. My parents were hippies and I don’t miss a chance to mock hippiedom.

  7. woody says

    You’re correct. It was JP2 and Benedict, bobn. It was part of the broad 30-year push-back against what, when I was a teen-ager in the ’70s, seemed like a progressive future for the Catholic church and Catholics in general.
    Also, there’s a vocal minority of priests who hate the fact that about half the priesthood has been gay for some time. They felt like their masculinity was tainted by being in what was perceived of as a “gay profession.” And they rose to power over the past couple of decades, especially under Benedict. Other priests don’t challenge them, as they feel they feel these guys would make their lives miserable given the support the right wingers have had from Rome.
    Now, few gay priests are ordained thanks to a 2005 near-fiat by Benedict, who, ironically, is probably gay.
    The new pope will try to reverse this, but it will take time as all the seminary heads were replaced with right-wingers over the past 10 years and they continue to weed out gay men.

  8. fedorajoe says

    I’m a gay atheist Creighton alumn. Yes, it is a Catholic school, but the environment on the campus has been always middle-to-left. The student-led protest was loud but it doesn’t speak for the majority of the school population. Jesuits typically aren’t cut from the same cloth as fundamentalist bishops and cardinals, they tend to be more like American nuns, who lean pretty left on social issues. I’m glad to hear the ticket giveaway is still happening. That’s the Creighton that I remember.